Cheap Honeymoon Destinations In United States

Cheap Honeymoon Destinations In United States

Some experiences are planned once in a lifetime, you want these memories to be the best, out of the few, one such moment is your honeymoon. People start planning for their honeymoon years before their marriage and start looking for different exotic places for this beautiful moment but end up in disappointment due to their budget. If you are planning for your honeymoon to travel to the most luxurious places on earth and your budget doesn’t allow much. Don’t worry, here is the list of some cheap honeymoon destinations in the United States that will allow you to fulfill your dream to have memorable Honeymoon Destinations In the United States.

Some Cheap Honeymoon Destinations In The United States Are

San Juan Islands:

  • What do you think about a perfect honeymoon destination? You surely have imagined beautiful mountains, sea views, and romantic places where you and your partner can deeply fall in love.
  • That’s what makes this island so beautiful. It’s not only the sea and mountains but the things you explore here are just unforgettable.
  • You can have fun by watching orcas here, that are killer whales. Another amazing activity you can enjoy here is sea kayaking to have more adventure and to add some thrilling memories with your beloved partner. You can also travel to beautiful art galleries and museums to make your experience more joyful.

Key West, Florida:

  • Key West is an island situated in Florida. Like in the San Juan Islands, you can enjoy sea kayaking here or you can spend your quality time sailing or doing other sea activities.
  • One of the peaceful places in Key West is Smathers Beach where you can have peace and enjoy tree shade with your partner.
  • If you are not afraid of heights then you can also visit Key West Lighthouse and you can add some breathtaking moments to your list. Here, you can travel to some peaceful places like Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum to explore the history and Mallory Square to get an amazing view of the sunset with your partner.

Cannon Beach, Oregon:

  • Cannon Beach is considered one of the most beautiful places in this world. Wonder Why?
  • The most fascinating thing on Cannon Beach is the rock. Yes! A rock named Haystack Rock. Tourists visit far from the United States to see this natural rock and have a good time in Oregon. Not only this, if you are traveling to Cannon Beach, don’t skip going to Ecola State Park. Amazing sceneries and sea views with the lovely breeze here are just astounding. 
  • One thing that makes this place among the most beautiful places is the wildlife. You can look for different species of birds flying over the seashore, vast species of marine animals including the gray whale are eye-catching. 
  • You can do never-ending adventures here like Bicycling around Cannon Beach and hiking for more thrill and sensation.
  • Cannon Beach is one of the reasons, you will find here everything what you want in your trip or tour.

Mendocino, California:

  • Mendocino is in the top 5 spots because of its amazing ocean view and beautiful landscape. It’s the place for you if you are looking for a peaceful destination with a healthy environment and landscape.
  • There are many places to explore here but some of the best places here are Mendocino Headlands State Park which is famous for its jagged coastline and amazing beach view, Mendocino Art Center for art lovers, and also there are a number of museums that you can plan to visit.
  • Nature here is just phenomenal to enjoy. So, you can definitely add this destination to your honeymoon diary.

Oahu, Hawaii:

  • Hawaii is an exceptional place to plan your honeymoon. You must have heard about the name ‘Hawaii’ from some movies. A vast number of people come from all over the globe to spend their vacation in Hawaii. 
  • Oahu is the third-largest island of Hawaii and one of the most exciting places to travel.
  • If you and your partner both love adventurous activities, you can go jet boating, scuba diving, kayaking, etc, and then also enjoy the nightlife of Hawaii which is quite amazing.
  • Not only fun-loving sports activities but you can explore the art and culture of Oahu by visiting different architectural, cultural, and historical places. 
  • In all, Hawaii is an exciting place to spend time with your partner. But one thing to keep in mind while traveling to Hawaii is that you need to look for the right time to visit if you have less budget and you are looking for cheap accommodations.


The United States has many other destinations for travel. But if your budget doesn’t allow much, plan accordingly. You can have the best time of your life visiting any of these listed places.

May the beautiful landscapes, beaches, and mountains fill your heart with an everlasting love.

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