Do you have the skills of writing? Do you have any amazing content or any blog post? Then you can show your talent and write for us on our page of We accept the content of a passionate writer who has good writing skills and writes amazing articles with their research. Basically, every writer wants to reach the maximum audience with their caliber and make their name and fame to fulfill their dream.

We, Tripexel the fastest growing website in the traveling world is give you the best opportunity to make your carrier and name being a writer. If you have a great story and research regarding to any traveling like any tourist destination, vacation place or any adventure places that you visit or you know well about the places then you can share it with us. We’ll give you a priority on our blog page. We only accept the quality content, not the quantity.

What we publish?

Tripexel is the fastest-growing website in the traveler community. People who are planning for traveling and explore new places, as well as countries over the world and their cultures, are our main audience. They reach on our website while searching tourist attractions and exploring new places for traveling. Most people who are new travelers may need guidance the traveling. So, we are focusing on niche content regarding to traveling only. We are looking for writers who is writing original articles related to traveling and guidelines for tourist destinations. We also accept the research work of any historical places and the new tourist blogger who is passionate about exploring new place and want to share with the world through their written articles.

What you should do in order to ‘Write for Us’

Here you should need some guidelines for writing the article which is necessary for the making curiosity of the reader so that they don’t leave the page until reading the article to the end. So, here we’ll provide some ideas how to proceed and what should be your purpose for writing.

Simple Language

Your content should be written in simple language so that most of the readers can read and understand the article and get most of the benefits. If you think about writing broad content and using hard words to impress overall then you are going in the wrong direction. If you are providing your content with simplicity and to the point with your deep research then there will be a greater chance that the audience will get impressed and spend time on your article.

Focus on Single Topic

Your content should be focused on single topic. If you don’t let your reader get confused then you content should be precise and cover a single topic. It will increase the chance of ranking and reaching the maximum number of readers.

Structured Blog

If you writing an article on any topic for the website then you will make sure that your article or blog should be in a structured manner. You have to divide it into many sections with the title, heading, and sub-heading. The structured way of writing an article is easy to read.

Create Curiosity

If you want to write an interesting article so that your reader will get stuck on your post then write in way that creates some curiosity. The reader is always curious about what the next in the blog and that make it interesting for them.

Use Examples

While writing always use examples. Examples is always helping to know and understand the topic clearly. Most importantly, it helps to engage the readers so that readers can relate easily.

Guidelines for Article Submission

  • Choose your topic regarding our niche which is traveling. So, make sure your topic will be related to travel.
  • We only prefer google documents so that we can suggest and provide feedback to the writers.
  • We allow content that contains more than 1000 words.
  • After mailing your article, we’ll publish your article within 3 business days.
  • Your content should be 100% plagiarism free it means your content should be unique.
  • We don’t allow revisions so before the final submission, you should recheck your article.
  • You can add up to 2 external links only.
  • We don’t publish an article which contains misleading information. Always use a reliable sources for getting accurate information.
  • Due to copyright, we don’t accept images on your article. We’ll add by our side if it is required.
  • Make sure your article is not published anywhere else on the web or in magazines and books.

Whom do we allow to publish?

We only accept the content from individual writers, freelancers, and professional writers who want to establish their carrier as a writer. We also prefer content from travel bloggers who are passionate about sharing their traveling life and their experiences. The writer’s content should be inspirable, unique and informative. Your article is only accepted by us if you fulfill our guidelines for article submission.