Beijing Capital (PEK) Airport Guide

Beijing Capital Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is the main international airport that serves Beijing and is located 32 km northeast of Beijing’s city center. The airport code is PEK and it becomes the second busiest airport in the world as per traffic movement and passenger traffic. Beijing Capital International Airport is operated and owned by a state-controlled company which is Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited. This airport is ranked at the 6th position in the world from 2012 and the airport has 557,167 aircraft which regularly take-offs and lands. All Oneworld & Skyteam flights except Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flying from Beijing Capital International Airport were shifted to the new Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Beijing Capital Airport Amenities and Services

  • Beijing Capital Airport which is a modern airport to provide a wide range of amenities and facilities. Passengers can also get other facilities such as ATM machines, children’s play areas, post office, foreign exchange kiosks, banks and a clinic.
  • Beijing Capital Airport is like a business centre through which passengers can access the internet to surf more and also has charging sockets to charge their personal devices like mobile phones and laptops. There is also Fax and document binding services are available at the airport.
  • There is also an airport’s entertainment centre which is situated at the third floor of the station building and passengers can spend their extra time in this centre. Passengers can also relax themselves by taking a spa and can have a traditional Chinese tea. There is also Hairdressing and beauty treatments services are also available at the Beijing Capital Airport. 
  • Passengers can also purchase some last-minute gifts and will get tax-free wines and liquors. You can also purchase traditional Chinese goods and Chinese spirits & teas. 
  • There are lots of restaurants while eating cuisine which serves Chinese food, Japanese, Korean and western cuisine on offer.
  • At the airport the gaya restaurant provides a  sit-down meal in an excellent environment which is the best option for passengers. You can also have coffees and light snacks  from the outlets like Starbucks and Coolava.

Airport Parking

Beijing Airport has four parking spaces at the airport to park your vehicles easily.

Parking No. 1

Parking No. 1 is located in front of Terminal and it has 700 parking spaces. Taxi parking space is also near the terminal. This parking space is available for public vehicles with small and large sizes which is suitable for temporary/overnight parking. Charges will be applied according to the size of the vehicles.

Parking No. 2

Parking No. 2 is located in front of terminal 2 which has more than 4,300 parking spaces and 20 spaces are occupied for the disabled passenger. This parking space is spread at 6 levels 2 overground floors and 4 are at under ground floor which has 16 entries and exit in which 2 entry, exits are at floor 2. 

Parking No. 3

Parking No. 3 is located near Terminal 3. Bus parking is also located in front of the parking space. This parking has 4,300 parking spaces which are occupied by cars and minibusses. Passengers who are disabled can get a special parking space. 

Parking No.5

Parking No.5 is available for small and big vehicles which have 125 parking spaces. Parking space is reserved for disabled persons who need special assistance and reserved for overnight parking. Parking No.5 has 4 entries and exits for the ease of passengers.

Airport Services


Free and unlimited Wi-fi is available at Beijing airport and passengers who are traveling internationally must have to scan their passport to get the wifi access. The Wifi network name is “AIRPORT-FREE-WiFi”.

Business Center 

Passengers can get to the Business Center at three terminals and services are available such as Copiers, printers, fax services, among others.

Hourly Lounges 

Lounges are available at all terminals and lounge rooms are equipped with bathrooms. These lounges rates are dependent on the staying time.

Other Services

  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Shops and Duty Free
  • Baggage Trolleys
  • Bank
  • Currency Exchange
  • Dressing Rooms 
  • Meeting points
  • Hotel Information
  • Medical Services
  • Meet-and-greet Services
  • Conference & Exhibition Services
  • Post Office
  • Banks
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Art displays
  • Tourist information
  • Courtesy Phones
  • Nursing Room
  • Public Telephone
  • Drinking Water
  • Free Charging Powers
  • Handicapped-User-Friendly Facilities, etc.
  • Business Center
  • Lounges
  • Children Play Area
  • Power outlets
  • Rest zones
  • Spa and massages

Beijing Airport Lounges

Lounges will allow you to relax and refresh yourself by providing total peace of mind and a comfortable environment when you are waiting at the airport. Beijing Airport Lounges are available for the passengers at the utmost lowest prices whatever airlines you are flying with. If you have booked a connecting flight and your flight has been delayed or cancelled then it is the best choice for an early morning check-in or breakfast. Most of the lounges provide comfortable seats, free snacks, and selected alcoholic drinks, spirits, and liquors. Sometimes lounges may be different and all the lounges have some features like Food (buffet or snacks), Unlimited drinks, Wi-Fi, Comfy seats, Shower, etc. You can book your lounges online by visiting the Beijing Airport Lounges official website. 

Beijing Capital Airport Terminals

Beijing Capital Airport has three terminals which are terminal 1, terminal 2, and terminal 3. Terminal 1 provides services over the domestic routes of Hainan Airlines and its subsidiaries. Terminal 2 provides services to various airlines such as China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines (except China Airlines, this airline uses Terminal 3), SkyTeam, American Airlines which is a Oneworld member, SriLankan Airlines, and lots of other international and domestic flights. Terminal 3 which is the newest terminal provides services to various airlines such as Air China, Star Alliance, Oneworld members, China Airlines which is a SkyTeam member, and lots of other international and domestic flights which never operate from terminal 1 or 2.

How to Reach Beijing Capital Airport

Beijing Capital Airport transportation gets the benefits from last year’s Olympics and passengers have various travel options to reach the airport. There are lots of buses that regularly transport passengers from the airport to Beijing’s city center which costs almost 16 yen. There is also a metro link rail is in operation. Passengers can choose Taxi services which are available from designated areas outside the terminal buildings which take almost 40 to 60 minutes to the city. 

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