Want to know how you can check your booking in Copa Airlines? And know about the booking process with copa airlines then here you can find the tips and tricks to make copa aliens reservations from the copa airlines official site and also check your reservations with copa airlines. To check your bookings, You have to visit the copa airlines official site and go to manage booking section. Copa airlines allows you to check and change your reservations with the manage booking section. For checking the reservations, you have to provide the details and then you can retrieve your list of bookings. Apart from checking reservations, with this maange booking option, you can also make changes in your bookings if you want it which includes, your name, travel date, travel city or destination etc. When you make changes, you can also upgrade your cabin class into a premium class which has lots of amazing and luxurious amenities included with the booking. 

Copa airlines also provides flight bookings at an affordable price as it is one of the best and cheapest airlines in the USA. To make it cheapest, Copa airlines always offers various deals and discounts on its official site which are regularly updated. With flight booking, you can choose various types of cabin class from basic to premium which has various luxurious amenities and facilities included such as food, wifi, entertainment, medical facility, amenity kit, etc. While booking flights, you can also book an award flight if you are a member of copa airlines frequent flyer program. To become a member you must have to join this program and then you can earn miles every time when you book flight tickets and redeem these miles to get an award flight, do the shopping of various products and purchase your choice of food etc. So, have an amazing trip with copa airlines within your budget.

Benefits of traveling with Copa Airlines

Copa airlines committed to providing a convenient journey and travel experience to every traveler. If you want to know what kind of inflight or out flight benefits you will get through Copa Airlines, then don’t worry below we mentioned both inflight or out flight services provided by Copa airlines or benefits that you will get on Copa Airlines ticket booking.

  • Travelers can enjoy inflight refreshments and foods which include veg, non-veg, drinks, soft drinks, etc.
  • Copa Airlines also provide high-speed internet or wifi facility to their passengers while flying.
  • Get to know about the baggage limit and size as per the Copa airlines baggage policy.
  • Get immediate medical assistance by Copa airlines if you found any kind of medical issue.
  • Passengers can get a travel insurance if they want it.
  • Disabled and minor passengers will get special assistance from Copa airline attendants.
  • Copa airlines allow you to earn miles for flights and enjoy travel rewards by joining the ConnectMiles loyalty program.
  • Passengers can also travel with their pets by following terms and conditions of the Copa airlines pet policy.
  • Enjoy various other benefits using Copa airlines frequent flyer program membership.
  • Check your Copa airlines flight status easily.
  • Get to know how to use Copa airlines promo code to book your flight tickets.
  • Choose your preferred seat with Copa airlines.
  • Change your Copa airlines flights to another one easily.
  • Cancel your tickets with a full refund.
  • Claim your lost baggage and resolve baggage claim issues.
  • Do priority check-in with Copa airlines using Copa airlines check-in policy.

Type of Class in Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines offers two types of cabin classes with Copa airlines in which you can enjoy various personalized amenities and services to make your trip more convenient and comfortable. You can make Copa airlines reservations by choosing a business class cabin or economy class cabin as per your choice and needs.

Business Class

Business class cabins can be booked on all aircraft except for one Embraer 190 variant as Embraer 190 variant has only economy class seats. You can enjoy great comfort and relaxing flights full of exclusive benefits with Business Class of Copa Airlines. Passengers who have booked a business class can do the priority check-in and baggage handling and they can check-in from a separate counter. You can also get access to Copa/United Club and other airline lounges and earn miles on every booking using MileagePlus program. Passengers can enjoy various personalise amenities pre-departure beverages, multi course meals, pillows and blankets etc. Business class seats are made up of leather and equipped with footrests and adjustable headrest, a USB port, a 110-volt power outlet, a large tray table, and Audio-Video-on-Demand (AVOD) screen. Passengers can also get an amenities kit which include toiletry items, hot towels and bottled water on long-haul flights. 

  • Passengers can do priority check in from separate counters and special lines at boarding gates and priority baggage handling.
  • Travel with more privacy by using a personal cabin and maximum comfort.
  • You can enjoy a meal facility which includes great wines and liquors and also your choice of food, for international flights.
  • If you are a member of ConnectMiles frequent flyer program then earn Bonus miles on every booking with copa airlines. 
  • Bonus miles for all members of the ConnectMiles frequent flyer program.
  • Get access to all Copa Club and Star Alliance VIP lounges all over the world.


Copa airlines change their selection of Business Class premium wine quarterly and you can get the wine facility after onboard. Copa airline also provides Business Class rum facility to their passengers.

Long-distance flights

Copa airlines offers a amenity kit which has toiletry items, hot towels and bottled water for  all the passengers travelling in business class for long distance flights which must be lasting six or more hours 

Pillows and blankets

Passengers who are traveling with copa airlines business class will get pillows and blankets on all international flights which depend on the type and duration of the flight.

Economy Class

Copa Airlines provides economy class seats on all aircraft which have an adjustable headrest and a personal screen for entertainment. You can also get a wide list of songs and instrumentals to entertain yourself. Also, the food facility and snacks available on all kinds of flights include domestic, short, and some medium-haul international flights. You will also get complimentary drinks on all flights. Passenger traveling on medium and long-haul international flights can enjoy Full meal services which are complementary.

Services Offered By Copa Airlines

Copa airlines always cares about your comfort and convenience that’s why it provides complete on-board services on each flight which includes entertainment, food and beverage options etc.

Guide to movies, music and individual screens

Passengers who are travelling on long-haul flights can enjoy a variety of movies and music channels to entertain themselves. There are also audio channels available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. There is also a new entertainment system in some of the aircrafts of Copa airlines which is called the Showpass Cup. Through this entertainment system you can see the content from your personal devices. You just have to download the Copa airlines app before boarding your flights to get the best flight experience.

Electronic items allowed on board

Passengers can find what type of electronic devices you can carry with you in the cabin and use while traveling with Copa airlines.

They can be used at any time:
Medical instrument
Passengers can carry any prescribed physiological medical instruments which includes pacemakers, hearing aids, etc.

Portable cameras / video recorders
You can also carry portable battery powered devices to produce / capture audio and video.

Digital / Electronic Clocks
Carry battery powered devices that indicate time by digital numbers while traveling with Copa airlines.

Portable shavers
You are also allowed to take with you a battery powered device for personal care.

Smart phones
Passengers are allowed to carry portable battery powered devices to process voice and data.

Global position system (GPS)
You can also carry a portable device powered by a battery which let’s you determine the position of an object, person or vehicle.

Personal computers
Also you are allowed to take away lightweight portable devices which contain lithium metal or lithium ion batteries for receiving and processing data.

Portable electronic games
While traveling with Copa airlines, you can carry a portable battery-powered console for video games which includes PSP, Nintendo DS, PS Vita.

MP3s / iPod
You can also take away portable battery powered devices for playing digital audio and video which includes MP3s / iPods.

You can also carry calculators which are used to perform arithmetic calculations and it can be a portable battery powered device.

Passengers are allowed to carry tablets which should be integrated into a touch screen to receive and process data.

Food and beverage service

Copa airlines offers food and drinking facilities which depend on the destinations, flight routes,duration and time of the flight.

Tips for a healthy trip

If you are flying with Copa airlines then you should perform these exercises and then you can reduce stress, fatigue and avoid symptoms which occur while you rapid crossing of time zones during your journey.

As we all know long trips make you so tired and exhausted that you feel uncomfortable. These tips for healthy trips can help you to reduce your stress and anxiety. Let’s find out the tips:

  • You should have to rest as much as possible and try to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Take a nap for 30 to 40 minutes which will help you adjust to your new schedule.
  • You should have to drink lots of water and natural juices before and during the flight to stay hydrated.
  • Must eat light food while flying and avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Do not sit or sleep in the same position for long periods and also practice simple stretching exercises and walk whenever possible.
  • Also you have to wear comfortable clothes and shoes while flying.

Copa Airlines reservations procedure: Step by step method to book a ticket online

Copa airlines bring lots of enticing deals and benefits on the flight ticket, If you want to fly with Copa airlines to any domestic or international airport then follow these below-mentioned steps. By following these steps you can easily book your ticket with an official site.

  • Visit copaair.com or Copa airlines official site
  • Enter your From and To destinations and Travel dates.
  • Select the type of trip (Round Trip, One Way) and choose type of class (Economy Class, Business Class).
  • Enter the number of passengers and then click on the Search tab.
  • Then, Choose your preferred flight according to your budget. 
  • Provide passengers details and choose your preferred seat. 
  • Then Make the payment with various payment options and purchase your ticket.
  • Confirm your flight ticket booking and get e-ticket to collect your boarding pass.

Copa Airlines Change Flight From One To Another

Sometimes due to any reason people want to change their flight from one to another. Now, Copa airlines makes it possible to change from one flight to another on the same day for the same route. If a passenger requests flight changing from 24 hours to 2 hours before the departure of flight only then flight changing request will be accepted. Otherwise you cannot change from one flight to another. If passengers booked selected fares seats then they have the option to change or buy a seat in any alternate flight for the non-refundable fee of USD $75. This change can be processed at the airport only with these conditions:

  • Changes will be applied only if purchased on the same date and the same class of the ticket booked.
  • It only works for selected fares and charges do not apply in all fares. 
  • Changes apply on the same route, no rerouting allowed.
  • Only available for copa airlines no any other airlines are entertained.

How to manage Copa airlines booking or Reservations

Have you booked your flight tickets recently with copa airlines? But want to make changes in the Copa airlines reservations due to specific reasons. Then don’t you worry copa airlines provides an option to make changes in your reservations with copa airlines manage booking option. Passengers can change their booking name, journey dates etc. With the managed booking option you can check your booking information, do any modification, add food etc. You can also change your flights for the same route. If you want to manage your bookings then do that by following the below given steps

  • Visit copa airlines official site.
  • Go to manage your booking option.
  • Enter your Reservation number (e.g. 4FH3ED) and Last Name (as appears on the reservation).
  • And then click on the Retrieve Booking button. 
  • Then, choose your booking in which you want to make changes or updations.
  • Then follow the on screen instructions to make changes.

How to Get Best Deals On Copa Airlines Booking

Copa airlines always focus on customer satisfaction, that’s why it always offers cheap flights and passengers love to travel with it. Being a cheaper airline, Copa airlines offer various deals and discounts to their passengers. You can avail these deals and discounts from the Copa airlines official site where you will find various Copa airlines promo code and coupon codes which are regularly updated. By using the copa airlines promo codes, passengers can book flight tickets within their budget which also includes various world-class services and amenities to make your trip more enjoyable. Apart from availing the deals and discounts from the official site of Copa airlines, there are also some other ways available through which you can get discounted flight tickets. You can get Copa airlines coupon codes also from promotional offers and advertisements. 

Copa airlines also allow you to book flight tickets at the last minute if you suddenly want to travel due to any emergency. As we all know last minute flight tickets are so much costly But with Copa airlines that’s not an issue. Copa airlines also offer some deals and discounts on last-minute flight booking. To avail these discounts, passengers have to go on Copa airlines website where you will get some regularly updated coupon codes. Using these coupon codes, you can book an affordable last minute flight ticket to your destination. So hurry up! And avail these amazing deals and offers to get ana amazing trip with your loved ones.

Commonly Asked Queries

How to Cancel Tickets with Copa Airlines

When you make a reservation with Copa Airlines, You are feeling so much excited about the journey of a particular destination. Due to some of the emergency,  you want to cancel your booking with Copa Airlines. 

It is always remembered for you that If you cancel your booking with Copa Airlines ticket within 24 hours’ departure to the flight then you get the full refund directly in your bank account. You can’t pay penalties for your cancel ticket. Here some of the easy and fast processes that can help to cancel your tickets with Copa Airlines are listed below:

  • Visit our official site Of Copa Airlines.
  • Go To Copa Airlines Cancellation Page.
  • Enter your Reservation Code and Last Name and click on Find Reservation.
  • Choose the flight ticket that you want to cancel.
  • Get the confirmation mail to canceling the Copa Airlines ticket.
  • The refund amount will be transferred to your bank account directly.

Due to these processes, you can cancel your Copa Airlines ticket easily. If you face any issue while canceling your ticket with Copa Airlines then you can visit official Website of Copa airlines for help.

What is Copa Airlines Check-in Process

Copa Airlines offered the check-in policy for you at the Airport. You can check-in with the online/web up to 36 hours before your flight departs. You can check-in up to 24 hours in advance from the United States. Basically, there are some of the requirements for the customers that are using web check-in are given below:

  • You can check-in with the Copa Airlines 1-36 hours before the flight departure time. 
  • You can check-in online from 24 hours to 1 hour prior to the flight departure time. Do the online or web check in via Copa airlines official site.
  • Customers that are traveling with Copa Airlines are using paper tickets, they can’t use online check-in at the Airport.
  • The customers that have changed their Reservations and having pending charges. They should submit their payments by calling Copa Call Center or by using Copa Online Chat service. They can’t use online check-in at the Airport.
  • The customers with their reservations do not include the need for airport Tax. They can’t use online check-in at the Airport.
  • The customers that are traveling with pets or Infants, Unaccompanied minors and special needs passengers can’t use online check-in at the Airport.
  • The customers that are traveling in a group on the same Reservation can’t use online check-in at the Airport.
  • It is important for you that when you are using web check-in then your Passport should have available at that time. 
  • The Customers that are departing from Havana, Cuba. They can’t use online check-in at the Airport.

These check-in policies are helpful at the Airport. You have enough time at the airport to check your bags. You always carry the above documents when you check-in with Copa Airlines.

What is Baggage policy of Copa Airlines

Copa airlines are making changes to their baggage policy information for the different regions. You may allow the free baggage depending on your ticket purchase date and route on an international or domestic flight. The baggage allowance depends on your travel point of origin and destination. There are some rules to baggage weight and size, overweight and oversize baggage are not allowed. If their size must be( 158 cm) (height + length + width). If you have 100lb bag weight & size they can be transported in the cabin. Copa airlines allow small sports equipment if you have large sports equipment now you may access the charge per bags. They will be transported to another cabin in your location.

How Copa Airlines provides Pet Policy emotional support

Copa airlines allowed travel with pets and transport pets as checked and carry-on with the cabin. Firstly you visit the airport and reserve through the Copa airlines reservations center within 48 hours before flight departure to conform place for the transportation of your pets. All pets are not allowed within these area restrictions as checked or carry-on luggage. If an emotional support dog is not mandatory to work any unique task for a disability like other service dogs. Emotional support dog saves under federal low.

Get various deals and coupons from the copa airline official site and also find various cabin classes while making Copa airlines reservations or booking flight tickets with tripexel. Tripexel agents will also help you to earn and redeem miles of Copa airlines after joining the copa airlines frequent flyer program as well as make changes in their bookings using manage booking option of Copa airlines. Tripexel online agents do not have any direct or indirect relationship with the official copa airlines customer service team.


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