Spirit Airlines Check In Online: Types, Time, Boarding Pass, Unavailable

Spirit Airlines Online Check In_ Types, Time, Boarding Pass, Unavailable

Do waiting in queues at the airport for hours to board your flight put you off? Worry no more as Spirit Airlines has options to check-in online at the click of a button using your computer or mobile. 

After spirit airlines booking a flight, While checking in online, ensure additional baggage or desired seat fees if applicable are paid online as it is also cheaper when purchased online. Checking in baggage ( 40 lbs or less) online allows the Bag Drop facility that allows passengers to proceed to the ‘Fast Bag Drop area’ to drop off bags quickly and proceed through security. 

Note: Baggage cannot be dropped off 4 hours before departure time.

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Spirit Airlines Check In From Web

Spirit Airlines web check can be done using a web browser on a PC or any other device like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, etc. on which the internet can be accessed and web browsers can be used. Just access Spirit Airline web check-in from the Spirit Airlines homepage and click on Check-in and follow the steps.

Spirit Airlines Online Check In Steps

  • Visit Spirit Airlines Check-in page.
  • Click on Check in
  • Enter Passenger’s last name and Confirmation code
  • Click on Check- in
  • Select seat and baggage, and check-in.
Spirit Airlines Online Check In Steps

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Spirit Airlines Mobile Check-in

Passengers can conveniently check-in using their mobile from wherever they are as long they have internet connectivity. As mentioned earlier, mobile check-in is possible using a web browser or the Spirit Airlines Mobile App.

The Mobile App also has the following features: 
  1. Manage your Trip
  2. View Boarding Pass
  3. Book Flights
  4. Flight Status
  5. Free Spirit

Process Of Spirit Airlines Check-in From Mobile

For Web check-in using mobile or any device, the steps are the same. Apart from this, they can also check in using the Spirit Airlines Mobile App by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Download the Spirit Airlines App from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Open the App.
  • And then Click on Check-in.
  • Enter your last name and confirmation code.
  • Then Click on the Check-in button. 

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Spirit Airlines Online Flight Check In Time

As per spirit Airlines’ check-in policy, Passengers can check-in online starting 24 hours before departure and before 60 minutes before departure. During the 60 minutes before departure time, the online check-in option will get disabled.  

How To Get Spirit Airlines Boarding Pass After Web Check-in

After checking in online, you could have your spirit airlines boarding pass printed or sent to your email by selecting one of the two options If you are using the mobile app, you could also click on ‘Boarding Pass in the check-in window to view the same.

What To Do If Spirit Airlines Web Check In Unavailable/Not Working Or Have Any Spirit Airlines Online Check In Problems

In case passengers are facing challenges with online check-in, they could check-in at the airport using the self-check-in kiosk or with the assistance of the representative at the check-in counter for $10 and the hassle of waiting in a queue. 

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Spirit Airlines offers multiple options to check in, online and in person. While online check-in is the most convenient as it can be done from anywhere, thereby helping passengers save time and effort, passengers may not be able to check in online if they are facing network issues and technical issues. In situations like these, they can check-in at the airport using the self-check-in kiosk or with the assistance of the representatives at the counter and have their boarding passes printed at $10 per pass. Checking baggage online also helps save money and time as it is cheaper online and allows passengers to use the Bag Drop facility.

Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

How you can check in online for Spirit Airlines?

By using the web check-in or the Mobile App.

Does spirit airlines offers mobile boarding pass?

Yes, and it is accepted in most airports.

How to print Spirit Airlines boarding pass?

You can print it at the time of checking in online or at the airport counter at $10.

How much does it cost to print boarding pass of spirit airlines?

$10 if it is printed at the airport counter

Do you get your boarding pass while check in online with spirit airlines?

Yes, you can print it or have it sent to your email. You will also be able to access it from your mobile using the Mobile App

How to get boarding pass for Spirit Airlines?

Spirit airlines boarding passes can be printed or received through email when checking in online. Boarding passes can also be collected at the airport counter or kiosk. 

Does spirit airlines have curbside check in?

Yes, check-in online and drop off baggage at the Bag Drop area to get through to security quickly.

How do you check in for your spirit airlines flight?

There are four options, Web Checkin, Mobile check, self-check-in Kiosk, and at the counter with the help of a representative.

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