Alaska Airlines is the largest Amerian airline that flies to many destinations. This Airline flies over 40 million guests a year to 118 destinations, its daily average flights are 1200 across the United States and Canada, Mexico, Cuba, and Costa Rica, Alaska Airlines tie-up with and Virgin America and its partners. If you are searching for booking tickets at an affordable rate then you can hire our services through Alaska Airlines Reservations . We present at your door to help you and provide the best solution to your problem. Alaska Aircrafts has codeshare agreements with Aeromexico, American Airlines, Air France, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Delta Air Lines, Qantas, and Icelandair. Here are some popular destinations of Alaska Airlines: Portland, Philadelphia, Petersburg, Palm Springs, Manzanillo, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Liberia, Detroit, Dallas, Cordova, Chicago, Charleston, Cancun, Burbank, Boston, Bethel, Bellingham, Barrow, Baltimore, Austin, Atlanta, Anchorage, Albuquerque, Alak, and many others.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

Alaska Airlines baggage policy is very useful to get ready with your luggage for the destination with family. Our prime concern ready you and your bag for plan destination with full security. Alaska Airlines baggage policy is different from other airlines. According to the policy, it allows passengers with only 1 carry-on baggage and 1 personal item in-flight. Otherwise, this airline charges for each additional item, include $25 for 1st & 2nd bag and $75 for each additional bag. Getting details by calling on Alaska Airlines Reservations, we arrange your call direct with senior customer executives to settle your problems and queries within minutes. Next, we will give you more information about the baggage policy and its services.

Carry-on Luggage

Under carry-on luggage, customers are allowed with 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item include briefcase, purse or laptop bag, help to make the boarding process smooth and comfortable for everyone. Your item should be fit under the seat in front of you or put it into the overhead bin nicely. The size of the carry-on item including wheels and handle should be 22x 14 x 9 inches. You must check your bag size before flying according to policy.

Checked baggage

Charge apply differently on bags under Alaska Airlines i.e charge on first bag $30, charge on second bag $40, for third and additional bags $100 on each.

Baggage claim

We sure that your luggage avail within 20 minutes of your arrival at the gate. Otherwise, you will receive a discount of $25 for further Alaska Airlines flight. From 20 years 20-minute Baggage guarantee commit your way faster in the Airlines. Whenever your bag is delayed or damaged, we will try to find your bag and available other than you can fill the delayed and damage form to get rid of the situation. In case you do not file a report then you need to call on Alaska Airlines reservations. Or if your luggage belongs outside the USA then call between 7 days of arrival.

Special baggage

Fragile/ bulky items, musical instruments, sports equipment, Firearms, etc which need special requirements, these special items carry in flight with extra charges.

Prohibited items

There are some items prohibited and restricted to come in-flight that cause harmful effects due to the difference in temperature and pressure during the journey such items are alcohol, batteries, Explosives, Flammable liquids or solids, Household items(Drain cleaners, solvents), Powder and powder-like substances, etc.

If you want to know more about the baggage policy then you contact our Alaska airlines customer service.

Types of Seating Class in Alaska Airlines

Economy Class

Economy Class is also known as ‘Main Cabin’, it is the most basic class of cabin. In the Economy Class, there are two types of fare to choose from, the ‘Saver’ fare and the ‘Main Cabin’ fare. You can easily understand the meaning of these fare by its words.


Passenger can have the food and drinks menu in the Main Cabin. There is also available to order the meals up to 12 hours before take-off. The passengers can enjoy the Wi-Fi for general internet browsing and to connect to the inflight entertainment system of Alaska Airlines.


The seats are made from leather and there is also available the ample space for legroom with USB port and power outlet fitted to each seat.

Premium Economy Class

The Premium Economy Class is known as ‘Premium Class’, that allows the passengers everything that the Main Cabin provides. But Premium Class has some extra facilities that make your flies more comfortable.


In the premium class, passengers can have a complimentary drink such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic as well as complimentary snacks. It also offers the premium boarding and seating


Premium economy’s seats are made with genuine leather. And it is much more comfortable because It has 4 inches more legroom compared to Main Cabin seats.

Business Class

Alaska Airlines don’t offer any Business Class. If any passenger wishes to upgrade from the Premium Class, then the passenger can go for Alaska Airlines’ First Class’. It is more comfortable then Premium Class.

First Class

First Class has the highest standard of service and most luxurious cabin class. It is one of the best Class of Alaska Airlines. To know the detail information about facilities in first class join on Alaska Airlines Reservations.


Drink and Food are complementary in the First Class of Alaska Airlines. You can order food and drink up to 24 hours before take-off. At the time of the flight, passengers are given a free entertainment tablet and soft quilted blanket. The seats of the First Class are more comfortable and much larger than the Main Cabin and Premium Class, with more recline and 40 inches of pitch.

First Class Lounge

Alaska Airlines are providing First Class Lounge is a quite and relaxing space to their passengers to unwind before their flight. The First Class Lounge provides a variety of snacks and food with complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to their passengers. The address of the First Class Lounges are Seattle, Los Angeles, New York JGK, Portland and Anchorage airport. Alaska Airlines planning to open a brand new First Class Lounge at San Francisco International Airport next year.

Amenities Provided by Alaska Airlines

Inflight Entertainment

Inflight Entertainment with Gogo Entertainment App

Alaska Airlines Reservations are providing two types of inflight entertainment services. Passengers can either download the Gogo Entertainment app to movies & TV shows on their own device, or on certain flight paths, Alaska provide an inflight entertainment tablet on rent. With the Gogo Entertainment application, Alaska’s passengers are able to stream multiple TV shows and movies on their tablet, mobile or laptop device. Gogo Entertainment app allow the passenger to access for free to over 500 titles which include around 200 movies and TV shows. The passenger can also access the in-flight entertainment tablet which are pre loaded with latest movies and TV shows. These tablets are available for rent on coast-to coast and Hawaii flights.

Inflight Wi-Fi

Alaska Airlines provide their passengers one of the most sophisticated WiFi services from any other airline, powered by GoGo, it is satellite-based WiFi that give the passenger to access the Internet from the moment you reach the departure gate up until the passenger pass via arrivals on the other side. Satellite-based WiFi is not available in all Boeing and Airbus aircraft but it will be available by 2021. Before then, passenger use ViaSat WiFi on certain Airbus aircraft that allows the passenger to access the Internet inflight as normal

Meal and Drinks

Meal Options:- The passengers are travelling in the First Class can choose from a range of meals, including breakfast, snacks & main dishes. Passenger can pre-ordered the food on the Alaska Air app 24 hours before flying. The food choice available vary depending on the length of the passenger trips, but the main cabin passengers, there are available item for purchase such as sandwiches cheese platters and salads. Passenger can pre-ordered the meals on the Alaska Air app, or buy in flight.

Special Dietary Meals Requirements:- Alaska Airlines offer to passengers the dietary meal as per the passenger requirement, such as the ‘Mediterranean tapas picnic pack’ that are suitable for gluten-free, vegans, and kosher. Passenger can directly call to Alaska Airlines to get more information on how to get dietary requirements.

Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The passengers of Economy Class will receive complimentary tea & coffee and soft drinks. And some drinks such as liquor, beer and wine being available for purchase. All the drinks including beer, wines, Alaskas and non-alcoholic beverage, these drinks are included in the First Class fares.

Alaska Airlines Famous Routes

  • Bethel to Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles to Adak
  • Los Angeles to Nashville
  • Los Angeles to Kahului
  • Los Angeles to Kansas City
  • New Orleans to Los Angeles

Route Map


  • Boeing 737-700
  • Boeing 737-400C
  • Boeing 737-400
  • Boeing 737-900
  • Boeing 737-400F
  • Boeing 737-800

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