Best And The Safest Caribbean Islands

Best And The Safest Caribbean Islands

What are the safest Caribbean Islands? Are the Caribbean Islands dangerous? this question Is not common. People do not know which island is dangerous or safe. To want the answer to all these questions, you have to go through the whole article. In the end, you will find the answers to your arisen questions.

Like other destinations in the world, the Islands in the Caribbean also have some risks and crime. But the USA government working on it, don’t worry about that. You can avoid all the threatening risks by taking some precautions of major steps when you are on vacation in the Caribbean. You can do such things as to avoid traveling in large groups, stay in a well-friendly hotel or resort, and say no to the large amounts of cash or jewelry always carrying with you. So, It is in your hand what you can do. 

Another major problem on the island is that they may be Fallon under Hurricanes. Most of the area of the island or many islands will be under attack. So what you can do is check the weather forecasts for the approx idea. And do not visit between August to October cause these months are of Hurricanes months. Avoid Visiting in these months as much as possible.

Okay, now it’s your turn to know about the safest islands in the Caribbean. The safest Caribbean islands are those islands in which are not much affected by thunderstorms or hurricanes and are also safe from criminal cases. So, the tourist can make focus on their vacations, not on the circumstances. 

What are the Safest Caribbean Islands?

There are some friendliest islands or safest islands in the Caribbean. With these lists, you will find some discussion on the beauty and attractions of the islands, So, you will make your own decisions and choose your right or favorite destinations in the number of islands.

The Dominican Republic Safest Caribbean Islands

The Dominican Republic is stuffed with postcard-perfect beaches, luxurious resorts, and a large tourism fanbase. That draws numerous travelers to the Dominican Republic island. Also, it has a vast diverse geography that ranges from lush-green jungles and big mountains to semi-desert areas. which is also a great opportunity for visitors who do not want more than stunning platinum beaches.


Barbados is an independent British Commonwealth Nation of the Caribbean. This place is so attractive that everyone wants to visit once in their life. The Cruise ships will help you to tour the ocean. Botanical gardens, beaches, and Harrison’s cave formation are the special spots of  Barbados. 

This town has small roads than other towns in the Caribbean. For visitors, it offers many grand unique tasty meals and has the best food in the USA.  You should visit Barbados cause it is such a popular spot, where you will enjoy every moment of your life.

Some places where you can visit Barbados :

The Bridge Town:

Bridgetown is the Downtown and also the Nation’s capital of Barbados. You will see in this downtown, The  Parliament Buildings, Clock Towers, Yacht Docks, colorful buildings, Chamberline Bridge Over Careenage river, and thousand-years-o above Baobab tree. Where The Parliament Buildings are embedded with gorgeous neo-Gothic architectures around their walls. If we talk about historical places then Bridgetown is one of them which has Garrison historical areas.  Garrison historical areas are George Washington house, Garrison Tunnels, Barbados Museum, and Guardhouse. 

Animal Flower Cave:

Animal flower cave is based in Northern Barbados that gives spectacular views.  The main attraction of this place is humpback whales and the natural caves. This cave is so attractive that you must take the cave tour. Before going into the cave you just need a helmet and headlight for your safety. 

Though there is plenty of light is in the cave. The headlight is necessary to see every corner beauty of the cave. Above the cave, there are restaurants and stoles which offer delicious meals with enjoying the top view of the scenes. The peak month to visit an animal flower cave is from  February to April.


Jamaica is a nation’s treasure of natural gems with miserable African vibes. Turquoise crystal clear seas, coral reefs, large rainforests, golden beaches, lush green mountains, and cool rivers are just some of the island gems which boost your energy.  Here, you can taste different tropical fruits and tour the grand great houses.

You can go on hiking or dive and along the fringing reefs in the sea and bird-watch in the rainforest. Jamaica is like a container of the Caribbean island, as it contains many historic bold buildings. 


Anguilla is a place of dazzling featured beaches. Where you can do many things such as walk on the island’s white silky sand, swim or dive in clear water, and play games on Anguilla’s offshore islands. Other popular things to do are dining at the island’s restaurants, exploring the art galleries or museums, and be a part of the Anguilla Summer Festival. If you’re interested in history, follow the island’s heritage in Anguilla’s sleepy capital. 

St. Martin

St. Martin is full of pretty beaches, different colorful butterflies palm-studded hilltops, cruise ships, casino nightlife, shopping centers, unique guava-berries rums, jet skies, and seaside beach bars.  Also, explore the unrevealed history of colonial conflicts between the Spanish sailors and the Netherlands. 

St. Barts

St. Barts or St. Barths, you can call it by any name. Activities that you can enjoy in St. Barts include kitesurfing, surfing, sailing, kayaking, fishing, and diving the ocean, many of which are protected in a marine reserve. The best time to visit St. Barts is from August to June. The French language is the major spoken language here. Try the delicious cuisines of the Caribbean from the restaurants or shops at the beach.

The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands is based in between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean and includes 50 islands. The largest islands of the Virgin Islands are St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix. 

The natural beauties of the islands are tropical forests, rocky coves, lush mountains, and curving beaches, crystal-clear waters, steady winds, sailors, and boaters. That sprinkled beauty all around the islands. Charlotte Amalie is the capital of the Virgin Islands. This island is major in cruise ship ports,  entertainment zones, shopping centers, and dining areas. 

The main attractions of this island are the historic districts of its largest town, sugarcane field, gardens, coastal paradise, beautiful Buck Island Reef, and the nation’s first underwater monument. St. John is two-thirds of the island that is designated as the Virgin Islands National Park. The most popular things are hiking, walking at beachside, diving, fishing, and kayaking.

Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands are the British Overseas Territory and have eight of the islands included. the main port, Grand Turk is the set of all cruise ships, home to the quiet capital of Cockburn Town.

Providenciales or Provo is the most developed of the Turks and Caicos Islands. And, it is spectacular Grace Bay of the globe. Where Middle Caicos is one of the largest islands of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Which has the most Jewell coastline and is filled with limestone, from cliffs plunging to turquoise bays.

Cayman islands

The Cayman Islands is in the Western Caribbean that offers the best diving on the globe. With Crystal-clear blue water splash upon the shores with beautiful Coral reefs ring. It includes Little Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Grand Cayman. 

The cruise port of the Cayman Islands is one of the largest and most popular of all three islands. One more island is the stunning Seven Mile Beach. It is diamond in among the islands with a wide range of water activities and beachfront resorts or Hotels.

Trinidad and Tobago islands

Trinidad and Tobago are two islands that are joined together but have different identities and vibes. Though both islands have something common in their biodiversity, their wonderful and different bird species. And also, they are well known for their Carnival fest(every Monday and Tuesday). Here, the main tourist attractions are rainforests, coral reefs, and white-sand beaches. You can also enjoy diving, camping, and hiking here.

Antigua and Barbuda friendliest islands

Antigua and Barbuda are some of the most refreshing beaches in the world. Both draw millions of visitors every year. The island shows its history,l ports, and aquatic animal lovers can swim or spend some time with stingrays.

Barbuda has less number population than others. Both islands offer water sports such as diving, swimming, fishing, sailing, and windsurfing. But Antigua offers a golf course for golf lovers.


Fort-de-France is the main city and capital of Martinique. It offers fab beaches, cool mountains, gardens, and untold history. Apart from this it also includes architectural attractions, diving into the ocean, snorkeling, historical representing museums, hiking the trails, past waterfalls, and lush scenery all around the island. However, so many tourists come back to enjoy French and Creole delighted cuisine. 

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has known as the best tropical rainforest and wonder of the Bioluminescent Bay of the Caribbean. Though, it is a heaven for nature lovers. This place shows you the culture, old forts at the shore of the sea, and the aurora of San Juan with its unique historic architecture. 

The main attraction points of Rico are beautiful palm-lined beaches, relaxing waters, the golden sand of the beaches, huge waves, and famous surf spots.


Aruba island is located in the North of Venezuela and far south of the Caribbean. As a result, it is out of the range of hurricanes and claims as a dry island. So people enjoy the attractions and have fun by performing water sports at any time of year. Representation of its luxury beaches, fine weather, small deserted areas, and diving spots in the Caribbean.

Aruba’s capital is Oranjestad that is offering a special cruise ship port and attractions for your family and friends. Some of their attractions are Aruba Aloe museums, Iconic buildings, artist’s galleries, clothes and gift shops,  and the butterfly Farm.

Aruba offers a number of beaches. On the southeast beaches is Baby Beach, which is great for swimmers. And, On the northwest coast, it has Druif Beach, Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Malmok Beach, Eagle Beach, and Palm Beach.

On the east coast, Bachelor’s Beach, Boca Grandi, Boca Prins, Dos Playa, Black Stone Beach, and Boca Beach. Though Andicuri beach has not safe for swimming, windsurfers, kitesurfers, and water surfing because of strong waves or high tide in the sea all the time.


Caribbean islands are the most beautiful and dazzling Island in the world.  Millions of tourists visit there to enjoy its beauty and forgot all their worries.  But some people thought that Caribbean islands are not safe to visit. So in this article, you will find some safest Caribbean islands to visit.  Aruba Island, Jamaica Island,  the Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, etc are the safest  Caribbean Islands.  The effects of hurricanes and crime cases are less in these islands.

You can visit these islands from  November to July, cause August to October is the months of hurricanes or storms.  Avoid these months if you want to go Caribbean Islands. These islands are full of Golden or white sands, beautiful Coral rings, mountains, Palm trees, Caves, resorts,  beaches or seas,  Cruise ships, shopping centers, and unique handmade gifts. It also consists of many activities like diving, surfing,  golf,  relaxing on the beachside, hiking, camping, etc. Many tourists come back because of their attractions, beauty, and calming nature.

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