Turkish Airlines Online Check in : Check in Rules, Time, Types, Baggage & Boarding Pass

Turkish Airlines Online Check in _ Check in Rules, Time, Types, Baggage & Boarding Pass

Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier of Turkey and flies to 295 destinations. They offer multiple options for passengers to check-in as per their convenience and basis regulatory requirements defined by the airport authorities.

Congratulations on choosing to fly Turkish Airlines by making your Turkish Airlines reservations. Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier of Turkey and flies to 295 destinations with a fleet size of 360 aircraft.

Turkish Airlines provides four options to check in to make it convenient for the passengers and improve their travel experience.  The four options are as follows:

  1. Online check in 
  2. Mobile check in 
  3. Self-check in 
  4. Counter check in 

This document focuses on assisting passengers to check-in online (web check-in ) through the Turkish Airlines online check-in website and Mobile check-in through the Turkish Airlines online check-in mobile app.

Turkish Airlines Web check in 

The step by step process to check-in using the Turkish Airlines website is as follows:

  1. Go to ‘ Turkish Airlines website
  2. Click on ‘ check in /Manage Booking’
  3. Enter the Ticket number or reservation number and surname
  4. Click on the arrow

Turkish Airlines Mobile check in 

You can also download the mobile and use it to reserve tickets, manage your booking, and check-in at ease. 

Online Check In Time for Turkish Airlines 

Turkish Airlines online check-in starts 24 hours and closes 90 minutes before flight departure time. This is applicable for both Domestic and international flights. You just have to check-in by the Turkish Airlines online check-in time.

Through online check-in, passengers will be able to:

  • check in for flying from any eligible location.
  • check in for connecting flights when the trip has any; however, the boarding pass would have to be collected at the connecting flight airport.
  • check in up to 9 passenger in a single transaction
  • check in for return flights if the return flight is scheduled within 24 hours and reservation is confirmed.
  • Choose seats
  • Change seats – However this is possible only before the boarding pass is printed
  • Download or print boarding pass
  • Miles and Smiles card information

Turkish Airlines online check in boarding pass

  • Passengers will be able to print the boarding pass on their personal computer if they are flying from an airport that allows it.
  • Few important airports that do  not allow online boarding passes are:  Abu Dhabi, Algiers, Bahrain, Baku, Boston, , Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Dubai, Hong Kong, Houston, London – Stansted, Los Angeles, Moscow – Vnukovo, Taipei – Taoyuan, Washington Dc – Dulles, etc.) that do not allow for Online Boarding Passes to be printed at home. In such a case, the boarding pass will be issued at the turkish airlines web check in Counter, or, where not available, at a Business Class counter.
  • If a ticket was bought using a debit card  or credit card by someone else for the passenger, then the system will not allow printing of boarding pass unless the card holder has confirmed the card usage at Turkish Airlines sales office.
  • Mobile Boarding Pass can be obtained by filling the telephone field which will appear under the ‘PRINT’ button if available.

Check in Baggage of Turkish Airlines

International Flights: Check-in and baggage handling procedure must be completed at least 75 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure time. 

Domestic Flights: Passengers are expected to be at the airport at least three hours before the flight departure time. Check-in and baggage handling procedure must be completed at least 60 minutes before the flight departure time.

Note: If your baggage is more than your allocated limit, please take into account the time it will take to pay excess baggage fees when planning your journey to the airport. 

Your check-in will be canceled if you do not collect your boarding pass on time and are late to reach the boarding gate. Turkish Airlines is not responsible for passengers’ lateness. 

Even an online boarding pass will not be accepted if passengers arrive late at the boarding gate.

Baggage safety guidelines:

  1. Please prepare your baggage on your own or view the preparation. 
  2. Do not take any objects from someone you don’t know. 
  3. Check containers and smaller boxes inside and ensure they are closed.
  4. Do not carry any prohibited or dangerous goods that are not safe (e.g. flammable products, environment polluting products etc.)

More details on baggage are available here.

Conditions of online channel


  • The passenger’s first name and last name recorded during the reservation/ticketing process cannot be changed at a later date.
  • All flight times, including departure and arrival times displayed on Online Channels are in local time.
  • The type of aircraft or departure time scheduled for a flight may change for operational reasons.
  • Turkish Airlines cannot be held responsible in case of issues arising from technical difficulties or the entry of incorrect/missing contact information.

Special requests

Due to operational reasons, special assistance requests such as wheelchair assistance must be made at least 48 hours before your flight. Special menu requests should be made 24 hours before the flight. 

Please visit the Turkish Airlines help page for more information. 


Whilst Turkish Airlines will try to advance seating requests, it cannot guarantee any particular seat even if Your reservation is confirmed and you have checked in through Turkish airline’s web check-in. Turkish Airlines has the right to change the seat number(s) you have preferred at check-in due to operational requirements which may occur.

Boarding gates

Boarding gates close 20 minutes before departure time to complete last-minute preparations to ensure departures and arrivals are on schedule. Please make sure that it can often take up to 25 minutes to reach a gate from the main departure areas in some airports. 

Stations with special security regulations

Passengers traveling to the stations that need special security information should arrive at the airport earlier as they need to pass through the special security control that is provided by the related authorities. The online boarding pass can be printed by the passengers who completed a special security form via the web. 

To be able to fill out the form please have Your passport or Your traveling documents with you and click on the Special Info button. Only the online check-in can be completed without filling out the form, the online boarding pass cannot be printed. 

The time spent at the airport could be shortened by filling the Special Security Form and printing the boarding pass from the web.

Travel documents

Please ensure you take all relevant travel documentation such as ticket/passport etc. with you to the airport.

All passengers are required to show valid photographic ID (ID card, driving license, or passport for domestic flights; passport for international flights) at airport ticket and security checkpoints.


Airline flights may be overbooked. It is possible that a seat is not available on a flight for which you have a confirmed reservation. Please note that if online check-in fails, you must follow the regular airport check-in procedures at Your departure airport.

For passengers with a confirmed ticket and reservation, further information regarding Denied Boarding Compensation System will be shared at check-in counters.


Turkish Airlines online check-in cannot inform you in the event Your flight is delayed or canceled. You are reminded to check with Your local Turkish Airlines office and airport before departure. In the event of a delay, you are still expected to be at the airport on time, as the position can change.

Cancelling online check in 

Passengers who have their ticket via the internet should contact the call center 444 0 849. The extension is 4-2-1 to cancel online check-in.

If the online check-in has been canceled, the previous boarding pass that has been printed is not valid anymore. In this case, to prevent any unpreferable situation while boarding, please re-check and re-print the new boarding pass.

Flight coupon sequence

Flight coupons will be accepted only in sequence with the related flight ticket by the carrier. 

The ticket may not be valid and the carrier may not honor the passenger’s ticket if the first flight coupon for international travel has not been used and the passenger commences his or her journey at any stopover or agreed to stop place.


For Turkish Airlines online check-in, passengers may check-in online and select their seat through Online Channels 24 hours before flight departure. This service is available up to 90 minutes before departure. Baggage check-in needs to be completed at least 75 minutes before flight departure time for international flights and 60 minutes before departure time for domestic flights Excess baggage can be checked in at an additional cost. Passengers are expected to be on time and the airlines reserve the right to cancel the ticket if they do not arrive on time. They make it convenient to reserve flight tickets and manage them through multiple channels.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Queries)   

What are the benefits of Turkish Airlines online check in?

Online check-in helps save time at the airport. It allows you to pick your preferred available seat.

When does the check in counter close at the airport of Turkish Airlines?

The check-in desk closes 60 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 75 minutes beforehand for international flights.

Will I earn miles if I check in online with Turkish Airlines?

If you are a Miles&Smiles member, the Miles you earn will be credited to your account 2 days after your flight’s scheduled departure.

Can I check in online for group tickets on Turkish Airlines?

For group tickets purchased from a travel agency, please write the surnames of the passengers in the group together with their ticket numbers, one by one. You can check-in up to 9 passengers in one transaction.

When can I check in online with Turkish Airlines?

Online check-in starts 24 hours before the flight and ends 90 minutes before the flight. You can check whether there is an online check-in option at the airport where your flight will take place, from the list of online/mobile check-in facilities at the airports.

Can I check in online for more than one flight of Turkish Airlines?

To check-in for all your flights up to your final destination, select “through check-in “. For same-day return flights, select “return check-in “.

What is Turkish Airlines online check in?

Turkish Airlines Online check-in allows all passengers with a ticketed reservation to check-in via our website before arriving at the airport.

Can I change my seat assignment after I have checked in with Turkish Airlines?

As long as your boarding pass has not yet been printed, you can still change your seat number after check-in. On domestic flights, you can change your seat number according to the package you choose.

Do I need to take a printout of my Turkish Airlines online ticket with me to the airport?

No, you do not need to take a printout of your online ticket to the airport with you. You can complete all procedures at the check-in desk with your ticket number, booking code (PNR), and ID.

How do I cancel my Turkish Airlines web check in?

You can cancel your online check-in by contacting our call center.

If I do not have any baggage can I go straight to the boarding gate on Turkish Airlines?

If you checked in online or at a kiosk and are not checking baggage, you may go directly to the boarding gate without stopping at the counter. Please have your mobile boarding pass with you. For more information, please visit our baggage page.

What do I need to do if I have checked in online but then arrive late at the Turkish Airlines airport or want to cancel my flight?

To make a new reservation or a cancelation, please contact our call center.

What time do I need to arrive at the Turkish Airlines airport if I checked in online? Also, what do I need to do when I get there?

If you have already checked in online, you can get your boarding pass and hand in your baggage at one of the Turkish airlines’ web check-in counters. Please note that these procedures must be completed at least 75 minutes before departure for international flights and 60 minutes before departure for domestic flights.

When you get to the airport proceed to the baggage drop-in counter for baggage check-in and to have your boarding pass printed if the online boarding pass is not accepted.

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