10 Places to Visit near Washington DC

Washington DC is one of the best capital cities in the world. We know it’s not larger than other cities but it has a beautiful history of America & all the must visiting places are in the center of the city.

It has many museums where students can explore the history of the city. Washington Dc is surrounded by the most famous attractions from where people don’t want to come.

People can easily reach within 2 & half an hour to their destination as all places are near washington Dc. All the attractions are famous with families & couples & corporate people also. So anyone can visit here & feel the serenity & vibes from the destinations. If you are travelling as a person, you will know the worth of visiting these places.

Here you will see amazing natural parks, historical places, museums too, shopping places, waterfront dining.

If you are planning to go to Washington DC here we are discussing some most visited places where you can have fun with your family, friends, or with your better half.

Top 10 Places to Visit near Washington DC

Wanted to know about US most Famous 10 Places to Visit near Washington DC. Here we have shared Top 10 places to Visit Near Washington DC.

1. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

The Jefferson’s memorial is tributes to the US third president. If you love history, you will not miss Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. This structure was made by America’s third president(Thomas Jefferson).

Thomas was working at home from age of 26 until he died.He was America’s first & finest architect who recreated this house throughout his life. This house showed his personality as he created. Monticello is a former plantation of tobacco. Jefferson’s burial in his place & now known as Monticello cemetery.

2. Vietnam veterans

Vietnam veterans memorial located near north of Lincoln memorial. This memorial tributes for US armed forces who were fighting in the Vietnam war & killed or missing. This memorial is divided into 3 parts. The three soldier memorial, the Vietnam women memorial, Vietnam veterans memorial wall. As per the rumors over 58000 servicemen & women who survived their life in this war. This memorial is free for everyone, & opens 24 hours. People can come & programs are provided for people on request.

3. National Museum of Natural History

This museum was established in 1910 & located on a mall road, this museum is part of a Smithsonian institute. This museum preserved more than 40 million insects, 4.5 million plants & 7 million fish & cultural monuments, 40,0000 above photographs. Here you can see dinosaur relics. This is the World’s famous national museum of natural history based in DC.

Here you can see the African elephants collection, dinosaur fossils. Here they will show you through exhibition & activities how the earth transformed from billions of years ago.

4. Brookside Gardens

Brookside garden is truly an impressive gem within the Wheaton regional park. This area is situated within the area of 50 acres.there are plenty of gardens as they have given them a name. Like a Butterfly garden, rose garden, Japanese style garden, fragrant garden,trial garden, rain garden & woodland walk, This garden is award winning in public display.

People who love nature & gardens & different styles of gardening can also come for events. Mostly adults who are searching for work experience. The garden is open from morning till the evening.

5. Great Falls Park

This park was established in 1966. Great falls park is located in McLean Virginia. Distance from Washington Dc is 15 miles.if you are wanted to visit nearby the nature so you should come here. This place is famous in local visitors & tourist. This area is surrounding by the nature where you will enjoy Hiking, biking, horse riding, fishing white water boating & more. The park opens every morning from 7 am to till the evening.

6. National Harbor

National harbor is located in Maryland beside the Potomac river . Distance from Washington DC is 11.7 miles, visitor can rent a kayak, & enjoy boating. In the national harbor you will find many resorts, shops,Restaurants, casinos, bars with a waterfront view.

There are many live musicals happening so if you are here & sitting with the waterfront view you will never get disappointed. Here you can come with your friends and family, & with your better half.

7. Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

Blackwater national refuge established in 1933. The birds are migrating route known as Atlantic flyway. The refuge is spread out in more than 2800 acres area. Which included wetland, freshwater, dams & natural area. NWR is a next home for all the natural species & plants.

There are few tips for those who are Blackwater NWR The big waterfowl can be seen in after Oct to till Dec & the big snow geese come after in very cold weather. Throughout the year many birds, mammals, reptiles migrating here.there is some activities for those who loved activities like bird watching, authentic eagle’s nest & education programs for children. Visitors can enjoy the trail ride from the wildlife side, also then can ride a car or bicycles.

8. Torpedo Factory Art Center

The torpedo earlier was a factory. It was built in 1918. It is situated on the Potomac river waterfront in old town Alexandria, Virginia. You can visit all three floors, 82 studios, 7 galleries. Where The fantastic arctic showed their beautiful artwork to visitors. This is 2nd home to 165+ artist.

Nation largest art studio where people can easily access & artist can show their artwork to them & take home the beautiful artwork.

9. U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial

The statue of the six soldiers putting their US flag atop mount suribachi. This memorial remind us world war 2 this memorial dedicated to all the marines & besides of them who fought & died in defense of the united state since 1775. This memorial is situated in Arlington ridge.

10. The White House

For more than 200 year, The white house has been a residence for the president & their family. The white house is the official workplace of the United States president. Where the president lives with his family & works there. Where all the leaders come together for meetings & discussions. White house is the only place & president residence which is open to the public & without charge.

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