Top Expectations During the Oktoberfest

By hearing the event’s name, you must be expecting it to happen in the last quarter. Surprisingly, Oktoberfest begins in the third week of September with plenty of activities you may enjoy.

Did you know that Oktoberfest started in 1810 when a royal wedding in Munich happened? The couple has invited the people to join the party and just celebrate with them. It was a huge event, and back then, there were horse races that most citizens performed and enjoyed.

At the present, Oktoberfest is best known as the largest beer festival in the world. There are lots of changes to how the festival is celebrated, but it is worth the wait each year. So, the article will show you some of the best experiences during the festival, and you will be surprised.

Top 6 Expectations During the Oktoberfest

  1. Plan Ahead of Time
    Oktoberfest is just around the corner, and booking earlier than the event is vital for a better experience. A three-day stay in Munich would be enough to enjoy the festival, with lots of drinking in it.

    The event could be exhausting, especially if you are the kind of tourist who takes drinking seriously. You may struggle with a hangover wherein the next two days are necessary to get some rest.

    Find a tour package that you think will accommodate your needs during the festival. It would be easier to book a stay months before the event to obtain the best tent ever.
  2. Traditional Clothes
    Munich has the most unique attires that visitors can also wear during Oktoberfest. Most of the attendees are in a traditional costume, so you better join them so you do not feel left out. No worries for several stores that will be selling a couple of clothes, such as dirndl and lederhosen, at a cheaper cost. They are also available online, however, you cannot try the outfits to see if they look good on you.

    Wearing traditional attire can enhance the feeling of joining the festival. You will appreciate every penny spent when you feel you belong with the people in Munich.
  3. Transportation
    Roaming around Munich is easy and you will never get lost. Their metro system consists of buses, trains, and even underground transport. It is also stated on your accommodation ticket how you can go around the city.

    The ticket will be valid in all means of transportation for your convenience. Buying one would not break your pocket, but shall benefit your whole trip.

    Always bring the ticket whenever you step out of the hotel room to ensure passing through the subways. You might be wondering why some officers won’t say a word to you not showing the ticket, but there will be fees once you are caught. It would cost 60 euros per head. So, if you think you forgot to bring your ticket, better buy another piece to reduce possible expenses.
  4. Be Extra Cautious
    Drunk German men can be dangerous, and you will encounter a lot of them during the festival. Being careful who you hang out with is important to prevent getting hurt. Better bring someone that will protect you in such a scenario. It was never a good idea to drink beer with strangers all alone.

    Well, you should also watch out for women. Intoxicated ladies may come to your table picking a fight, but do not mind them. They can be flirty that you must stay aware of, especially when you are with your boyfriend.

    One of the weirdest activities during the beer festival is to drink a liter of beer straight once you stand on the table. You will hear the crowd cheering. Therefore, if you are not ready to slam a lot of beer, better not stand on tables. Failing on the challenge will result in an unending “boo”.
  5. Different Types of Beer

    Munich beer has a stronger formula than the average beer. Plus, it is served in a liter mug, so drink moderately. Oktoberfest made history by serving over 7 million liters of beer each year to cater to 6.3 million guests.

    Among the mistakes of heavy drinkers is that they do not consume solid food while slamming beer. This can be very risky. Gladly, the festival offers a lot of food choices to keep everything in balance.

    Some of the guests may go back to their hotel room vomiting on the ground. It is so disgusting that you need to watch out for every step not to ruin your shoes. You will see almost everyone having a hard time walking straight after the party, which is a funny thing to watch.
  6. Meet New Friends

    People in Munich are so friendly that it makes it harder to leave once the festival is done. There will be lots of meaningful conversations with the amazing locals that you can treasure for the rest of your life. Hence, do not waste time just drinking beer but make sure to meet new people around. It is a joyous festival and also very heartwarming in the case of visitors who had a chance to make friends.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Oktoberfest is something that you can add up to your bucket list. It may seem like a beer party, but it will also showcase more of Munich tradition. The people around the city are easy to go around with and it is a perfect place to make memories.

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