Hawaiian Airlines Web Check In (Online Check in) for Easy Check in and Get Boarding Pass

Hawaiian Airlines Web Check In

Flying with Hawaiian airlines has been amazing as it flies across the world to your favorite destinations. In-flight entertainment and other amenities are the reasons people choose to fly with Hawaiian airlines. With these amenities, Hawaiian Airlines offers you a fantastic option for check-in early. It saves passengers time and effort both and it is also super-efficient and convenient. Hawaiian airlines offer various check-in options:

Hawaiian Airlines Web Check In options

  • Web Check-in
  • Mobile Check-in
  • Check-in through Ticket Counter
  • Self-help kiosks

Web Check-in (Online Check in)

Passengers who have to make their Hawaiian airlines reservations can check in online with a web check-in option to get their particular seat using the PNR number. Web check-in with Hawaiian airlines starts before 48 hours and ends 12 hours before the flight departure time for economic classes. Passengers can also check-in online via the mobile check-in option to select their desired seat which is available at a very low price. The boarding pass will be sent to the registered mail id of the passengers along with the receipt after using web check-in. Passengers can get printable tickets as well after web check-in. If you are a special needs person or a disabled then you are not allowed to check-in early. If you are flying to Beijing, China then those passengers who have a Chinese passport can only check-in early. 

You can check-in online before 24 hours of the scheduled departure time for your Hawaiian Airlines flight to get a mobile boarding pass or printable tickets. You can use this option if:

  • You have an e-ticket and are using the hawaiian airlines for the first time.
  • Access your booking using your confirmation code, e-ticket number, or frequent flyer account.
  • If you are not a disabled or special need traveler such as traveling with a pet or unaccompanied minor.

Benefits of Hawaiian Airlines Web Check-in

  • One of the major benefits of Hawaiian airlines web check in is that you do not have to go to the airport for the check in before 3 to 4 hours of flight departure time and it also saves your lots of time and effort.
  • Generally, Flight check in process is a time consuming task as passengers have to wait in long queues. After online check in, you just have to drop your luggage at the baggage checking area and you can go for the necessary security check process.
  • By using your laptop or phone, you can check in from home by login to Hawaiian airlines official site for your flights.

How to process online Web Check-in?

Passengers can do web check-in or online check-in with Hawaiian airlines via Hawaiian airlines’ official site. You just have to visit the official site and follow the below-given steps.

  • Visit Hawaiian airlines official site.
  • Go to Hawaiian Airlines web check-in.
  • Provide required details such as your name, PNR, Flight Number etc.
  • Select your seat and then confirm your check-in.
  • Then, boarding pass will be displayed on the screen and your boarding pass will be sent to your email.
  • You can print the boarding pass.

Hawaiian airlines’ online check-in will let you check in your luggage in advance, seat selection, choose your preferred meals if provided, etc.

Note: Hawaiian airlines’ online check-in is not available for international flyers. If you have checked in with Hawaiian airlines then you can still cancel your flights before 2 hours before flight departure time.

Online Check-in Availability

Hawaiian airlines Online check-in is allowed for all Hawaiian airlines’ international and domestic flights. For online check-in you must need your E-Ticket Number or confirmation code


Hawaiian Online check-in is not allowed for:

  • Group reservations.
  • Recently updated bookings.
  • Codeshare partners operated flights.
  • Booking with paper tickets or non-electronic issued tickets.
  • One-way international booking (due to visa needs).
  • Passengers who had requested special service like who are traveling with lap infants, Unaccompanied Minors, bulkhead seat requests, who are traveling with pets.

With Hawaiian airlines online check in options

  • When you check in with Hawaiian airlines the following options are available:
  • You can do the payment of baggage fees online.
  • You can choose a seat or change your pre booked seats if any seats are available.
  • Passengers can print your boarding pass. If you lost your boarding pass then you can go chekc in again and print it.

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