Air travel is one of the most fascinating ways to travel across the world. Planning and searching are one of the best things that every traveler must do to get the best deals and offers to make their journey enjoyable. Whether it is a one-way, return journey, or multi-way flight, American Airlines is the most reliable way that will ensure your American Airlines Reservations at very affordable rates. American Airlines flights always give you the best in-flight experience. It started via a union of more than eight small airlines companies in 1930. It flies over 95 domestic as well as international destinations in 55 countries. The fleet size of American Airlines is 940. American Airlines started on january 1930 but its services began in 1934. Headquartered at Fort Worth, Texas.

American airlines provide booking of tickets for your dream destination and also for business tours with great discounts. If you want to book a flight ticket for your vacation without difficulty you can visit American airlines official site. Customers can get special offers on their booking.

Services offered by American Airlines

Various services provided by American Airlines to its customers to enjoy the journey with no difficulty. If you want to book a ticket with airlines then you can ring our American Airlines reservations to book tickets with us. Query related to services, you can ask your question without any hesitation to get proper information 24 hours active. Executives are well trained and they will understand the customer’s problems easily. You can easily access our services through a phone call. Experts available services with Aircraft mention list of some services :

  • Entertainment and media service
  • Baggage and luggage services
  • Business travel service
  • Online ticket booking
  • check-in service
  • Meal and beverage service
  • Refund on cancellation of ticket

Types of Cabins in American Airlines

American airlines offer various types of classes to choose while booking flight tickets to your favorite domestic and international destinations. It provides the most personalized and reliable experience to their passengers if you are traveling a long distance. Passengers can enjoy their travel with world-class amenities and services which depends on the types of cabin you choose. 

Flagship First

American Airlines has one of the most luxurious and personalized cabins which is flagship first. People who want to travel a long distance, they can choose this cabin as it has lots of amenities in the air, on the ground and has lots of loyalty benefits. 

Flagship First International Benefits

Passengers can get access to most exotic, luxurious and personalized services and amenities if they travel internationally between the U.S. and Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. Flagship First cabin is only allowed in Boeing 777-300 aircraft. Get the list of amenities which you will get while traveling in Flagship First cabins.

On the ground

Flagship First Check-In: Private check in available in a special security line.

Priority privileges: Security checkup and boarding fastly and you will get your checked bags at first when you land.

Flagship Lounge: Relax if you are tired on american airlines premium lounges which are available in select hub cities or you can also use international first class lounges and Admirals Club lounges in various other cities.

Flagship® First Dining: Passengers can eat before flight with an exclusive fine-dining facility which includes in Flagship Lounges.

Arrivals Lounge: Get access to various other benefits in the arrivals lounge such as a full breakfast and lunch buffet and more and you can recharge yourself by taking spa showers when you land.

Five Star Service: Get american airlines premium support at departure and arrival cities or if you have any connected flights then you can also get support to your connected cities.

In the air

Lie-flat seats: You will get a fully lie-flat with aisle access seat on a Boeing 777-300 through which you will stay and arrive refreshed.

Chef-inspired dining: Enjoy a meal with wines and american airlines also partnered with James Beard Foundation to serve you exclusive dishes made by their elite chefs.

Free entertainment: If you feel bored, you will stream free movies, TV shows, music & games and also use Bang & Olufsen headphones. You can also watch live TV on some aircraft.

Wi-Fi and power: Use wifi facility after purchasing it and also include power and USB connection with your seat. 


Casper sleep set: Passengers will get pajamas, slippers, mattress pads, pillows and blankets with this Casper sleep set.

Loyalty benefits

AAdvantage members: Get AAdvantage membership and earn miles while booking Flagship First ticket

Elite status: When travelling with AAdvantage or oneworld you will get more benefits such as mileage bonuses, extra bag allowances, lounge access etc.

Flagship First Transcontinental

Passengers will get all the luxurious and personalized amenities and services with Flagship® First transcontinental ticket to these particular destinations flight only.

  • Los Angeles (LAX) – New York (JFK)
  • San Francisco (SFO) – JFK
  • LAX – Miami (MIA) – traveling on Boeing 777-300 aircraft only

Flagship Business

American Airlines has flagship business cabins which offer lots of world class services. Passengers will get special amenities with the most comfortable experience if they travel a long distance.

Flagship Business International 

Passengers can get access to luxurious and exclusive amenities and services with Flagship® Business tickets for international flights between the U.S. and Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and South America. Flagship Business cabins will only be available in Boeing 757, 772, 773, 788 and 789; and A321T, A332 and A333 aircraft.

First Class

American airlines allow the highest level of services and amenities with first cabin tickets over the usa. Passengers can get lots of luxurious services which are listed below:

On the ground
  • Priority privileges such as priority check-in, fast boarding and get your checked bags first after landing.
  • Five Star Service includes premium support at your departure, connection or arrival destinations.
In the air
  • Passengers will get wider seats and also extra legroom in first class cabin.
  • Premium dining includes menus prepared by acclaimed chef and Dallas restaurateur Julian Barsott.
  • You will enjoy free seatback inflight entertainment and also stream wireless.
  • Passengers can purchase wifi to never miss any urgent update while on board.
Loyalty benefits

Earn more miles, mileage bonuses, extra bag allowances, lounge access and many more while travelling with first class.

Business Class 

Passengers can get various luxurious services and amenities to various international destinations over the USA and Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto Rico and select South American cities.

On the ground
  • Priority check in
  • Premium customer support
  • Premium lounge
In the air
  • Wider and Comfortable seats and more legroom
  • Premium dining facility with wine
  • Get unlimited entertainment with Wi-Fi
  • Enjoy free inflight entertainment and stream wireless.
  • All inflight entertainment is free, with seatback and wireless streaming available on select 
  • Be comfortable with american airlines pillows and blankets.
  • Get AAdvantage membership with american airlines and enjoy loyalty benefits.

Premium Economy

Get more space and word class amenities on various long distance international flights or Hawaii and Alaska flights. Premium economy class includes luxurious amenities with seats which are available on tse aircraft:

  • 777-300s
  • 787-8s flying internationally and to Alaska
  • 787-9s
  • A330-200s
  • 777-200s
On the ground

Priority check-in

In the air
  • Wider and comfortable seats with more legroom.
  • Chef-inspired food with wine and beer.
  • Free on demand inflight entertainment with big monitors and also includes noise-reducing headphones.
  • Purchase your wifi package to never miss any beat or update.
  • Get an amenity kit which includes skincare and lifestyle brands, Baxter.
  • Comfortable pillow and blanket provided by American airlines.
  • Earn miles and redeem benefits with the membership of AAdvantage program.

Basic Economy

Basic Economy provides basic services with the seats. You can carry one carry bag and one personal item and choose your preferred seat by paying a fee within 7 days of departure.

How to get American Airlines reservations or book flight tickets

We are here to provide easy steps to book flight tickets with American Airlines. Follow these steps to reserve your seat according to class suitability. However, you find any difficulty in the way of booking directly connect with our experts through American Airlines reservations. Steps are as follows :

  • Visit the American Airlines website, click on book flight option and Customer fill all necessary details on the left side of the screen.
  • On that page fill every person traveling details with you i.e takeoff and landing date, days, etc and enter the type of id that will check-in at the airport desk.
  • You can select a seat on American Airlines. No extra charge for the white seat. Additional charges associated with the blue and orange seats only. By Swiping on seat container it shows you seat number and extra charges if asserted with them.
  • Choose the way how you pay the price for the flight.
  • After payment, you receive a confirmation message and print this page for further reference.

American Airlines Exotic Deals

Are you looking for deals and offers on American airlines? Then you do not have to spend your whole day searching to get the deals and offers. American Airlines official site offers lots of deals on flight booking online to various destinations. You can avail the best deals from American airlines official site which publishes various hottest deals regularly. You can also use American airlines promo codes which will be applied while booking flight tickets. Passengers can save their lots of time and efforts while using these exotic deals and spend your hard earned money on other travel expenses.

What is American Airlines check-in policy

You can check-in either by app online or at the airport desk with American Airlines. Categorization of check-in policy in American Airlines as follows :

  • Check-in at the airport: If customer check-in or check bags at the airport, customers must be present at the airport at a certain period of time before departure of the flight.
  • Check-in by app: American Airlines provides a facility to customers can check-in online by an app starting 24 hours before and 45 minutes before departure of the flight.

What is American Airlines Baggage Policy

Under Baggage Policy of American Airlines aware customers related to weight and size of baggage in the flight. It allows which type of bags carried by customer during their tour. If you are facing any difficulty in getting proper information about baggage size, charges applied on it then you can directly contact our expert executive of American Airlines reservations. They are happy to treat you.

Carry on bag policy

  • One carry and personal item free to carry in flight.
  • Charges apply on per bag on the basis of weight and size with the checked number.

Your checked bag weight and size should be

  • Dimension of a bag: 62 inches or 158 cm
  • Weight of a bag : 50 lbs / 23 kg
  • For Business weight is 70 lbs / 32 kg

How to cancel tickets with American Airlines

For any urgency you need to cancel your book ticket. There are few steps to cancel ticket with American Airlines. By following these steps you can easily cancel your ticket.

  1. Go to official website.
  2. Login with your account and negotiate to the cancellation page.
  3. Then click on the flight and enter your confirmation number, first & last name.
  4. Check your flight information thoroughly.
  5. Go to the bottom and watch the travel funds.
  6. Now  you can cancel your reservation from the bottom of the page.
  7. You can also follow the guidelines to get a refund.

What is American Ailines Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy depends upon the type of ticket that you are purchased, for any reason you need to cancel your book ticket with American Airlines to be observed. Before cancel your ticket you should read out guidelines to cancel booking mentioned on ticket. American Airlines facilitated its customers to cancel their ticket either by electronic and paper in different classes through online. Paper ticket requires travel agent details to create contact or visit on the assigned address to cancel the ticket. On the other hand, through official site, you need to cancel your ticket and want to use the credit with another flight. Here, American Airlines cancellation experts available all necessary information about how to cancel ticket. Customers are eligible for a refund, then customers have to wait for seven to twenty days to get a refund.

How to get the best American Airlines deals

Many passengers of American airlines have a question what is the process for American airlines manage booking? How do I get cheap American Airlines flight ticket How can I book a ticket with American Airlines official site? How do I get discount coupons and vouchers? If you also that kind question then Tripexel is best choice for you our agents will help you in getting cheap tickets, affordable travel packages, vouchers or discounts. If you want to get the best deal and manage the previous booking, then you can dial our American Airlines reservations phone number. We will help you in getting cheap tickets and affordable packages and also help you in Many other American Airlines services.

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