Do you want to book flights, select seats and change your Aeromexico flight? Or want to know about Is Aeromexico safe to fly with, check-in, charges for baggage, cancel a flight and how to contact Aeromexico then find all the details and tips related to Aeromexico booking with Aeromexico airlines customer service team. Aeromexico airlines allow you to book flight tickets easily online from At the time of booking, You can also choose your choice of seats by paying some extra penny with Aeromexico airlines. Passengers can also change their reservations with Aeromexico by using the manage booking option on Aeromexico official website. 

Passengers can find the online check-in option on Aeromexico airlines website and check-in easily by sitting at your home. After the check-in, Aeromexico airlines will assign or allot the seats to the passenger randomly. But if you want your choice of seats then you can do it by paying some extra amount. Aeromexico airlines also allow you to carry one personal item and carry on for free but you have to pay for your first checked baggage which is $30. Also, If you change your plans of traveling with Aeromexico airlines then you are also allowed to cancel your flight bookings online with full refund. You will get a full refund if you cancel your reservations within 24 hours of booking or before 7 days of departure of the flight.

Aeromexico airlines are one of the safest airlines in the USA that’s why most of the people considered this airline to fly safely. You can also enjoy various amenities and services while flying with it which includes free hot meals and free alcohol. But if you find any kind of obstacle while booking flights, canceling your reservations, check-in online, changing your flight or any other issues then you can directly connect to our Aeromexico airlines customer care team which are available by dialing our third-party Aeromexico airlines phone number. Also, if you want to book your flight with Aeromexico directly with Aeromexico customer service department then call Aeromexico airlines contact number and ask them to make your Aeromexico airlines reservations by providing your travel details. So, Book your affordable trip to your favorite destinations without any hassle.

Here are some of the major airports which offer Aeromexico such as –

  • Chicago 0’hare international airports
  • Don Miguel Y Costilla international airport
  • Los Angeles international airport
  • Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International airport
  • Mexico City International airports
  • John F Kennedy International airport
  • Cancun international flights

World-class services and facilities of Aeromexico airlines

Aeromexico airlines has lots of amenities and services offered in the sky. The airline provides inflight dining, entertainment, seating options etc. You will get your choice of snacks, meals and drinks for free from the menu designed by world famous chefs. Also, enjoy various entertainment  movies, music, and tv series of your choice. For the entertainment purpose, aeromexico also provides free onboard magazines such as aire and Accent.

In-Flight Dining

Find complimentary food and beverages to all passengers during the flying. Foods and drinks are of the highest and most stringent quality and also follow all the health standards to make the food. Choose your meals from the onboard menu which is designed by a team of highly prestigious international chefs.

Special Meals

Aeromexico airlines try to meet all the requirements and dietary needs of the passengers. Special meals menu are available for the international flight or long haul flight. Passengers have to request or order their special meals before 48 hours of the takeoff. 

International Flights

Passengers who are flying on international flights will get special meals and if you have long flight duration you will also enjoy  breakfast or a hot meal service.

Domestic flights

Enjoy lots of snacks for both cabins and get single-serving beverages at the time of flying.


You will get free drinks and alcoholic beverages after 11 a.m which will not be dependent on the length of your flight. 

Special Assistance

Aeromexico provides special attention to the passengers who are unaccompanied minor or with infants. These passengers will get special medical accommodations while onboard which includes:

  • Wheelchair Service
  • Oxygen On Board
  • Oxygen Concentrators On Board
  • Stretchers
  • Serious Illnesses
  • Passengers with Disabilities

In-Flight Entertainment

Get various entertainments which includes free on-demand movies, music, and tv series and enjoy it by relaxing yourself. You can also use inflight wifi and free messaging services to keep connected with your loved ones. 

Free messaging

Stay connected and keep messaging to your family and friends during flight with iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. You can send text messages and emojis only with these options.

In-flight Wi-Fi

Find the inflight wifi facility with the fastest onboard internet service which is powered by GoGo Inc. Here are the steps to connect with the wifi facility.

  • Turn on WiFi on your mobile device.
  • Connect to “Aeromexico WiFi” network.
  • And Open your browser and Log on to connecting to “Aeromexico WiFi”.
Inflight movies, TV, and music 

Enjoy and stream your favorite movies, TV series, and music from the  immense collection.

Onboard Magazines

Find various onboard magazines of aeromexico which includes aire & Accent.

Travel Requirements for Passengers


Passengers who are above 18 must have their current ID or a current passport.


Passengers who are flying with an infant of six days old up to two years old must not have to purchase flight tickets for them and get a boarding pass for free.

Unaccompanied Minors

Aeromexico also offers specialized service for unaccompanied minors. 


Passengers who are at the age of 60 or older will considered as senior citizens and get all the benefits of senior citizens

Pregnant Passengers

Aeromexico airlines make sure that if any passengers are pregnant, she will fly comfortably with best possible services.

Apart from these services, if you still have any query or want to know something which will not discussed heer then you can visit the help page of Aeromexico airlines or connect to Aeromexico airlines customer service team.

What is the Cancellation policy of Aeromexico airways?

Here is the Aeromexico Cancellation policy is as follows –

  • With Aeromexico, there is an option of managing your trip which allows the passengers to make changes in the tickets.
  • In case the passenger cancels his booking he has to pay the cancellation charges as per the policy of Aeromexico airlines.
  • You can visit the official website also and cancel the booking and ask for refunds.
  • The payment will vary according to the kind of ticket booked.

What is the Aeromexico flight change policy?

If you are looking to change your tickets then you should have proper information like you should have refundable flight tickets and you need to have flight booking date and time, go through the website and see the booking procedure and much more. On the other side if you have a non-refundable ticket then you have to pay extra fees for your changing flight which depends on cabin class and journey destination according to the policy. So you can choose a suitable website for booking your tickets.

How to grab the best deals on Aeromexico?

Aeromexico team makes the best booking deals for its travelers to enjoy. You can avail of all the Aeromexico airlines through promo code. The airlines also give special offers to its passengers on holiday destination. It has also made the online booking experience very simpler. Aeromexico airlines not only offers amazing fares and discounts that help to reduce the price of airfares but also serve hotel bookings, car rentals, etc via Aeromexico airlines contact number. Here are the ways to get the best price deal on booking flights..

  • Firstly visit the website for booking and then log in to your personal account using your email and password.
  • Now choose the deal with the flight while booking then click on the additional tab option
  • After winning the award just click the deal and grab the additional services and features
  • Finally, tap the save button

If you have any kind of problem or query then call our Aeromexico airlines customer service number.

Why book with our Aeromexico Airlines customer service?

  • Aeromexico will give you 100% quality assurance from pre-flight experience till landing. Our honest and well-trained staff members handle everything very easily.
  • You will find exciting deals, amazing offers, and promotions every season to make your travel cost the lowest.
  • We regularly update our services in flight so that our customers get a safe flight journey
  • We keep all the information safe and confidential of our customers 
  • Aeromexico Airlines customer service number staff is available 24 hours to solve every query of its passengers.

By calling on our Aeromexico airlines customer service phone number +1-855-653-0624 you can talk with our Aeromexico Airlines travel agents of TripExel. They will help you to know how you can book your flight ticket with Tripexel, how to cancel, how to get a refund or more. So for imidate assistance and advice for Aeromexico airlines call on our telephone number.

Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

How do I contact Aeromexico?

To contact aeromexico, you should call our third party aeromexico airlines customer service number which are available to help their passengers all the time. 

How do I file a complaint with Aeromexico?

Passengers can file a complaint regarding any query with the aeromexico phone number and via email Also you can send them a letter to the headquarter address of aeromexico airlines. 

What is Aeromexico cancellation policy?

Aeromexico has a cancellation policy which includes you must have to cancel your flight tickets within 24 hours of booking or before 7 days of flight departure time. For the full refund you have to cancel your ticket within the given specified time. 

Does Aeromexico give refunds?

Yes, you can request a refund after cancelling the flight tickets. Refund you will get in the form of your original payment within some business days. 

How do I select seats on Aeromexico?

After completing the check-in process, aeromexico airlines will randomly assign the seats to their passengers. But you can also choose your choice of seats by paying some extra amount of fee. Also, you can reserve your favorite seat at the time of booking with aeromexico.

How do I check in for Aeromexico flight?

Aeromexico has only one check-in option which is online or mobile check-in. For that you just have to open the aeromexico website in your browser or download aeromexico airlines app and then open it. Then login into your account with your reservation or ticket number and your last name. And then check-in for your flight. 

Is Aeromexico safe to fly with?

Yes, Aeroemxico is a safe airline to fly with as it has 24% less fatal accidents than the average. 

What is an open ticket Aeromexico?

If you want to fly with aeromexico but you do not have a date to fly then you can buy an open ticket  by filling out a form which is valid for a year from the date issued.

How do I change my Aeromexico flight?

To change your Aeromexico flight to another follow the below given steps:

  • Visit Aeromexico airlines website.
  • Go to Manage trip option.
  • Now, provide your confirmation code and the last name and then click on “Find Trip”.
  • View your reservation and choose the flight which you want to change.

Does Aeromexico charge for baggage?

Yes, aeromexico charges for baggage, if your baggage are overweight and oversized. Generally aeromexico allows you to carry one personal item and carry on luggage for free. But if you carry a checked bag then you have to pay $30 for your first checked baggage. 

How do I cancel a flight on Aeromexico?

To cancel your reservations, go to and then choose manage trip option. Then enter your last name and reservation details and retrieve the booking. After that, choose your booking you want to cancel and click on the Cancel option.

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