Top Ways to Book a Hotel Via a Website

The hotel and motel industry in the US has undergone a drastic change in recent years. Whereas most people used to book hotels via phone, more and more people are now relying on the internet.

There are significant advantages to booking accommodation through a US hotel booking website. Guests can compare deals easily; they do not have to call around for prices and find a room even at the last minute.

4 Ways to Book a Hotel Via a Website

1. Book Directly With the Hotel or Chain

The most straightforward way to book a hotel in the US is to go straight to the property website and book. Many hotels offer special rates for booking directly with them, so this is generally the cheapest option. It is possible to save money by booking through third-party sites, but many have booking fees that negate the savings.
This is the best way to book when you are looking for a specific hotel or chain and know exactly what you want, basically an established property with a set price.

2. Loyalty Programs to Book Through

Many hotels in the US have loyalty programs, where the more you stay with them, the cheaper your rates will be. It can work several ways – sometimes the hotel gives you a discount for being a member; however other times, they might offer point incentives that let you trade your loyalty points in for hotel stays.
If you decide on staying at a hotel often enough, this is the easiest way to maximize your savings. Plus, it does not require much extra work; keep an eye out for these programs and sign up when you can. Rewards programs are also a great benefit if you travel with companions.

3. Use a Comparison Site

The internet has also given rise to comparison sites, which aggregate multiple hotel booking services in one place. These sites make the process of finding a room easy by allowing users to view offers from various providers side-by-side.
These are great for people who want lots of options without extra work. It’s easy to compare different providers and offers on one screen so that you can see which is cheapest or best for what you need.

4. Utilize Last-Minute Deals

Many hotels offer reduced rates on rooms if they are available at the last minute. It is due to the unpredictability of consumer habits, as well as demand fluctuations. The hotel might have multiple rooms that were not booked initially but suddenly become popular due to events in the area – by offering a last-minute deal, they can fill the empty room with another customer.

Last-minute deals are not something most people are willing to take advantage of, but you can save more money if you are willing to book at short notice. However, if you want something specific or want to ensure availability, booking early is a good idea.   

Most hotels also give discounts to repeat customers in the US. It is a win–win situation; the hotel makes more money by encouraging you to stay longer, and the consumer gets lower prices for their future stays.

These are some of the best ways to save money when looking at a US hotel booking website. Most of these techniques only require an internet connection so that they can be done from anywhere in the world – no matter if you live there or are just passing through.

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