List of top 5 Ice Hotels in Iceland

Ice Hotels in Iceland

The trip begins at the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, a large lake filled with massive icebergs and another one of Iceland’s most stunning sights. You will be picked up in a super jeep from the parking park here by an expert guide and taken on a half-hour journey into the harsh terrain of Vatnajokull National Park. It’s another half-hour walk to the ice hotel Iceland northern lights ice cave, but it’s on flat gravel, so it’s doable for anyone with a moderate level of fitness. Furthermore, this short hike allows you to completely disconnect from the outside world and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery. Breidamerkurjokull, one of the tongues of Europe’s largest glacier, the gigantic Vatnajokull, are Ice hotels in Iceland with gigantic locations.

Top 5 Ice Hotels in Iceland


The world’s most popular Ice Hotel in Iceland first opened its doors in 1989. ICEHOTEL is known for its spectacular art installations and is located on the banks of the Torne River in Swedish Lapland. Over the years, the hotel has gained legendary status, and it is still known as the world’s largest ice hotel. Its maximum remarkable attribute, though, is that you can live in one in every of its ice rooms year-round. Each November, the principal resort is rebuilt from snow and ice via way of means of a set of committed artists. A few months later, while spring comes knocking, the construction is vacated and allowed to thaw, with the ensuing meltwater flowing into the Torne River. Because the hotel is rebuilt every year, you can have a unique experience each time you visit. The complex also includes ICEHOTEL365, which includes an event area, sculpture gallery, and ice bar in addition to the winter structure. This physical structure efficiently leverages solar energy (which is abundant during the summer months) to keep its ice rooms cold all year.

2. SnowCastle

The majority of people equate a trip to Finnish Lapland with festive pleasure in Rovaniemi, Santa Claus’ official home. Visit adjacent Kemi, which is situated on the Bay of Bothnia, for a different but no less wonderful experience. Inside SnowCastle, an icy fortress that appears as it belongs in a storybook, you may take a look around. Every winter, ice, and snow created from seawater is used to build this ice castle hotel. It was first constructed in 1996 as part of a UNICEF project and has since been rebuilt every year, with different themes such as “Animal Wonderland” and “Haunted Castle.”Between January and April, the attraction is open every day to visitors, with guided excursions available.

3. Snowhotel

The Snowhotel in Kirkenes, Norway, is recreated every winter after melting in the spring. The ice hotel is still there today, and it is absolutely unique. A 15-minute drive from Kirkenes, the complex is on the edge of a fjord. The Snowhotel, heated wooden cabins, two restaurants, and a farm with huskies and reindeer can all be found here.

4. Arctic SnowHotel

The complex includes an ice hotel (which is rebuilt every year), restaurants and bars, a snow sauna, and a series of glass igloos. Between December and March, you can stay in one of the SnowHotel’s nice rooms. The igloos are perfect for an evocative vacation in the autumn, thanks to transparent domes that frame spectacular views of the beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy a variety of leisure pursuits while staying at the Arctic SnowHotel.Sculpt snow, go ice fishing, go on a snowmobile safari, or go on a snowshoe stroll across the frozen terrain. After a long day of exploring, relax in the outdoor jacuzzi or the snow sauna, which is totally made of snow and ice.

5. Igloo Village

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is a hotel complex in Finnish Lapland, at a short distance from the Urho Kekkonen National Park. The resort commenced as a tiny chalet and café in the 1970s and has since grown into a popular vacation location giving an atmospheric escape in the countryside. This lodge is optimally renowned for its glass igloos, but it’s also the destination to go to if you want to dwell in an ice cave. A snow village dreamed up of classic igloos is erected within the resort every winter, and the consequences are incredibly warm. Two cafes serve a variety of Lappish delicacies, while the Igloo Bar serves beverages while looking out the glass-domed roof. You can even visit Santa’s grotto if you visit Lapland during the holidays. At Igloo Village, exploring the countryside is a significant part of the pleasure.


To summarise, Ice Hotels in Iceland provide breathtaking views that change with each visit.  The visitors are welcome to stay at Santa Claus’ official residence. The motel offers a variety of amenities, so travelers can pick the motel that best suits their needs.

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