What is a Bulkhead Seat on an Aircraft

What is a Bulkhead Seat on an Aircraft

Before talking about the Bulkhead seat on an Aircraft, we have to know about what is Bulkhead?
Bulkhead is a kind of divider that divides the section or classes like (First class, Second class, or Economy class). Or it would be a wall, screens or curtains. Bulkhead is found in every Airplane by dividing the lavatory and galley area from the seats.

What is a Bulkhead Seat

Bulkhead seats on an Aircraft are the seats which are come exactly next to the bulkhead (separators) these are found behind the bulkhead on the plane. Simply we can say that the Bulkhead seats are the first row of the seats. In some airlines, the Bulkhead seats are the first row from the entry side in sone the first row from the exit side. But is not compulsory that the exit row should have a Bulkhead seat. Most of the persons love that seats they always love to sit down Bulkhead Seats and some things those seats are not good.

The Bulkhead seats will have more types like they will be different sizes and shapes, they would be in the cabin or could be right next to the wall in the chain.

Bulkhead seats provide you the much more legroom but it depends upon the plane because some planes gave you less legroom area. And the storage area also depends upon the plane or flight. Some give you more area for storage in the Bulkhead seats and some do not. Because of this, you can not take your stuff in front of you on the floor.

A small airplane will provide only one or two bulkhead seat but a larger airplane give you multiple seats in multiple sections. In these seats, they give you so many facilities.

What are the Pros of the Bulkhead seat on an Aircraft?

  • These seats come behind the bulkheads (or wall) so you have more legroom in comparison to the other seats.
  • The Bulkhead seat passenger can depart faster because the seat is very closer to the gate.
  • Passenger can found their seats very easily without anyone’s bits of help.
  • These seats are providing a very good service if you want to sleep in your flying time.
  • Some Bulkhead seats on an aircraft also provide you an individual screen.

What are the Cons of the Bulkhead seat on an Aircraft?

  • These seats don’t have much more storage area in comparison to the other seats because these seats are very near to the galleys and lavatories.
  • Some flights also don’t provide the extra legroom because they don’t have much area on their flights.
  • The bulkhead seats found behind the wall don’t have the seatback entertainment system.
  • In these seats, you can not take your Handbag in your hand you have to store them in the locker during the flight taking off or landing.
  • If you want to watch the in-flight entertainment screen then it wouldn’t be a good seat for you because the screen is very closer to you and you can’t watch the screen.

Are the Bulkhead seats the same on all the Aircraft?

No, All the Bulkhead seats are depended upon the airline and the airplane. They vary frenetically because every airline uses the same airplane model for their specific business needs.

Are all airlines provide Bulkhead seats for babies and Skycots?

The international routes airline provides the Bulkhead seats for babies these are also known as the bassinet row. Families with infants can take advantage of the Bulkhead or bassinet row some cool features. Sometimes these seats are called Bulkhead Bassinet or Scots.

Bulkhead Seating for the Disable Passengers

The transportation department has made some seats for the Disabled Passengers. If a passenger will request them they will provide a seat with the extra legroom. That seat is usually a Bulkhead seat and it will be in your purchased seat class.

In some other cases, the passenger is traveling with their pet in this case they are eligible to get the Bulkhead seats (with the place in which your pet can lay down at your feet). Generally speaking, in this case, disabled passengers are not allowed to sit in the exit row that is a hybrid exit or Bulkhead row.

If you can self-identify with your airline they can allot you a seat. But some airlines will not provide you a set you have to go to the board first then they will reserve you a seat.

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