How To Check Turkish Airlines Flight Status

How To Check Turkish Airlines Flight Status

You would now like to track the status of the flight on which you have made your Turkish Airlines booking or would like to track the flight status of a flight, someone you know is traveling in. 

Turkish airlines have simplified the procedure to check the flight status on the Turkish Airlines website. Being a global carrier, they have enabled seven of the most widely used languages from across the globe. You would require the flight number, arrival or departure airport/city name, and scheduled date to check the flight status.

The step by step process to check your flight status is as follows:

  1. Go to Turkish Airlines website
  1. Click on Flight Status
Turkish Airlines website
  1. Click on the drop down and select the search criterion 
Click on the drop down and select the search criterion
  1. If you have selected ‘ Flight no.’, enter the flight no., choose the date and click on ‘>’
Flight no.’, enter the flight no.

Advantages of check your turkish airlines flight status:

  • Track flight updates real time and prepare accordingly.
  • Helps track terminal or gate details which will help save time.
  • Change or cancel tickets if there is a delay or re-plan trip.

Why Flight Status Change?

Flight status change may occur due to unexpected causes (including weather conditions, epidemics, natural disasters, and/or technical or operational issues). While the airlines would inform the passengers of any delays, changes, or cancellations over SMS and Email, the status change can also be checked online when required. This would make arrangements to go to the airport etc. and be aware of the real-time.


Turkish airlines make it easier to track the flight status on their website using multiple search criteria. In case you don’t have the flight ticket handy, you can use the arrival or destination airport/city detail to check the flight status. Turkish airlines inform passengers of flight delays through SMS and Email, alternatively, this is available on the website. In case of a flight change, passengers can view and manage the flight reservation using the website or mobile app.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How will I be informed of a schedule changer?

Turkish Airlines notifies passengers by text messages and e-mail in case of a schedule change.

How can I confirm, change or cancel the new flight, incase of a flight change?

Turkish Airlines notifies our passengers via text message and e-mail in case of flight cancelation. You can also check on your flight status through our website and mobile application.

What rights do I have if my flight is cancelled?

You can make a flight change or obtain a refund if your flight has been canceled. Please check your rights in the Passenger Rights table and perform your transactions.

Which channels can I use for my award ticket in case of flight changes or cancellations?

You can carry out your transactions on our website, mobile application, and kiosks. You can also contact our call center, as well as sales offices affiliated with Turkish Airlines.

Can economy class passenger check for turkish airlines flight status update?

Yes, they can check using the official Turkish Airlines website

What rights do I have in case of an extraordinary circumstance?

You can change your flight or obtain a refund upon an extraordinary circumstance declaration. You can learn about your rights as a passenger, provided in the Passenger Rights brochure, and carry out your transactions accordingly.

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