5 Real Scariest Haunted Houses in the USA

Real Scariest Haunted Houses

Have you ever thought of visiting the scariest places on this entire planet? What if the rumors of all those paranormal activities and ghosts are true? Even the thought of visiting these destinations gives goosebumps. If you are among those who love to explore the unsolved haunted mysteries, you have come to the right place. Here, we will see the Most Haunted Houses in the USA that you can visit.

Real Scariest Haunted Houses in the USA

Winchester House – California

Winchester House is among the most haunted houses not only in the United States but it is also popular worldwide. The scary story behind the Haunted Winchester House is that the people who were shot by the Winchester rifle reside here as ghosts. Doesn’t this scare you to visit such a place? But actually, it is quite interesting to visit the house for other reasons as well. 

The architecture of the house is so popular as there are more than 10000 windows and 2000 doors with a large number of rooms. You can visit here once the situation of the pandemic gets better.

Villisca Murder House – Lowa

What if you got a chance to visit a place where 8 people were mercilessly killed? The place with no electricity or water service. It is also known as Villisca Axe Murder House after the renovation in the early 90s. You can surely stay at this haunted house by paying few hundred bucks. But stay at your own risk. Cause, A man stabbed himself and was found dead after he observes some paranormal activities in the house. 

Sallie House – Kansas

Another place rumored to be haunted is The Sallie House. Well, from past experiences, it is said that these rumors might be true. The story behind this haunted house is of a dead girl named ‘Sallie’ bound with a demon. People who stay in the Sallie House observed many paranormal activities like the whispering of a girl, noises, light fluctuations, etc. You can visit this place if you want to discover the mysteries of this house.

The House Of Death – New York

As the name suggests, House of Death is one of the most haunted places in the US. The thought of a single ghost can terrify anyone. But think of a house with 22 ghosts inside. And one of them is the famous author ‘Mark Twain’. Well, the place is not open for casual visits by tourists because of private apartments inside the building.

Lizzie Borden House – Massachusetts

Lizzie, a girl, was accused of killing her father and stepmother. Later, after years, there were rumors of a girl laughing. At night, people heard the screams of the maid after she found out about Lizzie’s dead parents. The house of Lizzie is now a place to have a bed and breakfast. It will be a thrilling and terrifying experience for you that you surely don’t want to miss.


Don’t get excited just by listening to these stories, these are actual Haunted Houses in the USA, and if you are faint-hearted, avoid visiting these places. These might be rumors but God knows the reality of these places. You can’t just go there and have a visit inside. Some Haunted Houses even have their official websites for booking in advance. 

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