Best Places to visit in Colombia for Singles

Best Places to visit in Colombia

Colombia? Yes, let’s go through what all you need to know about it before you go for a trip there. There are several places to visit in Colombia. But the biggest question that comes to mind before traveling is what all to pack? What about the weather? What about public transport? Which places to visit? Don’t worry! All the answers are right here. 

Weather and Packing: Colombia is mostly warm all the year, so you should pack dresses and shorts and whatever you like to wear and get some awesome pictures in. Just make sure you don’t pack for cold weather because that might take a lot of space in your baggage and not even get used. 

Public transport: The best way to travel across is the bus, fully air-conditioned, easy to travel and connects almost every town.

Best time to visit? 

The best time to visit Colombia is from December to March when the rains are the least in these months.  

Nearest Airport?

The international airport of Colombia is El Dorado International Airport located in Bogota.

Is Colombia safe?

Colombia is safer now than it used to be. You just need to be in your senses and stay away from dangerous places. 

Places to Visit in Colombia :


Cartagena is a beautiful city located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, a perfect place to travel single. Cartagena is a place with a lot of attractions, like Barrio Getsemani, to vibe with the locals, enjoy the street food and spend the evening in Plaza de la Trinidad, a place of entertainment. Beaches of Islas del Rosario offer a day trip away from Cartagena, you can surely go and give a shot to the popular kitesurfing there. Kitesurfing is a popular destination on the beaches of the north city. 


Medellin, The second biggest city of Colombia is labeled as the ‘city of eternal spring’. It has the best street art in Medellin. Laureles, a place full of parks, cafes, and bars, not a place to miss out if you are obsessed with exploring local food from different places. This place is something a person in love with food should definitely look forward to. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Colombia.


Santa Fe de Bogota was discovered in 1538 by Spaniards at an altitude of 2600m. Plaza Bolivar, where the events take place and the musicians perform regularly is the highlight of this place. On public holidays and Sundays, Carrera Septima, the main road is blocked for cyclists, walkers, and people who want to relax. In the evening, a folk festival is performed by the artists on the street for everyone. Climb Monserrate, a place to enjoy the view of this beautiful place in Bogota. Raquira, If you search for the Pottery capital of Colombia, Raquira it is. Pottery workshops take place and you can learn pottery and make the most of it. Raquira is as colorful as the rainbow, you’ll find as many colors in Raquira as in the rainbow. This place will make your heart go wow with colors. Not only pottery but you can go shopping for other things in this village as well, from clothes to handbags to hammocks at a very decent price then other places. Taking out some time for this place and wandering around looking at the beauty of it is worth it. 


Many tourists miss this place but they might not know what this place is known for. It is considered to be the world capital of salsa, a place not to miss if you’re a fan of salsa. This place is famous for Cali’s salsa circus, Delirio. The show takes place every last weekend of the month. This place is something not to leave if you are traveling single and you are a die-hard fan of dance. 


Being a single traveler, these are the good places to visit in Colombia but with some safety tips that everyone should take. Traveling alone will help you in getting new opportunities and meet new people and travelers. You are the guide and planner for yourself and can schedule everything according to you. So, let’s just not wait, plan a trip, pack the bags, and leave already. 

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