Famous Museums In The USA

Famous Museums In The USA

Do you find Museums boring? Do you think that they can’t be entertaining? Well, if we tell you that you’re missing the authenticity of museums because they could be entertaining and fun. We do not blame you! You’ve to have the right knowledge about the Famous Museums In The USA and we’re happy to help you.

List of Iconic Museum in the USA

The United States is a country that you can mention everywhere- economy, politics, people, monuments and, what not? The United States is also well known for their thirty-five thousand museums which is obviously a big number. It is quite difficult to visit all of them if you are deciding to spend your vacation there. We’ve sorted all the Famous Museums In The USA for you to visit. Let’s jump in the list-

The Famous National Air and Space Museum

If you’re the one who gets excited whenever there is a topic of aviation. We gladly assure you that this museum is waiting for you. It has everything related to the history of aviation that you might need to know or see. You can visit the museums as there is no charge that you’ve to pay and this is the second great thing about this museum, first was aviation, of course.

Asian Art Museum

Have you seen people when they talk about art? They talk with passion and respect. Art is a one and alone thing that everyone gets along with and they feel connected. Asian art has gained respect almost everywhere. This Asian art museum is located in the deepest heart of San Francisco. This museum is almost six thousand year old and has thousands of things to see and adore. If you’ve love for Asian art. You should pay a visit.

Salvador Dalí Museum

Salvador Dali? Ever heard the name? No? It’s fine, we’ve got you covered! Salvador Dali was a famous artist and he belonged to Spain. The famous Dal Museum has great art pieces. This fascinating museum in the USA has so many art pieces including books, painting and. etc.

The Children’s Museum 

This museum has everything that a family needs. It’s quite big and a children’s favorite. Children get excited whenever they hear about dinosaurs and how they really got extinct. That’s why the Children’s museum has everything great about it. This museum has more than one hundred and twenty thousand artifacts and many other things. If your exploration mode is on, enter this museum with your kids. It’s a great idea to have some family time at this great museum in the USA.

The National WWII Museum

Do you know that this museum used to be known as the National D-Day Museum? Well, we just added to your knowledge. One really should know about these world wars because this is why everything we have today, the economy, the culture, the food and more. It is situated in New Orleans and has a great sight inside and around.

All the military stuff, if that excites you! You should visit this museum once as it is also a Smithosian affiliate museum.

Cleveland Museum of Art

This museum is one of the greatest museums in the USA. if you’re a photography enthusiast you should visit this museum once. This museum is loaded with art works and more.

Think about if a museum has more than six hundred piece of art how huge land it is on.  

Museum of Fine Arts

Boston is our favorite place at least. It is known as the largest museum. This museum focuses on the American and European art and it has a diverse collection. Boston is an amazing place to visit and with this museum situated there you should give it a thought and to be assured, we’re here to tell you more about it.

IF You Want To Explore More…

If you’re a person who is crazy about arts, history, and museums you’ve to visit all that we listed. They’re so many more to explore! If you’re willing to extend your vacation or trip to the USA we have a whole new list of Famous Museums in the USA. Stay Tuned!

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