Turkish Airlines Check-In Policy: Rules For Check-in & Its Types

Turkish Airlines Check In Policy _ Rules For Check-in & Its Types

Turkish Airlines is one of the best airlines which offers you various services to make your flying experience easier. You can make your Turkish Airlines tickets reservations easily from its website and also find various including inflight amenities as per your cabin class. Apart from it, passengers can also check-in without any hassle with Turkish airlines using various check-in options. Turkish Airlines allow you to check-in easily by following some terms and conditions of the check-in policy. To prevent delay, it is recommended that you should have to follow the guidelines while check-in with Turkish airlines. 

Types of Check-in

Turkish Airlines allow you to check-in without any hassle, if you follow the terms and restrictions using various check-in methods. Turkish airlines provide various flight check-in options to complete your check-in quickly which are discussed below:

  • Online or Web check-in
  • Check-in at the airport or Desk
  • Self-service kiosks check-in

, on our website using your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or using our mobile app.

Online or Web check-in

Turkish airlines know that passengers have to wait for so much time in the queue for check-in at the check-in counter that’s why it launches an online check-in facility. You can check-in online from the Turkish airline’s official site or using the Turkish airline’s mobile app. You can check-in with or without luggage with Turkish airlines while sitting at your home using your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or using the Turkish airline’s mobile app. After check-in online, you will get a mobile boarding pass which is convenient for you.

Process of Online check-in

For check-in online, you must use Turkish airlines Sapp or Turkish Airlines’ official site. Find the below-given steps for check-in online with Turkish airlines:

  • Visit https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-kr/flights/manage-booking/.
  • Enter Passenger surname and Ticket number or reservations code (PNR)  then click on the red boxed arrow.
  • After that you should confirm your details, choose seats and print your boarding pass.

Online check-in Guidelines

  • Passengers have to check-in online 24 hours to 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight for domestic flights. 
  • For international flights you have to check-in 60 minutes before the international flight departure.
  • After check-in online, you should have to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the international flight departure and 3 hourS before take-off, for domestic flights. 
  • The web check-in counters will be used for check-in baggage after checked in online.

Check-in at the airport or Desk

Apart from the online check-in facility, you can also use Check-in at the airport or Desk service which is trouble-free and has speedy check-in options. You can Check-in at the airport or Desk by following some steps which are given below:

  • For counter check-in, you should go to the check-in desk where you find check-in staff.
  • They will ask you all your travel documents which includes ID and passport and you have to show them, You also have to show other documents if it will be asked in special circumstances such as doctor’s prescription. If you have purchased a discounted ticket, you have to show the documentation to the staff which qualifies you for the discount.
  • If all your documents are fine then you are allowed for check-in and your baggage will be taken from you for checking. 
  • After completing the check-in procedures, you will get your boarding pass from the staff and show you the direction of the boarding gate.

Check-in at the airport or Desk Guidelines

  • At the time of check-in, you have to show your national ID which includes driver license, passport, or marriage certificate as proof of identity.
  • Check-in at the airport or Desk Check-in will be allowed 60 minutes before the domestic flight  departure time and 75 minutes before the international flight departure time. 
  • Caracas station check-in counter will be closed before 120 minutes.
  • If you have booked a flight ticket from another company other than Turkish Airlines then you have to pay some additional fee for boarding pass at the airport counter or desk.

Self-Service Kiosks Check-in

With Self service check-in, you are allowed to check-in by yourself with kiosk machines which are available at most of the airports of Turkish airlines. You Can use this service for easy check-in at the airport without standing in queues.

Process of self-service check-in

For self-service check-in, you should have to arrive at the airport and go to kiosks machines. Then enter your e-billet number or PNR code to access your personal details. You can also use your Miles & Smiles or debit card for self-service check-in. Then you have to choose your seat and get your boarding pass.

Self-service check-in Guidelines

  • Passengers can check-in from the kiosk machine before 12 hours of your flight departure time and it ends to 60 minutes for your domestic flight departure. 
  • For international flights you have to check-in 75 minutes before your flight departure time. 
  • At self-service kiosks, turkish airlines allow a maximum of 8 people for check-in with the same booking code (PNR).
  • After check-in you will get your printed boarding pass from the kiosk machine. 
  • If you are not traveling with baggage then you can go directly to the boarding gate.
  • You must have to give your baggage to the check-in desk If you are traveling with baggage and then you can proceed to the boarding gate.
  • After self-service check-in, passengers should have to be at the boarding gate before 20 minutes of the flight departure.


Turkish airlines close their boarding gates before 25 minutes of departure for flights that need special security control but for all domestic and international flights boarding gates will be closed before 20 minutes of departure. So, it is advised that you should be available at the boarding gate before 25 minutes of flight departure time.

Preferential check-in with Business Class

If you have booked a business class flight ticket then you can find lots of benefits or privileges at the time of check-in. You have the privilege of avoiding lines with Business Class tickets.

Online Check-in with bags

You can check in with your bags online via the online check-in desk. 45 to 30 minutes Before your scheduled flight at Turkish airlines, online bag check-in closes. So you have to be sure that you fulfill all your payment process when you have extra or heavy luggage.

Change seat during online check-in

From Turkish Airlines, You can change the seat while you check-in online. But you cannot change if there is no seat available on the flight. If luckily seats are available, you can choose any seat according to availability.

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