10 Most Popular Costa Rica Drinks You Have to Take A Sip

10 Most Popular Costa Rica Drinks You Have to Take A Sip

Costa Rica is the best place for traditional drinks and also for the person who is nature and adventure lovers. This ancient place is also famous for serving his best local foods. Many of the locals who stay here are from a different culture and are also very much friendly. Here you can dilute yourself in local drinks as much as you can. You can also get lots of tourist attractions points and Things to do in Costa Rica. In the bars of Costa Rica, they serve an amazing variety of drinks. Drinking is the best feature part of gastronomy. In the making of the Costa Rica drinks menu, the broad-based mixed culture and history of a hundred years all of this have played a big role in forming this. You must taste a sample of local flavors of Costa Rica foods and drinks when you visit Costa Rica. Just like other drinks in many countries, Costa Rican drinks are also famous for their different varieties.

Top 10 Drinks in Costa Rica You should Try


This is considered the national drink of this country. The logo of this drink has been correlated with Peru that is the same as for pisco in Peru. Guaro is a clear sugar cane alcohol tastes like vodka. Many of you love to drink rum for them will be the best one. In Costa Rica, you will find only one producer guard from 1851 in the national factory of Fabrica Nacional de Licores. The main fact of this drink is that the percentage of alcohol is only 30 percent due to this drink looks docile. Refresco or fruit juice and its smoothness make it’s quite dangerous.

Spicy shot of Chiliguaro

The spicy shot of Chiliguaro is becoming very famous day by day between many of the tourists. Due to its simplicity, it is on high demand made of tomato juice, hot sauce, and lime juice and tastes like a bloody mary or caesar cocktail of Canada. There is a big competition of making the best Chiliguaro drink.

But everyone has their own way of making this. But also remind when anyone goes. After taking a sip of this you will feel exhausted.

This drink is known for his similarity to Rum and struck in the Caribbean. But you have to take it carefully due to its pretty lose recipe and dangerous too. This has been prepared by adding lots of ingredients like orange and pineapple juice with triple sec, grenadine or lime juice. People of Costa Rica also know this as a national philosophy of their country. Many tourists visit this place to taste Pura Vida with his family and friends.

Costa Rican Craft Beer

Costa Rican Craft Beer is one of the best that costa has ever got. There will see many varieties of beer with a german style in which you will see typical generic lagers and ales that is most famous in the Americas. Due to its high demand consumption of beer is very high. The logo of beer looks very attractive you can easily find this beer in any of the restaurants, grocery stores as well as in convenience stores. If you haven’t ever tasted this then the first experience will be very nice.


Horchata is known as the famous traditional drink in Mexico and throughout Latin America. Due to its virtual taste, there is a big demand for this drink in Latin America.

You can find this totally different from other drinks because this is formed by rice and a little bit of cornmeal. And after the addition of creamy texture and sweetened condensed milk and a mixture of cinnamon has been added for increasing its taste which makes this delicious costa Rica drinks.

Malacrianza Beer

Malacrianza Beer is invented by Costa Rica Craft Brewing Co.  It is a deep copper-colored ale with a Sweet Malty Flavor. This Scottish ale produced by Costa Rica craft brewing co. is named after a killer rodeo bull. And unsurprisingly it combination very good with steak. If you need to sip this Malacrianza beer, you can order your personal keg from the company’s headquarters near Cartago. If the party for our personal issue now it is the best option to enjoy after drinking this costa Malacrianza beer.

Indio Desnuda

“Indio Desnuda” is a Spanish word, in English, it is “naked Indian”. The reason for this name may be that the people of Costa Rica are shedding multiple layers of cloth after imitating a strong shot of this drink. This is a regular occurrence in Costa Rica. 

Let’s talk about its ingredients and recipe – The ingredients of Indio Desnuda are Vodka, Triple Sec, and Lemon Juice. Now I will talk about the recipe of these drinks, it is a combination of 1.5 ounces of vodka (National Liquor Factory of Costa Rica made a brand named vodka zar) with 1 ounce of lime or lemon juice and 1 ounce of Triple Sec.


These drinks are known as blow job shots, the reason being that the shots are drinks without using hands and the shot contains whip cream. The shots are combined with Baileys, Kahlua, and Amaretto, with whipped cream used to make sugary, coffee in the mouth. The recipe of this drink is, you have to put 15 ml of Baileys, Kahlua, and Amaretto equally into a martini shaker, after that, you can serve the drinks in a tall shot glass with whipped cream.


Miguelito is prepared with the evaporated milk powder, Guaro, and coconut milk, it is a sweet shot drink. Miguelito is somewhat comparable to other coconut drinks, but the combination of Guaro and ice makes it a singularly Costa Rican confection. You can prepare the drink in two versions, one as the mixed frozen version and one in the iced and stirred version. Recipe of the mixed frozen and blender version take 6 tablespoons of evaporated milk powder, 6 shots of Guaro Cacique, 6 shots of coconut milk and for the blender, mix two or three cups of ice.


The spicy shot can be found at any bar in the costa bar, but the debate is on among the people here in the office and pretty much all Ticos as to the bar that has the best ChiliGuaro. The drinks are usually made on a large scale in a mixing bowl and including the bottle of Guaro, ten to eleven mandarin limes and a bottle of Tabasco. Now we will discuss the recipe of ChiliGuaro… First, you need a martini shaker. Take an ounce of Cacique-Guaro, and mix it with a wedge of squeezed mandarin lime juice. Keep an extra wedge of mandarin lime for decoration of the ring of the glass. Add a pinch of salt with 2 to 3  dashes of Tabasco into the shaker for the better turn. Pour a shot and garnish with a mandarin lime.

Guaro Sour

Guaro Sour is very refreshing after a long day of moving in the forest, or a few sips from your chair or poolside swim-up bar is the perfect way to enjoy your day. The Guaro Sour is like a sour of whiskey, it is the perfect cooler for hot day or night. the procedure of making Guaro Sour is – mix the two fingers of Guaro with a splash of club soda and less than a tablespoon of syrup of raw sugar. Line the rim of the glass with your lime wedge and leave it as a garnish.


If you visit Costa Rica new place and you have no idea about this place local food and drinks scene. One of the most important costa Rica gastronomy is drinking. Here is a hundred years of history of culture has created a unique menu of drinks. If you visit this area you are not complete if you not drink a sample of here local flavors. You can also enjoy white water rafting in costa rica when you visit this place and also taste here local dishes, may is sure you get an idea of what life is like in this amazing country.

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