Reasons Why Small Campers are a Viable Option for Every Type of Traveller

As a camper, you might spend a lot of time outdoors, camping, and exploring the wilderness and scenic spots of Australia. When you spend so much time outdoors you are bound to look for tools and machinery that would make your life easier.

Most travellers find it difficult to move the traditional heavy trailers to the destination and park them. Moreover, larger campers require you to purchase a heavy-duty truck, making the rig much more expensive and troublesome.

Light weight campers are the best solution for you if you are tired of hefty and impractical trailers.

6 Reasons Why Small Campers are a Viable Option

Here are some of the key reasons why small campers are a viable option for every type of traveller.

1.Easy to Move

When you are blazing through the country roads, towing a large trailer could be challenging, ruining your whole experience. It would help if you also found appropriate pit stops along the way wherein you can park your massive trailer.

Moreover, you can only use a robust truck to tow the trailer.

The newer lightweight campers are easy to manoeuvre as they approximately weigh 1200 pounds and can be twelve to fourteen feet in length.

A regular SUV can easily tow these types of campers with a four-cylinder engine.


Contrary to common notions, lightweight trailers are feature-rich, and many of the well-designed models have all the features that are found in a big camper.

Most lightweight campers offer basic features such as a bed, stove, bathroom, and kitchen. Moreover, many companies will retrofit a plethora of features as per your requirement.

Some of the top model campers may come with a television, refrigerator, shower, and other such luxury features.

Nowadays, trailers are not just a shelter on wheels but rather a tiny home on wheels. A lot of campers even have the provision for a customised outdoor patio so that you can enjoy evening barbecue sessions while being protected from the elements.

3. Cost-Effective

Who doesn’t want to buy affordable things? A lightweight camper is much more comfortable than a regular camper. You can buy a small camper starting from as low as twelve thousand.

So, you can hit the open road without digging a hole in your pocket.

Furthermore, a smaller camper would be easy to pull, which will save you fuel and money. Unlike other campers, you do not need a heavy-duty truck, but a simple SUV would effectively do the job.

4. Ideal for Camping

The smaller the camper, the easier it is to find a perfect camping spot for yourself. You can park and rest in spots where large trailers might have a hard time fitting.

So, you will not have to go far to find the best camping spot. You will be able to see the best views as the size of your camper will not restrict you.

So, small campers are an ideal fit for you if you are a solo traveller or travel with a small family. Besides, owing to innovation in technologies, these campers are like your secondary home since they have all the basic amenities that one might need.

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