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There are times you want to cancel your flight due to emergency or other reasons. Tripexel will give all the information on cancellation and refunding policy. If the passengers are facing any issues regarding the services of the flights, Booking, luggage issues etc then you can freely contact us. we will not entertain any products that are obtained from special tours like – Group tour on the limited that cannot be canceled. we guarantee the delivery of services that are booked through us. In those cases where there are issues like – bad weather, government orders, strike, curfew, natural calamity, or other reasons Tripexel agent will try its best to reimburse the passengers amount if it is possible. If you are not happy with the services due to which you want to cancel the services or request a refund simply contact us with your purchase information within 3 days. Tripexel takes the customers to feedback very seriously and tries to improve the quality and services for the benefit of our customers. After canceling your tickets get in touch with us without costing extra fees and will give you additional information about all the other airline’s services information also with the liberal cancellation and liberal policy… Read more

Change Flight

We know very well that how cancellation and change of flight process are tricky. But don’t worry it happens to each one of us while in terms of dates, destination or other services issues. here are the three ways you can solve your problem very easily –


Go to the official airline’s website and cancel your flight directly from there. But they can cost you an extra fee.


In case your plan changes suddenly and you do not want to travel with the same timing flight, then directly contact the airline staff at the given contact number from their official site and can change your schedule or time but it will take time.


If you will connect with then you will give the latest and updated information. On the other side, you will be connected to the airline customer service provider that will help you to make changes with your flight timing or dates.

Tips to remember before booking with the flights

The fee of the airline tickets will depend upon your destination, timing, date, fare, change

changes can also be made in the categories such as route, cabin, flight, award type.

You cannot change the tickets of the flights to other airlines

Tickets changed to some other name id non-transferrable. If you want to buy other tickets or have other issues then you can only solve it with travel agents.

Airlines Baggage Policy

Wherever you travel one should have the knowledge of baggage policy of the company. If you don’t know then it must difficult for you to face lots of trouble during the flight and it can even lead to flight cancellation. There are certain rules and regulations like limitations to weight, size, height, pieces of baggage you can check-in or carry on boards. Your baggage check checkin may also be subjected to security measures by the authority. While traveling carries all the travel documents, medication, and other valuables in your cabin baggage carried throughout your journey.

Items restricted in the airlines

There are different sizes and weights of restrictions in the baggage. Carrying Sneaky baggage will cost you more and it adds to the overall cost of the flight. Checked baggage payment will depend upon the weight of your bag, and the fees will vary on where you are flying to and from a destination.

Pet booking

If you have made your plans for vacations with your pet without even knowing the guidelines of your breed then you are going to be in huge trouble. But don’t worry tripexel company will give you airline pet policy information.

Read all the guidelines carefully before traveling with your pet:

  • The airlines do not require a health certificate with the guest in the aircraft cabin, except for USVI travel guest.
  • Domestic cats and dogs are not allowed in the flight (Goes same with the household bird). 
  • You have to pay the carry on pet charges
  • You can sit anywhere in the flight to your wish except first row and emergency exit rows. 
  • Exotic animals are not allowed such as snakes, spider, rodents, etc are not allowed. 
  • Some airlines require rabies vaccination certificated for pets for traveling so do not forget to travel without the certificate.
  • If your pet becomes offensive or causes any kind of disturbance then they will be removed immediately. 
  • Your pet and carrier should not be more than 10kg.
  • The dog should be 4 months older. 
  • If the pet becomes ill then no medication or first aid will be provided.

This pet policy is the same for every airline. So, always be make sure before purchasing the pets tickets. 

Customer service

Airlines are tasked with great responsibility and safety of travelers worldwide. In addition to the best meal, good environment, the best airlines have put a good emphasize on their customer service before, during and after the flight. After removing the difficulties of air travel it can lead to happier customer, better travel experience which also increases the service rating points.

If you are facing any kind of from related to baggage claim, refunding, booking, or cancellation issues then visit Tripexel website to know every little information. We are available 24 hours for customers to help and support. We cater the satisfaction survey to our customers that turn the information into actionable. Apart from if you are looking for booking a flight with hotel accommodation then we provide it all… Read more

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