Machu Picchu Travel guide: Activities and Things to do in Machu Picchu

Things to do in Machu Picchu

Are you interested in visiting different places to explore? You have sufficient information about that place before visiting the place. Machu suggests historic, old and Picchu suggest mountain. If we join the two words means come out an old Mountain, old peak in Indian language. Machu Picchu is one of the top new seven wonders of the world. In the southern part of Peru, Machu Picchu covered with ancient mountains and ruins. The Machu Picchu spread over the 2430 meter area. According to history, Machu Picchu was founded by Hiram Bingham on July 24, 1911, who is an American Historian. Mythalogistic said that 6 meters tall and 1.8-meter wide wall built around the city to save the family and the city Sapa Inca from attackers. A lot of historians, say Machu Picchu built by the Inca Emperor as Pachacuti. Now Inca referred to as The Lost City in UNESCO world heritage sites.

Machu Picchu Facts

  • Language: Quechua is the most spoken language after Spanish
  • Currency: Sol (PEN), if travelers visit Machu Picchu. They can use ATM that converts in Sol (PEN).
  • Area: 325.9 square km
  • Population: Between 300-1000 habitants live

Machu Picchu Airport

There are some airports situated near Machu Picchu. Here you will get information about closest airports to Machu Picchu with location, timings, etc. you can use the given information to book the flight at a cheap rate.

Airport near Machu Picchu

Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport

It is one of the nearest airports to Machu Picchu in Peru is Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport. This is the only Airport situated in Cusco. This is the second engaged airport situated in Peru at a distance of 80 km and carried over 2,500,000 passengers per year.

Santa Maria Airport

Santa Maria Airport situated at a distance of 114 km from Machu Picchu. It is a Pretty place. You can start your search for cheap flight tickets for Machu Picchu.

Andahuaylas Airport

Hillock Airport, serving Andahuaylas which is situated in Peru.  This Airport is important in the Apurimac region that carried only commercial flights. The civil government-run the Airport. Other than this, It has some charter flights. It is situated at 6 km southeast of Andahuaylas.

Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendívil Duarte Airport

It is the main airport present in Peru serving the Ayacucho region. This airport is operated by a government organization called CORPAC S.A. who watches Peruvian airports works. It is a public airport.

Francisco Carle Airport

It is the regional airport in Junin region situated on a hilltop. The Junin region of Peru surrounded by cities like Huancayo and Tarma. this airline served by two airlines. The renovation has done of the airport terminal and runway to provide sufficient space for large Aircraft.

Top sights to visit in Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an awesome place to discover attraction points by travelers. 5000 travelers per day visit to Machu Picchu and around 2500 visitors arranging tickets in advance for visits to Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu graceful with the number of ancient structures, and ruins. You have sufficient time to see the place nicely and experience the things to do in Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is known for its famous tourist attraction in Peru and counts in seven wonders of the world.

Los Jardines de Mandor

Los Jardines de Mandor

It works on projects to restore the habitat of beautiful species of wildlife. Travelers are invited to explore such a pleasant, and peaceful place of Machu Picchu. Discover this small paradise in Machu Picchu to aware of habitats.

Things to do

  • walk into biodiverse gardens
  • Enjoy nature
  • Learn preservation of the habitat

Huayna Picchu

Huayna Picchu

It is 2693 meters above the sea level and you are appreciated to visit Huayna Picchu. And it is higher 260 meter from Machu Picchu. This is a mountain situated in Peru. In a day, only 400 visitors are allowed to visit.

Things to do

  • Hike up to Huayna Picchu
  • See the Sunrise
  • Go the temple of The Moon and The Great Cavern
  • Capture photo of the ruins from the Caretaker’s hut

Winay Wayna

Winay Wayna

Winay Wayna located in the Cusco region in Peru. The structure of Winay Wayna like straight stairs on the hillside oversees the Urubamba River. Gracefully decorated with fountains structure and houses. People have done agriculture activities above and below the house.

Things to do

  • Overnight camping
  • Take photo of ancient ruins
  • Paragliding



Visit Intipata to know the importance of the place and to enjoy the different events carried out for the tourist. Intipata is the ruin of ancient

Things to do

  • Walking
  • See the scene view
  • Capture the structure of the place



Putucusi is a round shape peak situated on the opposite side of the Urubamba river from where you oversee the whole Machu Picchu. It is located at a height of 2560 meters from sea level and it is surrounded by the Urubamba river valley.

Things to do

  • Climbing

Banos Termales (Machu Picchu)

Banos Termales

Banos Termales is a nice place situated in Machu Picchu. Travelers visit to enjoy the hot spring day in Machu Picchu. It is surrounded by the greenery of plants. The place of beauty is fascinating.

Things to do

  • Enjoy sunny day
  • Take a bath and capture photos

Sacred Plaza

Sacred Plaza

The places has remains ancient holy rituals in ruins. Travelers attract towards structure of the  Sacred Plaza. And in the Sacred Plaza viewing platform.

Trilha Inca Curta

Trilha Inca Curta

Do not lose the opportunity to visit this beautiful Trilha Inca Curta.  To experience the breathtaking landscapes. It is one of the suitable places for adventure and history lovers.

It connects  different people with the city of Cusco  in all directions of South America.

Cerro Machu Picchu

Cerro Machu Picchu Camping

Cerro Machu Picchu is elevation hillock. It is surrounded by valley and fenced with nature charm and greenery. This is a pretty place to visit by the travelers. It look like paradise.

Things to do

  • Hiking
  • Campaigning
  • Capture landscape photos



This place is full of mystery and travelers visit with curiosities about the place history which is situated in Inca south Peru. Chachabamba is noticeable in top-rated travel places. From Chachabamba oversees the Apurimac river.

Things to do

  • Campaigning
  • Walking
  • Capturing picture

Machu Picchu hotel Accommodation

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Here travelers get good services at an affordable rate. This hotel provides the good room with a proper relaxing area. Rooms are decorated with the designed antique pieces, Andean tapestries, stylish lightning, and private pools. Facility for breakfast and candlelight dinner with the associated price and close to the railway station.

Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel

It is situated at a distance of 20 minutes from the Machu Picchu Archaeological Site. Rooms are available with free wifi. The luxury hotel offers relaxing and comfortable furniture with a balcony to see the mountain and the Urubamba river. Rooms are designed with Andean Design. Travelers like the location of the hotel and its services.

Casa del Sol Machupicchu

Machupicchu railway station close to this hotel at a distance of 10 m. Offers free Wi-Fi access, the room featured with private bathrooms, minibars, and TVs designer furniture. The museum located 500 m away from this location. It is located 83,4 km from Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport.

Tierra Viva Machu Picchu

Tierra Viva Machu Picchu offering remarkable views of the surrounding hills, It is situated at 20-minute walk distance from Machu Picchu. This hotel provides comfortable and spacious rooms with air-conditioning facility. Enjoy free Wi-Fi and the view of charm from the terrace. Rooms equipped with cable TV and minibars. At a walk-in distance of 10-minute Cusco’s railway station.

Hotel Taypikala Machupicchu

It is located at a distance of 200 m from Manco Capac Square. This is one of the luxurious hotels that offer rooms featured with minibar, tub, free Wi-Fi, LED TVs and breakfast. This hotel has a beautiful garden, the restaurant offers Novoandina dishes. Bus Station 200 m away from this point. Rooms have large windows with mountain views, and rooms decorated with bamboo floors and wooden tables.

When to visit Machu Picchu

The month of July and August is the best season, the number of travelers are going on the Inca Trail or experiencing Machu Picchu. But driest for the Andean foothills, the rainy season heat the ground between November and March. So you can plan your vacation for Machu Picchu in the month of July and August.

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