Top 5 Bollywood Movies Shot in Sydney, Australia

Top 5 Bollywood Movies Shot in Sydney Australia

If we talk about Bollywood films, then their magic is overshadowed in the whole world. The desire for Bollywood films is in the people of the whole world. People like to watch Bollywood movies, it means the content of Bollywood movies. Whatever Bollywood film is, it can attract people to itself. Now we talk about the connection of Bollywood movies with Australia, everyone knows that many famous Bollywood movies have been shot here, and still prove to be a superhit, rule the hearts of people. Many Bollywood movies were shot in Sydney, and all of them proved to be blockbusters. Bollywood’s connection with Sydney dates back to ancient times. To date, every movie that has been shot here has retained its mark on the hearts of all the people.

It would not be wrong to say that Sydney is considered to be the hub of Bollywood movies. If we talk about the rest of Australia, then a lot more Bollywood films have been shot in Sydney than that. It simply means that shooting movies in Sydney means that the filmmakers get a good location here. And from the point of view of Australia, they get a lot of benefits in this way because they see their location through a film, and come to roam there. 

Hit Bollywood Movies Shot in Sydney

Dil Chahta Hai

If we talk about this movie, then this entire movie was shot in Sydney. This Bollywood movie proved to be a super hit not only in India but all over the world. This movie will be such a super hit that filmmakers never thought. When this movie was shot in Sydney, the filmmakers did not even estimate its cost. But this movie had locked everyone’s face. Much of this movie was eaten to shoot in Sydney itself. Talking about the songs of this film, the song “Jaane Kyun Pagar Pyaar Hai” from this film was shot at famous places like Sydney’s Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge, this song was loved by people and even today It touches the lips of people. This film is also the best movie for people when people watch it.

Bachna Ae Haseeno

“Bachna ae Haseeno” This movie will hardly be someone who doesn’t like it. This movie is so popular that even today people like to watch this movie to freshen up their mood. This movie has a good amount of romance, comedy, action, everything. If we talk about this movie, then the greater part of this film was shot in Sydney. The remaining parts of the film were also shot elsewhere in Australia. The title song of this film was very much liked by the people Bachna ae Haseeno, this song is still considered in Bollywood’s Evergreen Song. More songs of the film proved to be a super hit. Ranvir Kapoor’s work in this film was very much liked by the people, in this film, the name of his character got covered in the hearts of the people. It would not be wrong to say that Ranveer Kapoor’s career continued to grow day after day after this movie. If we talk about the locations of Sydney in this movie, then they included quite famous places like Archibald Fountain, Sydney Opera House, Hyde Park, and many other places where this movie was shot.

Heyy Babyy

If we talk about this movie, then this comedy movie was liked by people so much that the filmmakers got double the cost from this movie. If we talk about the locations of this film, then this entire movie was shot in Sydney. In this film, the beautiful places in Sydney were taken, due to which the movie got a good response from the people. The movie featured some of Sydney’s most famous tourist destinations such as the iconic Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach, as well as The Rocks, Darling Harbor, Botanical Gardens, used in film shoots. The film was based on the story of 3 bachelors living in Sydney. Filmmakers have used several Sydney landmarks as locations in this film, including districts such as the historic St. Stephen’s Church in Newtown and the central business.  

Chak De India

If you talk about this film, then it is the heartbeat of crores of Indians. This film was made on the story of the Indian hockey team. In which a coach is seen to increase the value of India by winning and winning his women’s team. The Bollywood film Chak De India, filmed in Australia, was liked by the people. In this film, people liked the story of a coach played by Shahrukh Khan and the women’s national hockey team of India. In this film, a lot of scenes were shot in Sydney’s Olympic Park. it was an Indian Hindi language sports film. The film was shot at 2 locations in Australia. Melbourne and Sydney. The scenes which were shot in Sydney proved to be such a hit. The film is also known for being the first Indian film to be shot entirely in Australia.  

Bade Acche Lagte Hai

The praise of this movie is less. This is a movie that rarely gets out of people’s hearts. All the characters in this movie deserve all the praise. The decision taken by the filmmakers to shoot this movie in Australia proved to be quite right. More parts of this movie were shot in Sydney. This film is not a very old film. This is the most popular film ever. If we talk about the locales of Sydney in this movie, then it covers the honeymoon scenes of Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar, popular attractions such as Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, Botanic Gardens and Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney. is. Most parts of this film were shot in these places. If you ever go to Sydney, then definitely visit these places.  


If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, then we have prepared a list of 5 such movies for you, all of which have been shot in Sydney, Australia. As everyone knows that Bollywood movies are burning all over the world. People are desperate for Bollywood movies. We have written about the movies that were shot in Sydney and she became a super hit due to her beautiful locations. If you want to see the locations in Sydney, then you must go to Sydney once.

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