Tips of Smart Packing for travel and Ways To Avoid Baggage Claim Issues

Tips of Smart Packing for travel and Ways To Avoid Baggage Claim Issues

Want to become a smart packer? So, you are in the right place to know about how to do Smart Packing for travel. Wise packing before traveling is important for a convenient journey. And  Packing smartly means carrying lightweight under the circumstances of airline restrictions, preventing ourselves to avoid Baggage Claim Issues. Well, it is not difficult if you make proper planning before doing it. Here you will get the Smart Packing Tips & Ways to Avoid Baggage Claim Issues strategies that every traveler should follow, to make your journey easier and peace of mind. 

Tips on Smart Packing For Travel

  1. Prepare a list of packing items, and scratch off items as you pack.
  2. Don’t overpack/overburden your bag.
  3. Make more room by roll-packing on your clothes.
  4. Check Baggage fee policy of your Airline.
  5. Paste a slip with contact information inside and outside of your bag.
  6. Click a picture of your luggage.
  7. Pack only those items that you can carry by yourself.

Several Ways To Avoid Baggage Claim Issues

Try to pack less

The easiest way to avoid baggage claim problems is to have no checked baggage. If you plan to check two bags, and you find that you can only do this with one checked bag. If you can get one with a carry-on bag, this would be a better idea. In the United States, most airlines allow you to carry a bag and a small item that can be placed under your seat. In addition, there are many exceptions for things like baby strollers, medical devices, child seats.

Make your bag looks different

Make a unique identification mark on your bag. So that it is quickly searchable. just like tie up a bright ribbon on the handle or placing a tag on the side of your bag. If you have more than one bag then not all the bags need to be next to each other on the luggage conveyor belt. so each of your bags must have some sort of unique identity.

Put Contact information on your bags and inside also.

Many bags come with short address tags. So, it is essential to enter your name and contact information. If you enter an address, enter one where you want your bag to be delivered. You can also enter your phone number or email address where you are reaching. You can also put all the information inside your bag.

Check the Information on the luggage tag

At the check-in counter, when the airline places its luggage tag on the bag. Ensure all the given information is correct. The most important information is the origin and destination airports, which are three-letter codes that will be capitalized. If you do not know what they wrote for your departure and arrival airport. then, you can ask about it at the time you are check-in in. Many tags will also contain travel information like- flight number, maybe your name. Ensure that any identification number or other information on the tag of your bag matches the ticket information of your claim.

Reach baggage claim area before your bags do

After your plane arrives at the terminal. Then, proceed towards the baggage claim area. If you are at an unfamiliar airport with a large number of baggage at the claiming area. Then. look for several baggage carousels. If you are not sure where to go, you can ask one of your airline Executives. Else, look for a luggage carousel board that enlists which carousels suit your luggage. Even if you are the last person out of a crowded plane, you should be able to go towards the baggage claim area next to your bag.

Get into position to grab your bag

By the time the luggage carousel starts and the bags start to move out, there will be a crowd of bag-seekers. Because the baggage claim area is not situated in a safe part of the terminal. then, you might have to deal with many other people in your flight and including potential thieves. so, don’t be shy, and get closer to the carousel. so that you can grab your bag at first.

Keep off the baggage carousel

If you reach the luggage carousel before the bags arrive. and the claiming baggage process isn’t started yet. and you thinking to sit and rest on the carousel or letting your child play on it. then, Don’t do it. The carousel machine can start at any time and without warning. The last thing is that you turn a simple bag pickup into a medical emergency.

Check your tags before leaving the baggage claim area

Once you collect all your bags. be ensure to confirm the tag on your bag along with your claim ticket. If all the details match properly. The checking officer does not examine your bag more closely. and make sure you haven’t picked the wrong bag. If you did. then, put it back on the carousel. If you accidentally carry a bag of another person from the baggage claim area. It’s your responsibility to return it to the airline or bag owner. Also, check how many bags belong to you with the number of tickets you claimed. At the end of a long flight, you might get tired and not think clearly. so cross-check your bags before leaving the claim area.

Prepare for a missing, damaged, or stolen bag

Sometimes it is bad with your checked luggage even if proper precautions are taken. A little preparation can make it very easy to find a bag, which is lost or stolen or to get compensation for lost or damaged bags. Some things you can do include taking pictures of the bag or its contents when you buy the item in your bag or bag, and either remembering or writing down details such as the color and size of the bag. Name, and anything that will help identify your bag.

Check your bags for damage before you leave

However, the airline will not compensate you for broken wheels, minor scratches, missing handles, or other things that they consider normal wear and tear. If you consider a major loss of your bag and you thought the airline is responsible for this. Then, report immediately to the Airline as soon as possible. The best time to do this is before leaving the airport. If you filed for a claim? then, make sure you follow the airline’s procedures to claim your lost or damaged luggage. and keep a separate copy of any complaint submitted by you. 


All the points above I mentioned, will provenly help you to configure you out to do Smart packing for travel and helps you to Avoid Baggage Claim Issues. No matter where you are in the world, you can also face the same kind of problems like- airline is responsible for losing or damaging your bag or someone stealing your luggage. Adhere to follow these simple tips to do smart packing for travel and easily avoid most baggage claim problems.

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