Travellers can easily contact with official spirit airlines customer care through Spirit airlines customer service number mentioned on spirit airlines official site. And to know flight status, arrival and departure time, food booking, find lost baggage you can call on that spirit airlines phone number. By calling on that number you can discuss your problems with official representative and get quick answer to your every query. If want to know what kind of services you will get with spirit airlines, then don,t worry bellow we discusses all type of services provided by spirit airlines and benefits of travelling with Spirit airlines. By reading you will know services and facilities provided by Spirit Airlines. All these facilities make spirit airlines better and more convenient then other airlines and now due to all these facilities now spirit airlines is one of the leading airline in the USA or many other countries other then United States.

Benefits that you will get with Spirit Airlines

Spirit airlines are commercial and famous airlines in the world. The headquartered of Spirit Airlines is Miramar, Florida in the Miami Metropolitan area. There are various hubs of Spirit Airlines. The fleet size of Spirit Airlines is 143. Spirit Airlines fly over 75 destinations. If you are booking a ticket with Spirit Airlines then you always want to know about the uses and benefits of Spirit airlines. There are various uses and benefits of Spirit Airlines are as follows:

  • Spirit Airlines offer to book your ticket  24*7 Days.
  • You can book your flight ticket fast and simple way.
  • Spirit Airlines offer to book your ticket anywhere in your location. 
  • You can save your costly time with Spirit Airlines, whenever you book your ticket online.
  • Spirit Airlines always provide you yummy and delicious food during the travel.
  • Spirit Airlines provide the baggage policy in the travel.
  • Spirit Airlines offer you the low-cost airfare ticket within your budget.
  • According to Spirit Airlines Check-in Policy, you can use various check-in methods at the airport for you.
  • Spirit Airlines offer medical treatment services for you.
  • Spirit Airlines provides you lots of entertainment during the travel.
  • Spirit Airlines offer you various packages like a vacation, holiday packages and many more.
  • Spirit Airlines offer the refund policy for your cancellation ticket.
  • Spirit Airlines allow traveling with your small and lovely pet like cats, dogs, etc.
  • You get the various types of special deals, discounts and offers with the Spirit Airlines.
  • You never feel bored and uncomfortable with Spirit Airlines.

Thus these facilities are offered by Spirit Airlines. For more details about the uses and benefits of Spirit Airlines, You can visit our official website. If you are not satisfied with our site then you can call our customer service representatives. They can assist you with all the information about Spirit Airlines.

Services offered by Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is offered world-class services and facilities to all of its customers. The customer always wants a cheap ticket within your budget. There is various kind of services offered by Spirit Airlines like food, medical, Entertainment, Lost baggage and many more. So that customers will never face any type of the problem in the flight or, Airport.

  • Food and beverages Services: If you travel with our spirit Airlines then sometimes customers want food and beverages during the travel.  So Spirit Airlines provides to make high-ingredients healthy foods and exotic beverages during the journey. Customers have also a facility to order according to their choice. Also, get combo meals and order it.
  • Medical Services: You will always get the medical facility with Spirit Airlines. And with this airline, handicapped people will get better medical assistance or this airline also allows travelers to carry medical instruments during the travel. 
  • Entertainment Services: When you travel with Spirit Airlines, enjoy each and every moment and provides various types of entertainment services during the travel like play latest and updated TV shows, games, movies, Serial episodes, music, videos, Take Off with Live TV, Cartoon Channels and so on.
  • Lost luggage Services: Spirit Airlines always offer the lost luggage policy. When you travel with spirit Airlines sometimes your luggage is lost then you can request a claim. You need to fill a form for the missing bag. You can fill your form online for the missing bag. You can fill the form at the airport also.

You will get all these facilities or services during the journey if you want to know more about these facilities or any other facilities then you can contact Tripexel.

Types of Class in Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines divides certain categories in their tickets. These categories affect the price and convenience of tickets. But compared to other airlines, the fare of each category is less than each category of other airlines.

  • Economy Class:- Economy Class is Spirit’s most basic cabin classInThis Class on Spirit, passengers are given access to the airline’s inflight menu, where they can order a variety of hot and cold snacks, as well as a selection of beverages. Spirit Airlines flights do not have Wi-Fi or Inflight Entertainment.
  • Premium Economy Class:- Spirit Airlines offers passengers the opportunity to upgrade to a ‘Big Front Seat’ with a comfortable handrest. In terms of service, a premium economy is similar to economy class. The only difference is in the size of the seat and the addition of the tray table. There is a tray table on each seat, an added extra from the economy class.
  • Business Class:- Spirit Airlines does not offer business class. The most upscale cabin class is the ‘Big Front Seat’, which is similar to the premium economy class of other airlines.
  • First Class:- Spirit Airlines does not have a first-class cabin. This is the highest standard of cabin class ‘Big Front Seat’ which is higher than the premium economy.

Baggage Policy of Spirit Airlines that you need to know before journey

Spirit Airlines is a popular airline that always provides a baggage policy for you. Spirit Airlines always allow 1 personal item with you like a laptop bag, briefcase, and purse. If you travel with these items with Spirit Airlines then you will never pay any fee. You can check up to five bags into the hold but it is remembered for you must have to pay a fee for your baggage. Here some of the baggage policy that is beneficial for you are given below:

Carry-on baggage policy/1 personal item

When you carry 1 personal item with you such as a laptop bag, briefcase, and a purse then you never need to pay any fees for your luggage/bag. It is too comfortable for you that your bag fits in the overhead bin. The size and weight of your personal items are 40 linear inches. If you travel with A jacket, diaper bag, duty-free items, umbrella and some assistive items like crutches, strollers, child restraint seats, wheelchairs, walkers then you have to pay the charges of these items according to airlines. You should always keep your bag in the overhead bin during the take-off and landing of Spirit Airlines.

Checked baggage/hold luggage policy

You get Checked baggage and hold luggage policy with Spirit Airlines. You can check up with 2 bags standards, up to 5 maximum bags with  Spirit Airlines. The maximum dimension of the bag is 62 inches, and the maximum weight of the bag is 18 kg. You will have to pay the applicable fees with Spirit Airlines for checked baggage.

Overweight baggage policy

You get the overweight baggage policy with Spirit Airlines. Due to this policy, you will have to charge for your overweight bag during travel. If you carry 18 to 23kg then you will have to pay 30.00USD for the extra bag. If you carry 23 to 32kg then you will charge 55.00USD for the extra bag. If you carry 32 to 45kg then you will have to pay 100.00USD for the extra bag. If you carry 46kg in your bag then your bag will not be accepted for the checked baggage. 

Oversize baggage policy

Spirit Airlines offered you to carry an Oversize bag with you. But you will have to pay for your oversized bag according to airlines. When you carry 158 to 203 cm then you will have to pay 100.00USD for the extra bag. If you carry 203 to 406cm then you will charge 150.00USD for the extra bag. If your bag is greater than 406 cm then Spirit Airlines never allow carrying the particular bag as a checked bag. 

Sports equipment

Spirit Airlines allows you to carry some of the Sports equipment like Golf bags, fishing equipment, hockey, and lacrosse equipment. You will also have to charge for these sports equipment. Basically, the charge of these types of equipment will totally depend upon the size and weight.

For more information about baggage policy, you can visit Spirit Spirit airline official website or contact with Tripexel

How you can get a ticket for Spirit Airlines

The best thing about the Spirit Airlines Reservations is it always offers the low-cost price ticket within your budget. Always grab the exclusive deals and exotic discounts on your flight ticket and Book your Spirit Airlines easy and convenient way. In the United States, there are various airlines is available, but the Spirit airlines provide top-class services. Customers can book their flight tickets throughout Agent and Online Reservation.

  • ThroughtoutAgent: Whenever you book your spirit airline flight ticket with our agent then it is beneficial for you because they have good knowledge about the reservations procedure and those agents are highly skilled and experienced persons. Therefore, you can save your costly and important time. And our agents always try to offer more advantages for you. Our Agent is available for you 24hours.
  • Online reservation portal: To get Spirit airlines ticket you can visit the official site or any other site that provides flight booking services.

Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy

Spirit Airlines is the largest and popular Airlines in the world. Spirit Airlines always provide the cheap airfare ticket for you. You get always lots of enjoy with Spirit Airlines. You get various types of services and amenities through by the Spirit Airlines. You can check-in with the Spirit Airlines online. You can check-in with Spirit Airlines beginning of 24 hours and completing 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. You get a mobile boarding pass on your mobile device. There are various types of Check-in policy offered by Spirit Airlines are as follows:

Online check-in (Web check-in)

Spirit Airlines provide the facility of Online check-in or Web check-in. You can check-in online beginning of 24 hours and completing 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. You get a mobile boarding pass on your mobile device. It is always remembered that an electronic ticket is important for you. Your first flight is on Spirit Airlines. You can access your reservation with your confirmation code and e-ticket number. You can check bags with the Spirit Airlines online web check-in. You can pay bag fees with the Spirit Airlines online web check-in. You can select or change your seat with the Spirit Airlines online web check-in. 

Self-service kiosk check-in at the airport

You can check-in at the Airport with the Spirit Airlines by Self-service kiosk process. You can check-in beginning of 30 minutes to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. You get a printed boarding pass. One thing is always remembered with the self-service kiosk check-in is that you have to pay the fee for the printing boarding can check bags with the Spirit Airlines self-service kiosk check-in. You can pay bag fees with the Spirit Airlines self-service kiosk check-in. You can select or change your seat with the Spirit Airlines self-service kiosk check-in.

Ticket counter check-in at the airport

Spirit Airlines always offer the facility of ticket counter check-in at the Airport process. You can check-in at the Airport beginning of 30 minutes to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. The departure time totally depends on the departure city and destination. The printed boarding pass is necessary for you in the ticket counter check-in. You will have to pay 10.00$ for a printed boarding pass. You can check bags at the Spirit Airlines ticket counter check-in. You can pay bag fees with the Spirit Airlines ticket counter check-in. You can select or change your seat with the Spirit Airlines ticket counter check-in.

Thus the check-in policy of Spirit Airlines is important for you. Due to these check-in policies, you never get any types of issue during the check-in at the airport.  If you face any types of query related to the check-in process then you can call our customer care number. You can call 24*7 days.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines has formulated a cancellation policy that helps every passenger to know the terms and conditions through customers able to get an easy refund against the cancellation and also informs them about the charges which will have pay. Be aware of the cancellation policy of Spirit Airlines before Canceling your flight ticket.

Some major key points of Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • According to the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, if the flight booking is amended or canceled within 24 hours of the flight ticket purchase and 7 days prior to the flight’s departure, there will be no charge for the spirit airlines cancellation.
  • when flight bookings are amended or canceled more than 24 hours after the flight ticket purchase and whether or not before 7 days of flight departure, passengers will be charged a medium flight cancellation fee.
  • Note that, when the new flight fare is less than the previous flight booking, in that case, the balance will be credited through Future Travel Credit, which is valid for 60 days for another available flight booking.
  • In addition, if the new flight fare is higher than the previous one, the passenger will have to pay the difference with any difference in government taxes and fees.

If you still have any queries and concerns regarding the Cancellation Policy of Spirit Airlines. Then, you can call our customer service number for spirit airlines to know more about the cancellation policy and the refund process. Our representative will provide you all the best information they have and satisfied you.

Changes and Cancelation with Spirit Airlines

Customers can easily cancel their pre-booked flights at any odd time of the day or night. Sometimes plans are changed for some reason or sometimes wrong information is entered from the passenger. We understand this very well and that is why we provide many options to change and cancel your spirit airlines reservations so that you are not inconvenienced. You know that trying to resell tickets will increase the fare, and we try to save everyone’s money.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Like other Airlines spirit airlines always offered the refund policy for its customers. Whenever you book your Spirit Airlines ticket for your family trip then you are getting so much excited to visit for the particular destination. But due to some emergency or specific causes, you want to cancel your ticket. 

It should always remember you that when you cancel your spirit airline flight ticket within 24 hours of departure of the flight ticket then you will get your full refund directly in your account. During this situation, you will never need to pay any charges for your cancel ticket. In case if you cancel your spirit airline reservation ticket from outside of 24 hours of booking then cancellation charges will deduct in your actual fare and you will get the remaining amount in your account. 

Therefore the refund policy is beneficial for you. You should always know about every kind of refund policy of Spirit Airlines. But, still, if you face any kind of problem-related to getting your refund amount against your cancellation then you can call our customer care executives or also visit our official site. Our team members always stand to help you with every kind of problem and provide an instant solution to your problem. 

Spirit Airlines Pet policy

If you are ready with pet for adventure then this is a good idea to take off different parts all over the world by selecting good aircraft, or understanding pet policies for smooth travel. Spirit Airlines allow Service animals, emotional support animals (ESAs), psychiatric support animals (PSAs), and general pets with verifying requirements of pets depending on the classification of animals. 

Pet policy for spirit Airlines, passengers are allowed to carry the size and weight of the pet according to the company’s pet policy. You can contact customer service for Spirit Airlines to gain related information. There are some restricted animals not allowed in-flight. Dial on customer service of spirit airlines to remove confusion. 

Some points to keep in mind
  • It allows only 6  pets carries on-board in each flight
  • Allow 2 pets as per container and 1 container per passengers
  • Charge 110 $ as per pet container on each flight.
  • Charge 220 $ for round trip
Restricted animals

The Aircraft mentions a list of restricted animals that are not allowed under any circumstances in-flight. Pets fly based on factors size and weight, poses health or safety of others in-flight

  • Snakes
  • Reptiles
  • Rodents such as hamsters, mice, rats, squirrels, etc.
  • Ferrets
  • Sugar gliders
  • Spiders, etc


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