Rome Tour Guide : Top Tourist Attractions & Things to do in Rome

Things to do in Rome city

Having an idea you visit Rome tourist spots. Daily almost 4.2 million tourists visit for Vatican Museums and 4 million tourists for Colosseum. Colosseum is the popular destination place in the world and comes in 39th position. People having a dream to go to different places to explore glorious and famous monuments. History of Rome city, Rome king was defeated by neighbor king Alba Longa. And the king twins left behind him in the basket to drown. But twins saved by she-wolf for revenge from the neighbor king. And according to Rome history, quarrel started between twins to rule over the city. Meanwhile, Romulus killed brother Remes and kept Rome as the city name in 753 B.C. The city is famous for having the country inside. No Doubt Rome is interesting, beautiful and inspiring Rome art is the main attraction point for the people and establish as the capital of Italy.

Rome Facts

  • Language: Italian is the professional language spoken by general people in Rome and english major spoken by tourists at tourist places.
  • Currency: The Euro
  • Area: 1,285 km square
  • Population: 4,257,056 and growth  23,037 in population

Airport nearby Rome City

The two major airports nearby Rome city Fiumicino Airport officially called  Leonardo da Vinci Airport and other Ciampino Airport.

  1. Fiumicino Airport: It is the major airport, from where international, national and  European flights take-off. Fiumicino Airport placed near the sea and 32 km from Rome city.
  2. Ciampino Airport: It is budget Airlines, and provide services to the passengers at affordable prices. This airline increases its airport facilities. Travelers can purchase snacks, drinks, books and memorial things from departure landmarks, waiting for an area full of crowd. The airport that connect with trains, buses, and taxis. Most adorable, interesting and visiting points away from half an hour from the airport.

Flights to Rome

Flights flew from Rome. They are mentioned below:

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Top sights to visit in Rome – Tour Attraction points

Rome is one of the smallest cities in the world. This city is full of historic art & monuments. Foundation of this city based on many myths. Rome has the power, politics, culture, and development of the city. As time passes, in the city different monuments, worship places built inside the city that upgrade the beauty of the place. At present Rome is a popular tourist place among travelers and also famous for its nightlife. A lot of places full of notable, classic and historical places, best bars in Rome. We know that travelers visit the place according to interest. For many years Rome stands at the first position for the tourist attraction places in Europe with beautiful visiting sights. Here we present some markable sites must visit by the travelers to explore the beauty of Rome :


The colosseum building build around 70 -80 AD. Landmark designed amazing and iconic in the world. Hold on Games, Gladiator tournaments and entertainment programs organized on a regular basis.

Things to do in colosseum

Bike in Borghese Gardens

Have a pizza at Pizzarium

Drink a bottle of Lazio wine

Take a day trip to a winery

Stop and read the Column of Marcus Aurelius

Wander the stalls of the Trionfale Market

St. Peter’s Basilica

Popular most reputed and noticeable catholic religious place in the world. The monument has pleasingly designed from the front. And surrounded by statues of Apostles and Jesus standing at the far end of St. Peter’s square. Hold on holiest shrines for its followers.

 Things to do in St. Peter’s Basilica

See Light up at Night.

Take a tour

Climb the stairs to the Dome

Check out the view of Rome

Hello to the POPE

Trevi Fountain

You will wonder to see the Trevi Fountain. Not other fountain-like Trevi Fountain in the world. Fountain furnished with historic mannequin i.e beautifully designed.

Things to do in Trevi Fountain

Toss a Coin in the Fountain

Amazed by seeing this 18th-Century masterpiece.

Recall the famous movie scenes filmed at the fountain

Roman Forum

Roman Forum located near the Colosseum and  Altar of the Fatherland. You must visit the place with plenty of time to explore the historic sites and know about its history. The ancient place shows public and political life.

 Things to do in Roman Forum

Visit different sites

Visit temples

Know about history

Vatican Museums

The marvelous Vatican Museums furnished with classic and historical artwork established by popes over many centuries. It has around 70,000 baroque masterpieces. It takes time to see artwork peacefully and properly. Two tickets were necessary to see the Sistine Chapel and the museums.

 Things to do in Vatican Museums

Capture picture

Do not miss Spiral staircase

See the gallery Space

Experience a pleasant environment

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona found in 15 century and become a popular attraction point in Rome for travelers.  Square present at walking distance and an interesting place to visit. The larger Square framed with artists and street food vendors which provides the best food in Rome. The Fontana del Moro and Fountain of Neptune are the treasured sights of the square.

Things to do in Piazza Navona

Enjoy the street foods

See and encourage the street artist

The Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill is on the top hill among 7 hills. You will see the cave and ruins of the habitation of historical places Augustus, and the Roman emperor at the top of Palatine Hill. This is the third most visited site by the travelers in Rome.

Things to do in Palatine Hill

Explore the panoramic view

Know about the history of Rome emperor

Sweeping history of the place

Villa Borghese gardens

Villa Borghese gardens are the largest public park on the bank of the lake surrounded by statues, temples, sculptures, and fountains. You can walk on the side of a beautiful lake in the park. It has pretty botanical garden inside.

Things to do in Villa Borghese gardens

Go on an Art Walk

Visit temples

See the beauty of Fountain of the Sea Horses.

Walk under shady along the lake

Circus Maximus

Possibly, classic noticeable largest chariot-racing stadium in Rome. And place for entertainment situated in Rome, Italy. Present Circus Maximus between the Aventine and Palatine Hills.

Things to do in Circus Maximus

Roman Games

Gladiator fights

Chariot races


Hill present in western Rome and there are no comparisons with the other 7 hills of Rome. It is believed that place for God Janus and is the second tallest hill. It was a place where augurs observe auspices. According to myth, Janiculum was established by God Janus.

Things to do in Janiculum

Overlook beautiful views of  center Rome

Scenic view of Domes and Belltower

Capture picture

Rome hotels | Relaxing and Cheap hotels in Rome

Low-cost Rome hotels located nearby station and tourist places. To explore the beauty of the place. Our smart selection of interesting hotels at a cheap rate for you fascinating with different facilities and services. Rome’s hotel relieves travelers to enjoy privacy with additional advantages.

Hotel Colosseum

Colosseum hotel situated in the heart of Rome that’s why it gives comfort to travelers to visit different tourist destinations in Rome. It will give comfort to your pocket. It is best for travelers. INR 4800 for the hotel room with a double bed.

Hotel Modigliani

Hotel Modigliani smartly equipped to attract tourists by using air conditioning, mini-fridge, television and soundproof windows. WIFI facility in the hotel including rooms without charges. Hotel is fascinating with a garden and space for the lounge. In the hotel basement, area for the bar. Offer breakfast in the room according to the room rate.  Price of room 4700 INR including a double bed.

Hotel Alexandra

Hotel Alexandra is a lavish hotel with full of luxurious things and placed two steps from the hyped hard rock cafe. This hotel attracts travelers to stay by its unique atmosphere and Italian culture. The room fascinated with treasures things like flat screen, tea/coffee maker, latest designer furniture with free wifi at INR 4500. 24 hours service.

Hampton by Hilton Rome East

Hampton by Hilton Rome East rooms available at low cost and nearby location from the national highway. The famous Jubilee church at a distance of 5 km from the hotel. It does not allow the burden on your pocket by offering well-maintained rooms full of modern art and facilities. Room rates start at 4200.

Condotti Hotel

Condotti Hotel away from the Spanish Steps by 50 meters, where travelers reached quickly and easily to the Rome interesting visiting sites. Rome hotel has a stylish and attractive environment for travelers. Due to its pleasing effect a reputable place in Rome. Room and areas attached to the room beautifully decorated with designer furniture, modern equipment, rich colors, etc. Via Condotti street is the center of attraction for travelers in the world. Price per night in Condotti 3700 INR.

Hotel Celio

Hotel Celio is a 3-star hotel present in Rome. The hotel surroundings are full of Rome art and architecture. Due to the closeness of the hotel, the city becomes crowded and famous. The hotel fenced with old intentness and a lack of modern stylish design.  Present at the appropriate location, from the Colosseum. Excellent and variety of facilities in Hotel Celio make a prestigious reputation in Rome. 83 Euro per night.

When to visit Rome

No time is good or bad to visit such adventures and mysterious places. Consider, July to August can be hot and humid, December to March can be cold. You can visit Rome when people scarcely visit, days are sunny and the nights are cool necessary light woolen cloths, the best time between September – November, and April – May.  But before packing your bag for the vacation, you should always focus on a number of points i.e weather of the place, crowd, events in the particular month, and according to your pocket.

Rome weather

Usually, the climate in Rome is enjoyable with an amiable temperature of around 40 degrees. The summers are hot and humid and the winters are wet and cool. Between July and August temperature up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity. The rainy season occurs in Rome in the month of October and November and winter occurs December, January, February. Less crowded, and pocket-friendly travel tour to Rome from April to May and mid-September to October. If you want a cheap fare for your tour to Rome and it is also the best time to enjoy the glories of the place from 1 November to 14 December and 24 December to 31 March.

Climate Facts

  • June to August (90 degrees F; 31 degrees C) hot weather
  • December to February (30 degrees F; 3 degrees C) cold weather
  • October and November (4.5 inches; 114 millimeters) rainy weather

Events in different months :


  • New Year’s Eve celebration in Piazza del Popolo, with music, dancing, and a sparkling fireworks display.
  • The Epiphany on 6th January  on the 12th day of Christmas
  • January 6, a good witch, La Befana brings candy to kids.
  • January 17 is Saint Anthony’s Day, celebrating the patron saint of butchers, domestic animals, basket makers, and gravediggers.


  • Rome’s Carnevale, the celebration of the start of Lent, for fun.


  • International Women’s Day
  • Ash Wednesday


  • Good Friday festivities begin with a 5 p.m.
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday
  • Rome Marathon


  • Primo Maggio is a national holiday as Labor Day
  • Internazionali BNL d’Italia


  • Festa della Repubblica (Republic Day) on June 2 Rome become republic 1946
  • The Festa di San Giovanni is a festival with a celebration of dancing, music, and food.


  • Lungo Tevere Roma


  • Isola del Cinema offers a summer film series on Tiberina Island, Tiber River.
  • Ferragosto on August 15, to celebrate summer come to end


  • Sagra dell’Uva (Festival of the Grape) is a harvest event
  • Event for  soccer


  •  Jazz festival


  • Saint’s Day on 1 Nov
  • Feast of Saint Cecilia on 22 nov


  • Christmas Market
  • Hanukkah
  • Christmas eve
  • Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, Rome tradition

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