8 Idaho Ski Resorts You Have To Visit

Idaho ski resorts to visit

Ski enthusiasts often overlook Idaho in favor of more well-known skiing spots in Colorado. However, over time, many skiers have discovered that Idaho has some astounding high-quality ski resorts. Most skiing happens in western Idaho, as the climate is perfect. There are many magnificent advantages to skiing in Idaho, so here is a list of eight incredible Idaho ski resorts.

Please note that for 2021, ski resorts have put in place safety protocols and guidelines. Make sure to check each resort’s website for updated information before making a plan to go.

8 Idaho Ski Resorts You Have To Visit :

1. Tamarack Resort

Tamarack Resort is one of the best ski resorts in Idaho. Located in Tamarack, ID it has 50 runs with seven lifts and features thrilling, beautiful slopes. When everyone is tired from racing down the mountain, they have a lovely spa that offers the most relaxing massages and facials. There are many other activities in “The Grove” and some delicious dining options as well.

This resort is in the Payette River Mountains, which is about an hour and a half drive from Boise, Idaho. Using the Tamarack Express, skiers can easily access beginner and intermediate runs. Tamarack Resort also has three terrain parks that are perfect for people of any expertise. From its impressive runs to its spectacular trails, Tamarack Resort has something for everyone.

2. Sun Valley Resort

One of the most popular resorts in Idaho, Sun Valley Resort has two primary mountains with an impressive variety of runs. Dollar Mountain is the place to go for families and beginner skiers that are just starting. On the other hand, Bald Mountain features much more intimidating runs. It is perfect for intermediate or expert skiers that want to try some more daring slopes, and it has plenty of long cruisers and steep chutes. In addition to these mountains, Sun Valley has 12 terrain parks, each with something unique to contribute.

3. Bogus Basin

Perhaps one of the most affordable places on this list, Bogus Basin Resort is a fantastic place to visit and support. Run by a non-profit organization, the resort prioritizes keeping ticket prices low. At Bogus Basin, there are regularly almost 27 feet of snow and over 91 runs. The front area of the mountain accommodates beginners, while the back is for those with more experience. There is also a tubing area that requires another ticket. The opportunities for fun in the snow don’t stop at Bogus Basin.

4. Brundage Mountain

Brundage Mountain Resort sets itself apart from other ski resorts because of the opportunities for adventure it offers. With around 26 feet of snow, Brundage Mountain has lots of room for people to hike and make their own tracks. While it is well known for tree skiing and backcountry bowls, it also has 51 runs and two terrain parks with lots of equipment.

5. Schweitzer Mountain Resort

From night skiing to CAT skiing, Schweitzer Mountain Resort offers a variety of unique opportunities for skiing enthusiasts. This is the largest ski resort in Idaho, which is perfect for anyone that values a lot of open space to experiment and have fun without crowds. It has 92 runs and stunning glades for tree skiers. There are also three terrain parks with bumps and rails that are perfect for anyone wanting to practice their tricks.

6. Silver Mountain Resort

Silver Mountain Resort is one of the smaller ski resorts, which is why people love to visit. It promises serenity without sacrificing on the incredible snow as Silver Mountain Resort gets over 28 feet of snowfall. Kellog Peak and Wardner Peak are the two mountains with runs, but the resort also has two terrain parks and a snow tubing park. It is an excellent vacation spot and beloved, specifically by families.

7. Soldier Mountain

Another small resort, Soldier Mountain is independently owned and very affordable. Because it is a relatively small ski hill, this resort is tailored for beginner and intermediate skiers. It still gets a massive amount of snow, averaging around 26 feet. For anyone looking for a cozy, less intimidating ski resort, Soldier Mountain is ideal.

8. Lookout Pass

Lookout Pass typically receives the most amount of snowfall than any other resort on this list at over 33 feet, which is a dream come true for many skiers. It has 35 runs and some truly incredible glades for tree skiers. Huckleberry Jam and Rolling Thunder are the two terrain parks at Lookout Pass, and Huckleberry Jam boasts an impressive 1,111-foot quarter pipe. Lookout Pass is another resort that is ideal for families but also works well for independent skiers. Good food and live guitar music.

Idaho Ski Resorts are the New Top National Ski Destinations

Idaho has many breathtaking ski resorts. Resorts usually get a massive amount of snowfall, and because these resorts are less populated, they also avoid large lift lines that plague other places. From Tamarack Resort to Lookout Pass, there are numerous quality places for skiers to relax and hit the slopes.

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