Copa Airlines Pet Policy: Dogs and Cats Get Their Own Cabins

Copa Airlines Pet Policy

Whenever you are planning an adventurous trip to your desired destinations you want to explore and experience a great holiday. So that you should get Copa airlines reservations at the very lowest price within your budget. Copa airlines are basically popular customer-oriented airlines that are always providing their customer’s beneficial services. So pet policy is also one of them. Copa airlines always offer a pet policy for its passengers. This is the best and specific reason passengers always want to book their flight tickets with Copa airlines reservations. Copa Airlines passengers always want to make their trips more interesting and memorable.  Not only this, but Copa airlines passengers can also grab the various types of beneficial services and amenities during the travel like play updated videos, movies, games, songs, TV serial episodes, and many more things. In the present time, every passenger loves their pets and always wants to fly with their small and lovely pets. There are some of the methods of transportation that Copa airlines always provided for particular pets:

  • Copa airlines pets always travel in the passenger cabin.
  • Checked baggage in the pressurized and temperature controlled area of your aircraft.

Pets that are well-qualified for travel in the passenger cabin:

  • Copa airlines always accepted kennels that are onboard the passenger cabin as carrying on luggage. And it should easily fit underneath a seat. 
  • The dimensions of the Copa airlines pets should be 13 x 17 x 10 in (width x length x height).
  • Copa airlines passengers pets should be at least 8 weeks old.
  • Cop airlines passengers can carry only one kennel per check.
  • Cop airlines passengers can always feed their pets as long as the pet remains contained in a kennel.
  • Cop airlines kennels should be always clean, ventilated, and waterproof. 
  • Copa airlines kennel should be placed underneath the seat in front of the particular pet’s owner. And the pet should remain inside the kennel during the entire flight.
  • With Copa airlines, the passengers can carry the maximum number of pet kennels on the same flight. And it is restricted to one kennel in business class and two kennels in the main cabin. 
  • On airplanes without a business class, a passenger can also take three cages.

Copa airlines pets always get the following kinds of qualifications can travel as checked baggage:

  • If Copa airlines passengers’ pets are younger than 8 weeks. In this situation, passenger pets will not be accepted for transportation without their mother in the same kennel.
  • With Copa airlines, unaccompanied minors will never be allowed to travel with pets.
  • Cop airlines passengers are always essentials to show a veterinarian health certificate of the particular pet.
  • Copa airlines passengers should always travel on the same flight. And that should be contained in a kennel. The best thing about the Copa airlines pets, that passengers should be always responsible for handling their pets in and out of the kennel.
  • Cop airlines passengers can carry only and only one pet per kennel on the flight with the exception of birds. In this situation, Copa airlines will allow up to 2 birds per kennel.
  • For Copa airlines pets, Copa airlines will never be administered for first aid causes nor for any types of emergency conditions.

Here are the costs that are associated with Copa airlines pet transportation are as follows:

  • Whenever pets are traveling in the Copa airlines passenger main cabin class then they will have to pay $75. 
  • Whenever Copa airlines pets are traveling as checked baggage that weighs between 11-32 kg. In this situation, the passenger will be charged $125. 
  • If Copa airlines pets travel as checked baggage that weighs between 33-45 kg. Due to this situation, the passenger will be charged $200.

Requirements Of Kennel with Copa airlines:

Other than this, the size and weight maximums, the Copa airlines always needs that kennels fulfill the various requirements:

  • The Copa airlines kennel should be always built out of wood, metal, or plastic.
  • It should be always remembered that kennels are sufficiently resistant to prevent pets from escaping during handling and transportation.
  • Copa airlines kennel doors always should have a lock system that allows opening them without using any kind of specialized tool.
  • Copa airlines kennel should have slots that allow air to circulate freely.
  • Copa airlines kennel should have a storing system for waste that pets can be produced during flight.

Advantages Of Copa Airlines Pet Policy:

  • Copa airlines passengers can always be with their lovely pets.
  • Copa airlines passengers never need to pay kind of extra charges to carry their small pets.
  • Copa airlines passengers can always enjoy a secure and hassle-free journey with their cute pets.


Thus, if you want to travel with your small and lovely pet with Copa airlines flight then you should have always to follow all of the important terms and conditions. Therefore, Copa airlines passengers will never face any type of problem while traveling with Copa airlines flights. Copa Airlines passengers always grab beneficial things in the flight. Not only this but, Copa airlines passengers also enjoy the various kinds of promo codes, vouchers, coupons, and many more things whenever they book their flight tickets.  Due to these kinds of advantages and benefits, passengers always want to travel with Copa airlines and also can enjoy every moment during traveling. Still, if you want to know additional information about the Copa airlines pet policy then you can comment below.

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