EVA Airlines was founded in 1989 as an affiliate of the shipping conglomerate Evergreen Group. If we talk about EVA airlines, then it is the second-largest airline in Taiwan. It provides various services to its customers in over 40 locations including Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. EVA Airlines is famous for its international and domestic routes and also for its best services. EVA Airlines is the 15th safest airline all around the world, which has not gone through any kind of accident to date. It is the first airline company to become very famous in their short career. It also provides very good services to its customers like flight booking, flight cancellation, lost baggage delivery, easy check-in, instant refund, etc. If you want more information about EVA Airlines, you can visit the official website of EVA Airlines or else you can also talk to our EVA Airlines customer service number.

Services offered by EVA Airlines

As we all know that EVA Airlines is famous all over the world for its services. It offers lots of best services to its customers than other airlines. At EVA Airlines, you can take advantage of its special services. Get to know about the services of EVA Airlines in detail.

Wifi service

EVA Airlines provides wifi facility to its customers during the flight, so that you can complete all your personal work which is done using the Internet. All the free wifi plans of EVA airlines are in a limited quantity and while exceeding the limit of using wifi you have to pay some extra charges or buy a plan. You can also watch your favorite entertainment shows and listen to music using wifi.

Personal TV

EVA Airlines provides personal TV services to its customers. EVA Airlines has given the gift of touch screen TV service to its customers from the year 2018. When you board the flight and you are feeling bored then you can watch your favorite shows on personal TV provided by EVA Airlines.

Food and drink service

If you love to eat while traveling then it is recommended to choose EVA airlines. EVA Airlines offers food and drink facilities to its passengers. You can order food and drinks of your choice and also ask for light alcohol.

Seat selection service

If you want to reserve your favorite seat then you can book with EVA Airlines. You also get seat selection service at EVA Airlines. If you want to book an extra seat for your journey, then EVA Airlines gives you seat selection service, through which you can book your choice of seat or even an extra seat. If you want to change the seat according to your comfort last time, then you can change through this service. EVA Airlines is the only airline to offer blanket service to its customers. Blankets of EVA airlines are much hotter and taller which gives you comfort in your journey. If you want more information about EVA Airlines customer service, you can visit our official website of EVA Airlines. And you can also get information on our EVA Airlines Customer Service Number.

How to make your flight ticket with EVA Airlines Reservations?

Whenever you think of traveling and you are looking for the best airlines, then EVA Airlines is the best for you, it travels to a good place for the customers in the money. Now the question is how to go for the flight booking of EVA airlines, then we will tell you the steps from a few simple ones which you can follow and make a flight reservation with EVA Airlines. Before flight booking at EVA Airlines, you should understand the flight booking of EVA Airlines so that you do not face any kind of problems later. As everyone knows, EVA airlines find a simple way for their customers from simple, so that they do not have any problem. Here are some steps that you can follow to make your flight booking even easier;

  • First, go to the EVA airlines official website
  • Then select the flight booking
  • Choose the trip of method
  • Then fill the destinations
  • Now fill the dates of travel or return date ( if you want to return)
  • Then select the passenger number of travel
  • Then choose the class of travel
  • Then click on the search button
  • Now select your flight ticket
  • Then fill the passenger details
  • Click confirm
  • Then choose a payment method
  • Now fill the payment details
  • Then click the confirm button
  • Now click on the done button
  • Take a print out

If you want to get more information about flight booking of EVA airlines, then you can visit our website of EVA airlines, otherwise, you can also talk to our EVA Airlines customer service number. Our EVA Airlines Customer Service Officer will help you completely. And we will try that you do not have any kind of trouble ahead.

EVA Airlines Baggage Allowance

You should read carefully the baggage policy of EVA Airlines before flight booking at EVA Airlines. As we all know that any airline can allow baggage with a limited amount of passengers. Similarly, EVA Airlines also has some baggage rules that fall within the baggage policy. If we talk about EVA airlines, then it gives discounts on some special things as compared to other airlines. You can take them on a flight in your journey. Here we will talk about the baggage limits of EVA airlines which you can take with you during the journey;

  • 1 personal item is free for passengers of all classes.
  • 1 standard bag is also free for those in economy class.
  • 2 standard bags are free for those in the business class.
  • The size of your personal item should be 10 cm x 30 cm x 40 cm / 4 ”x 12” x 16 ”. If you exceed this, you will have to pay an extra charge.
  • The size of your standard bag should be 23 cm x 36 cm x 56 cm / 9 ”x 14” x 22 ”and a maximum weight of 7 kg.
  • The maximum limit for business class weight is 40 kg / 88 lb.
  • The maximum limit for the premium economy class is 35 kg / 77 lb.
  • The maximum limit for economy class weight is 30 kg / 66 lb.
  • For infant passengers, this limit is kept 10kg / 22 lb.
  • Personal items you can take with you such as laptop, purse, small backpack, briefcase, camera case, umbrella, raincoat, a limited amount of medicine, etc.
  • If you are a sportsman, you can take your sports bag with you. But according to the given weight, if the weight of your bag is more, then you may have to pay an extra charge for it.
  • Sometimes your bag has a lot of weight, in such a situation the airlines also refuse to carry you the bag. That is why you have to take care that your bag does not weigh much.
  • Sometimes you want to take some things with you that are not right in the eyes of airlines, even in such conditions, airlines do not allow you to carry these things.
  • You have to prepare a bag that follows all the baggage policies of EVA Airlines, only then you will be able to take it with you on the flight. 

If you want to know more about the baggage policy of EVA Airlines, then you can check its baggage policy from the official website of EVA Airlines, otherwise, you can also learn more about it by talking to our customer service number of EVA Airlines.

What information provided by EVA Airlines customer service 

EVA Airlines thinks of providing the best possible service to its customers. Whenever you face any kind of problem regarding EVA airlines, you can solve EVA Airlines customer service with help. EVA Airlines promises to give you a solution to every problem. For example, if you ever need any information or help like flight booking, flight cancellation, flight status, refund policy, baggage policy, and more, you can take the help of EVA Airlines. EVA Airlines Customer Service is one of the world’s best customer services that are available 24 hours a day for its customers. If you want any information related to your flight then you can get it by visiting the website of EVA Airlines, otherwise, you can get all the information by calling the EVA Airlines customer service number.


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