Top 10 Most Spectacular Places for White Water Rafting in Australia

White Water Rafting in Australia

Whitewater rafting becomes the most favorable adventure among people everywhere around the globe. If you wish to be a vicinity of this journey then visit Australia to visualize wondrous a part of the land and explore the wonderful fantastic thing about the Australian watercourse for rafting. Australia offers a nice chance for whitewater rafting. it’s a pleasant and flexible journey, from wherever people will embark on the journey vacation to Australia. It provides exhilarating rivers for rafting with family and friends. you’ll be able to capture spectaculars images of views and thrill of rapids. Australian watercourses come beneath the world’s best river rafting for its cleanliness. Australia becomes center to foremost water rafting locations. If you actually need to splatter, then 10 most noticeable and appropriate spots we have a tendency to rummage around for you to foam rafting in Australia.

10 Most Thrilling Destinations for White Water Rafting in Australia

Tully River, Queensland

Tully river comes at the top four rapids. The river flows in North Queensland in Australia. As per etymology, the stream name is known as on the name of William Alcock speaker, Surveyor General of Queensland from 1875 to 1889. Providing enormous factor to try to in favor of rapids. This is often the foremost famed for rafting among Australia. The river invites people to grant the chance for quality river rafting among the ancient and delightful world Heritage of Australia. Once significant precipitation, Australian waterfalls become clumsily and flowing over close walls. The compact tropical forest produces pleasant close to the journey. variety of individuals interested to try to do the rafting activity and picture challenge within the manner. This stream is in demand because of its thrills and exciting water rafting.

Rangitaiki River, New Zealand

For water rafting, Rangitaiki River comes at 3 to 4. The stream surrounded by a beautiful  Kaingaroa Forest. Get a chance to see pageant sight of the largest plantation forest full of huge species of plants. The stream is 155 km long and deeper in New Zealand’s southwestern Island and flows in the direction of northeast passing through murupara town and covers an area of 3005 square km. This allows travelers to swim between speedy streams. This is best for water breathtaking rafting for both families and individuals.

Franklin River, Tasmania

It offers fabulous and charming multi-day water rafting trips to explore the hidden beauty of Australia.  Perhaps Franklin is the deep river of south-west Australia. Few travelers visit the Franklin River for water rafting around 500 marks per year because the place is wild. So, the faith gets lost and faded away in the wilderness. There you’ll see animals and platypus, quolls, and various other wild animals. The major weather of Franklin River, invite travelers in a mild environment with one other in mind making a noticeable river for rafting.

Wairoa River, New Zealand

Wairoa River, placed in New Zealand and popularly known for coastal relaxation and take a drive within the Bay of Plenty region. Bay of masses is that the largest town of Tauranga from wherever human expertise quality water rafting and appropriate for the individual. It comes at category five and provides fabulous expertise of Water rafting. If you wish to explore and revel in the water rafting then this best spot for rafting. Also for families have the expertise in rafting and ready to take a thrills rafting challenges underneath the superintendence of guides.

Best time to go for rafting: Between October and May month water rafting is the best suited time in Wairoa River every year. And offers quality rafting expertise to veterans.

Barron River, Queensland

The spot carries a perfect balance between sight and challenges. Famous Barron streams for rafting in Tropical North, Queensland. Having numerous factor, make it the most noticeable and accessible river for rafting by the travelers. The Barron River is one of the closest rafting rivers to Cairns, and it is suitable for first comer or people who are looking for a fun afternoon thrill ride. There is no hard and fast rule for river rafting and no experience is required. It marks in class 2 to 3.

Kaituna River, New Zealand

It provides enormous watercourse, scenery and nice rafting spots for short trips. And it Arranges half-day comfortable and enjoyable water rafting.  Kaituna River stands at 2 to 3 position among rafting rivers due to its unique feature and short time for rafting. Noted as the world’s highest commercial center for rafting.  Kaituna River situated near North Island city Rotorua. Take a chance and experience rafting in Kaituna River having many other activities. And it is open for travelers throughout the year to cheer and enjoy the adventure rafting.

Rangitata Gorge, New Zealand

It has many amazing unique features that help to separate it from its competitors and situated in the Canterbury high country in the South Island of New Zealand. It is a powerful and rapid river graded in a high position. The convenient season for rafting on the Rangitata Gorge from September to May, warm climate and water possible rafting and nicer. Provide a fantastic and memorable journey. It is the best place to satisfy yourself.

Avon River, Western Australia

Here you can explore and experience rafting through its attached epic Avon Valley National park. It is a family accessible place for rafting and in other words family-friendly spot. This is a famous and widely known rafting spot throughout the year excluding summers. During the winter season, you will experience rapid streams and enjoy the journey. First-timers and families can take advantage during the spring of a visit. During Spring the river bank covered with gum trees and wild colorful flowers adds life and color to the landmark.

Mitta Mitta River, Victoria

River is a famous spot for water rafting.  Mitta Mitta River situated in the district of Victoria, Australia. It is the fast-flowing river and surrounded by Alpine National Park. Another, Mitta Mitta river that marks as a good balancer among challenge and enjoyment from one end to the other. Possibly, you will see the Victorian High Country sight of steep ravines and rocky gorges and national parks in the shelter for many wildlife species like lyrebirds, cockatoos, wallabies, and platypus to catch a peep of pleasant view.

Kawarau River, New Zealand

Present in the South Island of New Zealand. It is the most knowing river for rafting among all of them. The river’s fenced with clear-blue waters, rocky shores and the mixture of both fallings of leaves and evergreen trees on the banks. It ranked on 3 fast-flowing rivers for first-timers as challenging enough and ranked  4 in high water. If you are looking for the best rafting spots and be a first timer then this is best and fantastic to experience.


Number of rivers present in Australia for famous water activity. Travel to Australia to see nature’s beauty and try some thrills river rafting. Rafting is adventures and stormy activities that provide an exhilarating experience to everyone. White river rafting is done in a team. Australia gives the chance to explore the best rafting experience to travelers. This is the best attraction point for white water rafting among travelers.

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