Romantic places in Japan

Romantic places in Japan

Being in a romantic place with someone you love is all that you want while travelling. Travelling to Japan and want to know what romantic places? You’re at the right place, find out the romantic places and everything else required to be there, right in this blog. 

Airport of Japan:

Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda airports are the 2 International airports of Japan. Haneda is the closest to Tokyo. 

The best month to travel:

The perfect time to travel to Japan is between March to May and September to November, to enjoy the beautiful weather of spring or autumn, these are the months to plan your trip for a Romantic getaway to Japan. 

Dress code in Japan:

The Japanese dress code is a little conservative as a whole. You might have heard not to show your shoulders in public, so try not to take tank tops along with you or wear a shirt on them. Coming up to shorts and dresses, there is no rule in how short the shorts can be, you can take whatever you want to take for the bottom wear. 


There are a variety of food items that we want you to try and not miss anything for sure. Let’s have a look:

  • Gyozas, also called potstickers, a dish originated from China but is very famous in Japan as well.
  • Sushi, rice cake, soupy noodels, must try them when you’re in Japan. 
  • Tempura is a Japanese dish made of vegetables and seafood and are fried in the end.
  • Unagi is a dish that is mostly eaten in summer, it is popular from ages, one should definitely try this when in Japan. 

List Romantic Places in Japan

Here are some of the best romantic places to enjoy:

The Tokyo Tower

The night sky and this tower is the best thing to spend a romantic night with your loved one. The view and the vibe of this place should not be missed by the couples. This tower shines bright at night and makes the night romantic by itself. Head over near the Tokyo Tower to enjoy some tower themed food and make your date memorable. 

Mt. Fuji and the boat ride

Enjoying the view of the mountains with a boat ride is what is called romantic. There is a boat ride or cruise that should be taken to enjoy the views of Mt. fuji and its surroundings. There is not just a single lake ride, there are a lot of rides to choose from. Nothing can beat the feeling you will get on the lake while watching the beautiful view.  

Tokyo disneyland

A place to spend a fun day with a lot of activities, food and characters. The wonderful set of Disneyland will make your romantic trip special by clicking funny pictures with the characters, exploring new activities, finding different characters and shows to enjoy and laugh together. At night, this place lights up with the perfect lights and will make you go crazy for it. You won’t like to leave this place any sooner till it closes, because what else do you need when you have your partner walking hand in hand with you?

A helicopter charter right in Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and this helicopter charter ride at night should be in your romantic memories because let’s just clear, it is very much romantic to watch the whole city from a helicopter in the night with your partner. It is a little expensive but totally worth the money and time. Just buy the tickets, sit in the helicopter and relax while enjoying the beautiful lights and view of the whole city. Being in the air with this scenic beauty should be on your bucket list to enjoy in Japan. 

Love s6hrine in Kyoto

To build your bond stronger with your partner, this temple is the perfect place. Kiyomizu Dera is the biggest temple of Kyoto and has a shrine near the main hall which is labelled as ‘the stone of love. 

To visit the shrine you can take the saguaro romantic carriage train, the train itself has romance in it, now you can imagine how romantic it will be to go to a shrine with your partner on that train. You will enjoy some lovely views of bamboo trees, cherry blossoms, hills, valleys and the Hozu river en route with your partner.


No doubt, Japan is one of the best places to enjoy your honeymoon or a romantic trip. Taking some days off with your partner to this pretty place after the hectic schedule in everyday life is what you exactly need. Japan will surely help you make memories that you won’t be able to forget in life. 

So, we’re going there with our partners to have some romantic time. Are you? 

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