Top 10 Highest Places for Bungee Jumping in South Africa

Bungee Jumping in South Africa

If you are a travel lover then plan your vacation for South Africa which is popular for wildlife destinations or different things to do in this country. Guess, almost 16 million travelers visit South Africa to enjoy, and refreshen nature’s beauty.  It counts in 7 worlds of wonders and is one of the world-class destinations places full of diverse and glories landscapes. You definitely like to explore the beauty of the place. The country invites travelers and the local public to take interest in extravagant picture-perfect landscape, pleasant environment, and beautiful greenery. Bungee jumping is an activity carried out on bridges, towers, etc in the world. Some people enjoy the activity and for some people, it is dangerous and gives a warm sensation. In old age, Bungee jumping was the old ritual for boys to show manhood, ankles were tied with stretchable vines and then knot to two bamboo towers. Boys were necessary to jump according to old tribal rituals from height to prove manhood. In today’s modern time, bungee jumping is carried out with highly specialized equipment. Here we present the top 10 bungee jumping places in South Africa :

Bloukrans Bridge, Storms River – The Highest in South Africa

Bloukrans Bridge carried out its operation by Face Adrenalin and is situated at the height of 216 m from the Bloukrans River. It becomes the first bungee jumping bridge in 1990 on African bridge. Its operator in 1997 makes the bridge accident free. It comes in the highest bungee in the world. The bridge located between the border of western cape and the eastern cape. Carefully enjoy these places with proper information and safety.

Bungee Mogale, Krugersdorp

It provides service from 2005 to travelers. With bungee jumping travelers buy other things associated with bungee jumping packages include branded t-shirts, caps, and footage of your jump. It offers different activities like Foofy-Slide and a Bridge Swing. Allow for bungee or you should be in a group of ten people or more than 10. Back to back jumping is not allowed. You must visit the place to take the experience of bungee jumping. Enjoy a bridge swing, 320m above slide, adventure circuit, restaurant, and bar.

Points to remember: 

  • Minimum weight of 40 kg, for bungee jumping
  • maximum weight of 125 kg for bungee jumping

Offer different types of Jumps : 

  •  Forward Dive
  •  Backward Dives
  •  Waist Jumps

Orlando Towers, Soweto

After some time cooling tower was moduled in the adventure center and carried out different interesting and amazing activities. The tower decorated with bright colors depicts images on the wall. If you want to do bungee jumping from the tower, the traveler necessary to take the giant lift to reach the top of the tower. Travelers attract to Orlando Towers, and Soweto due to bungee jumping which is 100 m above the ground.

Moses Mabhida Stadium Big Swing, Durban

A multi-purpose stadium and attraction center for many events, like bungee jumping, concerts, cricket, football, golf practice, motorsports, and rugby. It’s named the name of the great former general secretary of the South African communist party. It was opened for commercial purposes in 28 November 2009 and it’s volume carried 56000. If you visit the place, you will definitely not get bored because there are many things to do in the stadium. Nomenclature of the stadium on the name of former Secretary of South Africa.

Cable Car, Cape Town

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway is situated in Cape Town, South Africa providing 4-5 minute one-way trip to the mountain peak in Cape town. Every year almost 1 million travelers visit Cape Town to enjoy the ride to the top table mountain. A number of people heat the ground in the month of January. Famous tourist attraction in Cape Town, South Africa and comes in 7 wonders of nature. Be entertained and take the experience of bungee jumping from Table Mountain  Cable Car. Feel the thrill of an adventure event.

Gouritz Bridge, Gouritz

It is famous for bungee jumping from the bridge at the height 65 m above the river. The bridge lies on the N2 route. In 1978, it starts to serve the public and travelers. Travelers have enough time to relax before bungee jumping and offer few seconds for ready and take a deep breath.


However, you are looking for doing something adventures and thrill then you must visit South Africa for such adventure trips. If you are not afraid of heights then take an interest in bungee jumping from the height. South Africa is the place that offers bungee jumps from different heights to explore. South Africa full of various interesting things to do. You have a great opportunity to explore the various activities at different locations in South Africa. It is an adventurous place to spend a vacation and enjoy nature’s beauty.

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