Delta Airlines Pet Policy 2021: Terms And Conditions Of Traveling With Pets

Delta airlines are the customer-oriented airlines that are always famous for one of the beneficial and useful pet policies.  Delta airlines provides the pet policy for its Passengers. It is the best reason that passengers always want to book delta airlines tickets at a very affordable rate within their budget. Passengers can travel their favorite destinations with delta airlines and make their trip full of happiness. Not only this, but delta airlines passengers can also grab the various types of beneficial policies, like refund policy, baggage policy, cancellation policy, check-in policy, and etc. Nowadays, every passenger loves their pets and always wants to fly with their pets. So delta airlines always allowed their small and lovely pets like cats, dogs, and birds to be transported as cargo on a first-come basis. Delta airlines always provides a separate and comfortable cabin for each and every pet.  Therefore, passengers will never face any kind of problem regarding their particular pets during the trip. Here some of the method of transportation that always provided for the particular pets with delta airlines:

  • Always travel in the passenger cabin.
  • Checked baggage in the pressurized and temperature controlled area of your aircraft.

Pets that are well-qualified for travel in the passenger cabin:

  • Delta airlines passengers pets should be small. The best thing about the pet should always fit comfortably in a kennel under the seat directly in front of you. So that the maximum carry-on kennel dimensions(size and weight) are determined by your flight. 
  • Delta airlines passengers pets should remain inside the kennel during the boarding area. 
  • Delta airlines passengers should be at least 8 weeks old.
  • Delta airlines passengers only carry domestic dogs, cats, and birds.
  • The kennel is always specifically made for animal carriage. And the dimensions of the kennel are always determined by aircraft type.
  • Delta airlines passenger’s pets have all essential health documents needed by their destination.
  • Delta airlines passengers never carry on more than one pet per journey. Therefore two same types of pets can be allowed in one kennel. And it should be always remembered that both pets should be small enough to fit in one kennel. 
  • In the present time, passengers are not allowed to carry their pets in the international business class.

Delta Airlines always limit the number of pets allowed in the cabin per flight: 

  • For First Class 2
  • For BusinessElite Class 2
  • For Main Cabin 4

Delta airlines pets always meet the various kinds of qualifications can travel as checked baggage:

  • Delta airlines passengers’ pets can comfortably remain in their kennel for the entire flight.
  • Delta airlines can be always accepted only cats, dogs, household birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters as checked baggage.
  • Never allow snub-nosed dogs or cats to fly as checked baggage.
  • The kennel always fulfills all the requirements.

Here are the costs that are associated with delta airlines pet transportation:

  • Whenever pets are traveling in the passenger cabin U.S./Canada, and Puerto Rico then you need to pay $125 for one way.
  • Whenever pets are traveling in the passenger cabin outside the U.S then you will have to pay $200 for one way.
  • Whenever pets are traveling from Brazil then they need to pay $75 for one way.

Requirements Of Kennel:

In spite of the size and weight maximums, the Delta airlines need that kennels fulfill the various requirements:

  • The delta airlines kennel is made out of rigid plastic, wood, metal, or material of comparable strength with solid roofs.
  • Always keep the functional handles on the exterior to prevent tilting and any direct contact with the pet.
  • Always close safely, but never lock.
  • Delta airlines always contain some kind of absorbing bedding.
  • Delta airlines always contain two types of dishes in the flight and are attached to the inside of the kennel door that should be easily accessible to delta airlines agents without opening the kennel door.
  • The feeding instructions always affixed to the top of the kennel, along with shipper and consignee details.
  • Never made completely of welded mesh, wire mesh, wicker, cardboard, or collapsible materials.

Benefits Of Delta Airlines Pet Policy

  • Delta airlines passengers can always be with their pets.
  • Delta airlines passengers never need to pay kind of extra charges to carry their small pets.
  • Delta airlines passengers can always enjoy a safe and hassle-free journey with their pets.


Hence, whenever you want to travel with your small and lovely pet with delta airlines flight then you should always remember the above terms and conditions. Delta airlines passengers will never get any kind of problem during the making the flight tickets and after booking, passengers get the beneficial and useful promo codes, vouchers, coupons, and many more things. Due to these advantages and benefits, passengers can enjoy each and every moment while traveling with delta and get the hottest deals and amazing offers with the flight ticket. Still, if you want to know additional information about the delta airlines pet policy then you can comment here.

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