The Grand Canyon, National Park in Arizona: An Ultimate Guide

Grand Canyon National Park

Do you have any guesses about how many people visit The Grand Canyon?

Well, Every year more than 5 million people visit Grand Canyon, National Park. But 6.38 million visitors visit in 2022.

For all tourists and nature lovers, those want to visit national parks then grand canyon National Park is the best place to visit. This national park celebrated its 100th anniversary on February 26, 2019. Grand Canyon National Park is the 15th site in the United States which is located in northwestern Arizona. This is the second-highest national park after Great Smoky Mountains National Park in between all American national parks. This park is designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979 and also considered the Wonders of the World. Here you can see unique combinations of geologic color and erosional forms that decorate the Grand Canyon.

In the present world, tourism increased drastically because people are tired, irritate and sophisticated due to pollution, population and also from their work. So people make some trips to visit many places for their family entertainment. The national parks are the best place to teach your family members full of fun about nature, conservation, history and science.

Airport near grand canyon

Before reaching the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona you need to make a plan to visit the nearest and best airport. This helps you to make your tour enjoyable, easy, effective and time-saving. Here we discuss some airports which are near to Grand Canyon National Park.

South Rim air services

Grand Canyon National Park Airport

Grand Canyon National Park Airport is the closest airport from the Canyon National parks just 7 miles away from South Rim. In this airport, there is only one runway which is operated by those companies that provide tours over the Grand Canyon. And also uses for the sightseeing and skydiving tour. There are only scheduled and Commercial flights are rarely land at the airport

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport

Flagstaff Pulliam is another closest airport option for Grand Canyon National Park which is about 90 miles south of the South Rim. This is a small airport that’s served services only for American airlines. The route of American airlines flight is only in between phoenix and Flagstaff but they are also planning to upgrade this facility from Dallas Forth Worth and Los Angeles. People can hire a rented car or use the Arizona Shuttle from the airport to Grand Canyon.

North Rim air services

Phoenix Sky Harbor

Most visitors choose Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport which is approximately 230-miles away Grand Canyon Village. This airport is the closest international airport from the Grand Canyon National Park. Its comes the top 10 busiest airport in the US and serves more than 40 million passengers a year. Approx 1300 flights arrive and depart daily from this airport that makes it one of the most convenient airports.

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

This is the main commercial airport for Las Vegas Valley and Clark County, Nevada Which is 275-miles away from the Grand Canyon Village. When you reached the airport then the best way to make the journey is by car. Take a rented car and start driving which takes about four hours to reach.

Top sights in Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon Village

Grand Canyon Village is ultimately the main attractive, tremendous and unusual landscape that must be experienced for oneself. This canyon village is located on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park in Northern Arizona. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles (446km) in length, up to 18 miles (29km) in width, and a mile (1.6km) deep which is steep-sided carved by the Colorado River. This river exposed rock layers are believed to indicate more than 2 billion years of geologic history. There is approx 5 million tourist travel every year to explore the canyon and surrounding desert wildness. This rugged area is good for hiking and backpacking for the day or multiple day journey. People can do many activities here for more enjoyment these are:

Things to do:

Helicopter tours 

Horseback rides

A scenic train ride

Mule trips


Grand Canyon Skywalk

This is a cantilever bridge with a glass walkway at Egle Point in Arizona. Here you can see the shape of the grand canyon skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped on the edge of a side canyon in the Grand Canyon West area of the main canyon.

Things to do

Visit Skywalk glass bridge


Mather Point

The number of visitors increases every year for enjoying scenic views along the south rim. This place of viewpoint is popular for its canyon vistas & proximity to the visitor center. The Mather point is one of the most attractive point to visit this place gives you vehicle free experience with improved opportunities to view the canyon.

Things to do

Horseback Riding 

River Rafting & Tubing

Hiking Trails

West rim trail

This place located outside the Grand Canyon National Park which gives you 108 miles (173 kilometers) of picturesque canyon views. The west rim trail is owned and operated by the Hualapai Indians. This place is famous for the lofty Grand Canyon Skywalk, Guano Point, and Eagle Point.

Things to do

Hualapai village 

Whitewater River rafting

South Rim

The South Rim is the main Grand Canyon route which is most frequently chosen by first-time visitors. This area not only chosen for its beautiful views but for its abundance of visitor services and family-oriented activities.

Things to do


River running 

Mule rides

Hermit Road

Hermit Road provides a 7 miles (11 km)  route from the west end of Grand Canyon Village to Hermits Rest. This route is very much popular for foot, bicycle, free parking and commercial bus tour. Private vehicle is allowed during winter in months of December, January and February. In these routes, you can also enjoy the canyon rim with nine designated viewpoints. There are also free Hermits Rest route shuttle bus stops.

Things to do

Road Bicycle

Driving a car and enjoy amazing views

River view

East Rim Drive

In this region, you can enjoy seeing many adorable and famous viewpoint in the Grand Canyon. Here tourists can enjoy many famous viewpoints including Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, and Marble Canyon. Form this East Rim Drive you can enjoy the beautiful desert view.

Things to do

Driving in the Park or outside the park

Enjoy many picnic points

Visit Ducks point

Desert View Drive

The Desert View Drive is the road drive between Grand Canyon Village to Route 64 which helps to enjoy the desert view. This name was given to this road after the Desert View Watchtower. This is the scenic road located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. On this road, tourists can enjoy many scenic points and trails.

Things to do

Desert View watchtower

Enjoy the desert view drive

Purchase books from the inside gift shops

Hermits Rest

Hermits Rest is a stone structure which is located in the western end of Hermit Road for the tourist so they can take rest here. This place is located in the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States. These structures are different and completely made up of stone that is built-in 1914

Things to do

Take rest on a specially designed rest stop

Spectacular views of 9 vista

See massive fireplace

Bright Angel Point

This is a hiking trail located in Grand Canyon National Park in the U.S. state of Arizona. Two trails cross or join the Bright Angel Trail that is the most common method used to access Phantom Ranch by hikers and mules. The first is the intersection with the Tonto Trail at the Indian garden and the second one starts when Bright Angel Trail reaches the Colorado River at the River Resthouse.

Things to do

Free Hiking

Overnight stay for riders 

Hopi Point

This is the popular sunrise & sunset viewing stop for all tourists which is located between Salt Creek and Monument Creek. If you are using shuttlebus then this is the fourth stop which allows you to see another 20miles off the western canyon. From this point, you will be able to see numerous iconic rock formations and a variety of bodies of water rushing.

Things to do

Beautiful sunset view

Watch Amazing and adorable views

Grand Canyon Railway

The Grand  Canyon Railway is 64 miles(103km)railroad that was completed on September 17, 1901. This is a heritage railroad that connects with some places like  Arizona, Williams, and the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Things to do

Enjoy the entertaining musicians and the antics of cowboy characters.

Take your breakfast and dinner

Hermit Trail

In Grand Canyon National Park hermit trail is the hiking trail for tourists so they can enjoy hiking at this place. This is a historical place which is located in the U.S. state of Arizona. Those tourists are experienced in hiking they can enjoy this route near to the Colorado River for a more adventurous or challenging experience.

Things to do

Enjoy Hermit creek campground

Hiking for experienced hikers

The Grand Canyon Hotels

There are many hotels are available near to the Grand Canyon National Park for a proper stay. These hotels are fully furnished and give you comfort, rest, privacy, security and safety of you and family members. The main purpose of these hotels are providing shelter, food, refreshment, and similar services and goods

Yavapai Lodge

This lodge located 0.6 miles from the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and 1 mile from Rim Trail.its consist of 16 building and a main lodge surrounded by woodlands. In basic rooms, you will get the flat-screen TVs, coffeemakers and minifridges. An air conditioner also available in some rooms.

El Tovar Hotel

This hotel is a 14 minutes walk from Grand Canyon Village and 8 minutes walk from Grand Canyon Railway station. This is a historic limestone and pine hotel that has been established in 1905 on the rim of the Grand Canyon. Rooms and suites are decorated in the range of modern to traditional with cable TV and coffeemakers. The best thing is that kids under16 or 16 years old stay free.

Bright Angel Lodge

At the Bright Angel trailhead, you can see this hotel which is situated in 1935. This hotel is registered as the National Historic Landmark. In this hotel 2 cabins designated as historically significant. There is a range of lodge rooms and private cabins are available in this hotel some have private bathrooms and you can also enjoy beautiful canyon views.

Maswik Lodge

This lodge located inside the Grand Canyon national park in a wooded area near the rim of the Grand Canyon. Maswik Lodge 5 minutes away from the center of Grand Canyon Village and 0.5 miles from the Rim Trail. This is made up of one main lodge and 18 building, in the main building a gift shop, food court and pizza pub. The facility available in the room is cable TV, minifridges and coffeemakers but there is no air conditioner and use stairs to go.

Kachina Lodge

This lodge located right along with the side of the Grand Canyon Rim. This Lodge is a 6-minute walk from the Grand Canyon Railway,7 minutes walk from the Bright Angel Trailhead and a 5-minute walk from the Kolb Studio gallery. There is no charge on kids those are stay with their parents under the age of 16 or 16. These rooms offer you flat-screen TVs, minifridges and Keurig coffeemakers. You can also enjoy seeing canyon views from your room.

Thunderbird Lodge

Thunderbird Lodge established in 1960 on the rim of the Grand Canyon and still in use for the tourist. This is a 14-minute walk from the EI Tovar Hotel and 3.1 miles from the Mather Point. In this hotel room, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs with cable channels, minifridge and coffeemakers. You can also upgrade your room to view the canyon view.

Holiday Inn Express Grand Canyon

This is an affordable hotel for tourists so they can stay here without paying extra charges. The hotel developed in 1905, This is 7 miles from the Grand Canyon and the Grand Canyon Village Historic District and the historic Hopi House. Here you can enjoy free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, desks and coffeemakers. Some other rooms are also available with kitchen, extra bedrooms and bunk beds. Free Breakfast is also included as a complementary.

Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel

This hotel room is decorated with the southwestern feature and you can enjoy free wifi, flat-screen TVs with cable. You can stay in this hotel because this is 1 mile from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport and 7 miles from the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. The outdoor pool and indoor/outdoor hot tubs also available for the tourist. You can also enjoy free parking and shuttle service to the Grand Canyon (seasonal) and airport(year-round).

Red Feather Lodge

This Lodge is 1 mile from the entrance of Grand Canyon National Park South Rim and 2 buildings of this hotel are 6.4 miles from Grand Canyon Village. In-room you can enjoy flat-screen TVs, coffeemakers and free Wi-Fi. If you want to add minifridges, microwaves and kitchen then you can upgrade it. There are complementary given by the hotel is free breakfast and a casual on-site restaurant serves American and Mexican food for you.

The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon

This countryside style hotel is 2 miles from Grand Canyon National Park and a 6-minute walk from the Grand Canyon Imax Theatre. Rooms are warmly decorated include free WiFi, flat-screen TVs, Keurig coffeemakers and some have balconies. In this hotel indoor pool, a hot tub and a fitness center, along with a grill restaurant, a cafe, a saloon with nightly entertainment, and a lobby lounge with a stone fireplace. If you have your own vehicle then they will also give you free Parking.

Best time to visit Grand Canyon


Visit in Grand Canyon in the summer season is one of the best times. Tourist is starting to choose the South rim for adventure in the summer season and this is always the busiest season for the Grand Canyon. These days at different altitudes, the temperature is fluctuating between 20 ºF to 43 ºF which makes it difficult to stay ahead in this weather. The north rim may still be off due to the low temperature of some places. There are some places that are coldest as compared to the other places because of lasting snow.

The event goings-on these days is National Park Week (April)

June-August (Highly crowded season)

This is the peak season time of the Grand Canyon there are very high crowds due to dry conditions and hot temperatures. The summer holidays of children make you feel free to make a vacation plan with your family. These days tourists can see the park for a long time in a day due to sunny weather. Rays that come from the sun are very hot because the temperature is 70°F to 100°F. So please keep sunscreen with yourself that saves you from getting burned. When you roam around in the park these days at that time you can feel the temperature variation. The area near to Colorado River is also warm but the North Rim part is cool. In July month you can also face heavy rainstorms and all the park facilities are open for the business in North and South Rim. But the west part of the Grand Canyon is uncomfortable for the tourist because of the very high temperature.

Many Key Events you can enjoy in this time interval
Grand Canyon Star Party (June)
Grand Canyon Music Festival (August-September)

September-November (Antum season)

Antum makes beautiful viewpoints for the tourist and grand Cayon is the right place to spend your relaxing time. At this time there are no high temperatures like in summer and no low temperatures as in winter you can feel to enjoy moderate temperatures. All the parents get back to work and children start going to school so there is no high crowed. Here easy to get hotel rooms and trail territory just because of fewer tourists. The temperature of this place varies between 43°F to 93°F.

The most famous event in September-November is the Grand Canyon celebration of art.

December-February (In the winter season)

If you want to spend your time in calm and peace then this is the most peaceful season in the Grand Canyon. At this time the temperature of the Grand Canyon is very low 20 ºF to 43 ºF with very high snowfall. Tourists can see here snow up to 61″ (1549.4mm) during the winter months. South Rim is open to the visitor but the North Rim is closed in the winter season so be sure you have warm clothes and waterproof shoes. But these days due to high snowfall, you can not visit all the places of the Grand Canyon

This event is still goings-on Grand Canyon Celebration of Art (December-February)

What to Eat in Grand Canyon

In Grand Canyon National Park There are many dishes and foods available for the tourist so they enjoy without hunger. As well as other National parks you can also see several restaurants and grocery stores, meaning you won’t have to necessarily stock up before you enter the park. In the South Rim a sufficient amount of stores, shops and restaurants are available as compared to the North Rim.

We all know that everything like food, drinks and meals which are available in the park are more expensive as compare to the outside. Many lounges, restaurant and hotel are available in the Grand Canyon national park including El Tovar Hotel and Bright Angel Lodge. There are some famous restaurant are available for to get meal are given below.

Famous Restaurants in Grand Canyon

  1. Phantom Ranch
  2. El Tovar Lodge Dining Room
  3. Maswik Pizza Pub
  4. Bright Angel Restaurant or Fountain & Bar
  5. Yavapai Tavern
  6. The Arizona Room

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