Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy 2021 & Allowance

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy & Allowance

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the best airlines and is known for its services offered to the passengers. When you fly with Hawaiian airlines you must want to carry your baggage and check-in with it without any delay. That’s why Hawaiian airlines set up limitations and restrictions related to baggage carrying which is mentioned in Hawaiian airline’s baggage policy. The baggage policy of Hawaiian airlines has some terms and conditions which include the baggage size and the weight you are allowed to carry at the time of travel. It is advised that before flying with Hawaiian airlines, you must have to read carefully and understand it properly and follow it at the time of baggage checking to prevent baggage delay.

Find out the Hawaiian airline’s baggage policy

Personal Item 

Hawaiian airlines allow you to carry 1 personal item for free like a purse, briefcase, and laptop bag at the time of flying. The personal item should be under the seat in front of you.

Carry-on baggage 

Hawaiian airlines permitted 1 carry-on baggage and 1 personal item like a purse, briefcase, and a laptop bag with you at the time of travel. As per Hawaiian airline’s baggage policy, carry-on baggage should not exceed 45 linear inches (9x14x22) or 115 cm including handles and wheels. Tee weight of your carry-on baggage should not exceed  25 lbs (11.5 kg). Carry on baggage should be fit in the overhead bin. Carry on baggage or items includes a Jacket, diaper bag, duty-free items umbrella, and various types of assistive items like wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, child restraint seats, and many more.

Checked baggage/Hold luggage 

You can carry 2 standard Checked baggage or Hold luggage while traveling with Hawaiian airlines as per Hawaiian airlines baggage policy. The size of Checked baggage/Hold luggage or Maximum Dimensions (length + width + height). The weight of the Checked baggage/Hold luggage should not be exceeded from 50 lbs (23 kg). If the weight and size limit will be exceeded then you have to pay some charges per bag. 

Overweight baggage 

As per Hawaiian airline’s baggage policy, if you carry Overweight baggage then you will have to pay the applicable charges per bag. If you carry 51 to 70 pounds then you will have to pay an extra 50.00 USD per bag whereas for 71 to 100 pounds baggage you will have to pay 200.00 USD per bag. If baggage you carry exceeds 100 pounds then baggage will not be allowed as a checked baggage/Hold luggage. 

Oversize baggage 

If you carry oversized baggage with you while flying with Hawaiian airlines then you should have to pay applicable charges per bag as per Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy. If you carry baggage more than 80 linear inches or 206 cm then your bag will be not accepted as checked baggage/Hold Luggage.

Sports Equipments baggage

Hawaiian airlines allow you to carry sports equipment after paying the applicable charges per equipment according to size and weight. You can carry different types of sports equipment with Hawaiian Airlines such as golf bags, fishing equipment, hockey, lacrosse equipment skis, and many more. Sports equipment baggage will count as one checked bag/hold bag which will be dependent on the size and weight. 

These are the terms and conditions of the baggage policy of Hawaiian Airlines. If you want more details about the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage policy then you can visit the official website of the Hawaiian airlines help page.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Fees

Hawaiian airlines apply a fee on baggage you have carried with you which is sometimes included while making Hawaiian airlines reservations or at the time of travel. The baggage fee will depend on the type of baggage you have carried, destination, distance, and also on the size & weight of the baggage. Find out the baggage fee applied on all types of baggage according to size and weight. 

Checked bag fees

The checked baggage fee will depend on the number of items or baggage you are carrying at the time of checking. If you carry extra baggage then the charges per bag will be applied. Checked Baggage fee will also depend on the baggage size & weight and where you are flying: wholly within the State of Hawaii, between Hawaii and North America (either direction), or Internationally.

Neighbor IslandNorth AmericaInternational and First Class
1st bag$25$30Free
2nd bag$35$40Free
If you have baggage more than 3 or 3+ then the charges.
Neighbor IslandNorth AmericaInternational
Each additional bag$50$100$150

Restricted items on Hawaiian airlines

Hawaiian airlines restricted some of the luggage and items as it can hurt someone or due to security reasons because these items affect and create technical problems in aircraft. You should not have to carry these items at the time of flying Hawaiian airlines. It is advised that before traveling, must read carefully and understand the Hawaiian airline’s restricted items list. 

These are the following items that are not allowed in Hawaiian airlines:

  1. Recalled batteries and devices
  2. Firearms and Ammunition is not accepted
  3. Ice is not accepted in carry-on or checked bags.
  4. Camping equipment like stoves, fuel, and fuel canisters are never accepted.
  5. Some people bring Self-defense sprays such as mace and pepper spray are not permitted in checked or carry-on bags.
  6. Tasers and shocking devices are not permitted in checked or carry-on bags.

Some items are not allowed in certain conditions. You can get this information on Hawaiian airline’ official site or by calling the Hawaiian Airlines service center.

Lost or damaged items claim with Hawaiian airlines

If you lost your baggage or items at the airport or in Hawaiian airlines then you should have to look out the lost baggage counter at the airport. If you did not find any counter then you can file an online complaint about your lost and damaged baggage on Hawaiian airline’s official site and claim your lost baggage. After filing reports for missing or damaged items, you can also follow up on their claims of missing or damaged baggage from the official site of Hawaiian airlines.

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