Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy 2021: Find Baggage Allowance & Travel With Your Pets

Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy Find Baggage Allowance & Travel With Your Pets

Philippine Airlines is the best and cheapest airline which is also famous for its amenities provided to their travelers. At the time of flying, you want to carry all your baggage with you. That’s why Philippine Airlines makes a baggage policy that has some terms and conditions. When you fly with Philippine airlines you should have to carry baggage as per the baggage policy of Philippine airlines. Philippine airline’s baggage policy has various terms and restrictions such as the baggage size and weight you are carrying at the time of flying. If the passenger wishes to carry more baggage while traveling then passengers need to pay for extra pe baggage at the time of check-in. It is recommended that before flying with Philippine airlines, passengers have to read carefully and understand Philippine airlines baggage policy properly & follow it at the time of baggage checking to prevent baggage delay. Here you can find out the Philippine airline’s baggage policy terms and conditions.

Personal Item

Passengers who are flying with Philippine airlines are allowed to carry a Personal Item for free. The personal item includes a laptop, small bag, little camera or binoculars, nourishment, umbrella, external articles of clothing, wrap or cover, braces or strolling stick, sack pack, or any understanding material. 

Here is a list of the personal items only two of the following are allowed. 

  • An infant’s food for consuming during the flight.
  • Reading books or magazines.
  • A small camera or pair of binoculars
  • A small handbag
  • A pair of crutches, walking stick, or other prosthetic devices
  • A laptop or tablet or digital device, with case
  • An overcoat, jacket or blanket
  • A duty-free shopping bag

Carry-On Baggage

Philippine Airlines allows you to bring one Carry-On Baggage for free if you are flying in Economy, Premium, and Business seating classes. Everyone has to bring the carry-on baggage of size which should be fit in the overhead bin or under the front seat. Carry on baggage size should be allied in total dimension 56cm x 36cm x 23cm which should not be more than it. The weight of the carry-on baggage must not exceed 7 kg. If you carry any extra carry-on baggage or your carry-on baggage size is more than the most extreme size, then it is counted as checked baggage. 

Checked Baggage

After making Philippine Airlines reservations, you are allowed to carry 2 checked baggage at the time of flying. You can carry checked baggage of size of Maximum dimensions of 107 in/273 cm total, no piece exceeding 62 in/158 cm. Also, the weight of the checked baggage should not be exceeded 70 lb/32 kg. If you carry any extra checked baggage then you should have to pay an extra fee per bag depending on the size and weight. Aso, if your checked baggage is oversized or overweight then you have to pay an extra fee per bag. 

Domestic flights

Here is the table for the checked baggage allowance in Philippine Airlines.

ClassBaggage Permitted
Economy SupersaverNo Bags
Economy Saver10 kg
Economy Value20 kg
Economy Flex20 kg
Premium Economy25 kg
Business Value30 kg
Business Flex35 kg

To the Asia and Pacific

ClassBaggage Permitted
All Economy Class25 kg
Premium Economy Class30 kg
Business Class40 kg
To Europe
ClassFree Baggage Allowance
All Economy Class30 kg
Premium Economy Class35 kg
Business Class35 kg
To Japan, USA, Guam, and the Middle East
ClassFree Baggage Allowance
All Economy ClassTwo-piece of  23 kg
Premium Economy ClassTwo-piece of 25 kg
Business ClassTwo-piece of 32 kg
To Korea
ClassFree Baggage Allowance
All Economy Class20 kg
Economy Plus Class25 kg
Business Class30 kg
Business Flex35 kg

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