Top 10 Places for Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

bungee jumping in New Zealand

Bungee jumping is the most dangerous and classic extreme sport in this world, it plays with laws of physics. Bungee jumping is famous in New Zealand and many different other countries. In Bungee jumping position of jumping is fixed at a certain distance (like building, bridge, and crane)  or movable object (like hot air balloon or helicopter).

Bungee jumping is an activity of jumping from a very high distance with the help of a long nylon-cased rubber band around the ankles. When people jump the elastic cards stretch and people fly again as the elastic cards recoil and it moves up and down until all kinetic energy will not be dissipated.

Many people dream of bungee jumping once in their life If you are also one of those people, who want to try bungee jumping then some name of bungee jumping in New Zealand is given below for you.

Best Spots for Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

  1. The Nevis Bungy and Swing
  2. Rotorua Bungy
  3. Bungy Jump at Kawarau Bridge
  4. Thrill Seekers at Hanmer Springs
  5. Auckland Harbour Bridge
  6. The Ledge, Queenstown
  7. Shotover Canyon Swing
  8. Taupo Bungy
  9. Auckland Skytower
  10. Mokai Gravity Canyon

The Nevis Bungy and Swing

If you are a Bungee jumping lover you must try Nevis Bungy and Swing. In Bungee jumping ranking it is at the third position in this world. The hight from where you jump is approx 134 meters. Nevis Bungy glass floor allows watching all other jumps to uses. Nevis Bungy makes it a tourist attraction for those visiting Queenstown.

Our first service for our customers is safety and security without safety security you will not enjoy. Before Bungy jump, we check all the thing which provide you safety when you jump. We also provide medical facilities and check your health. we will not allow pregnant women, high or low blood pressure, heart condition, asthma, muscular injuries, etc. After the jump, if you feel any problem related to health we give you proper treatment.

Bungee jump name: Nevis Bungy and Swing.

Location: Shotover &, Camp St, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

Rotorua Bungy

If you try it the first time Rotorua Bungy gives jump within 50 meters at cheap price. If you feel fear from the high distance, then Rotorua Bungy is best which allows you to give you cheap price Bungee jump, and it gives only 43 meters high jump on velocity vally adventure park.

In this park, you can also try some giant swing, free fall, jet boat and “Shweeb”. It gives many services like cancellation, change, combo, medicine. Unhealthy people are not allowed like a heart condition, high or low blood pressure, asthma.

Bungee jump name: Rotorua Bungy

Location: 1335 Paradise Valley Rd, Ngongotaha, Rotorua 3040, New Zealand

Bungy Jump at Kawarau Bridge

Kavrau bridge above Kavrau River of New Zealand’s South Island. But this bridge is commercially used for Bungy jump. It is approx 141ft above the Kawarau River.

Kawarau Bridge Is a part of Queenstown Trail which allows biker, walker, and runner to cross the river. Before your  Bungee jump, we check your Blood pressure, heartbeat and many other health checkups and give you a safety kit. After your  Bungee jump, we again check your health and give proper treatment if any problem.

Bungee jump name: Bungy jump At Kawarau bridge

Location: Queenstown Trail, Arrow Junction, New Zealand

Thrill Seekers at Hanmer Springs

Hanmer is the smallest town in New Zealand. Hanmer’s name comes after Thomas Hanmer. Thrill Seekers is also famous for Bungy Jump. Thrill Seekers gives customer safety and satisfaction first to make its service good.

We give medical facilities, special safety kit, food. Your minimum age is 11 years and weight 35 kg. A pregnant lady, heart, and blood pressure patients will not be allowed.

Bungee jump name: Thrill Seekers at Hanmer Springs

Location: 839 Hanmer Springs Rd, Hanmer Springs 7334, New Zealand

Auckland Harbour Bridge

This Bridge is an eight-lane bridge in New Zealand. It gives the chance to plunge into the ocean from a height of 40 meters. In this present time, Auckland Harbour Bridge is popular for a spot for jump and guided climbs.

Our services for customers are Air, Helicopter and Balloon Tours, Food and wine and nightlife, medicine, safety kits, Luxury, and special services, Multi-day and Extended Tours, Transfer and Ground Transport, etc.

Bungee jump name: Auckland Harbour Bridge

Location: Cantilever bridge in Auckland, New Zealand

The Ledge, Queenstown

The Ledge Bungy is an Adventurous destination for Bungee jump and swing featuring sweeping views of Queenstown. It jumps from 400-meter hight over Queenstown city.  You can experience high jump in Queenstown.

Once you book you will not cancel, medicine, You can take both air Toursor Helicopter and Balloon Tours, Food and Wine(like bar, club and pub Tours, chocolate Tours, Food Tours), take a luxury Tours or romantic Tours. Give proper medical care to all Bungee jumper.

Bungee jump name: The Ledge, Queenstown

Location: Brecon St, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

Shotover Canyon Swing

Shotover Canyon Swing is the world’s highest cliff jump in this world, the swing is the most adventurous thing you can do in this adrenaline. The hight of Shotover Canyon Swing is approx 109 meters high, feel 60 minutes free fall.

Shotover Canyon Swing has no crowd or rush because Shotover Canyon Swing wants to make your experience with the world’s biggest cliff jump. you will check-in at Shotover Canyon Swing 15 minutes before, were your cloth according to climate condition and closed-toe shoes.

Bungee jump name: Shotover Canyon Swing

Location: 34 Shotover St, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

Taupo Bungy

Taupo Bungy is also famous for the highest water touch Bungy jump in New Zealand. Above 47 meters from Waikato River. Price for an adult between $180 to $360 and for child $130. max weight 150kg and min weight 45 kg and minimum age 10-year-old.

Try most extreme activities like  Craters of the moon adventure activity, Skydive, High ropes course jet boating,  skydive, jet boat, white water rafting, see Huka Falls, walk or bike to Huka falls, some crazy things Bungy jump, my Bay Maori Rock Carvings, Otumuheke Streams, white water rafting, etc.

Bungee jump name: Taupo Bungy

Location: 202 Spa Rd, Taupo 3330, New Zealand.

Auckland Skytower

Auckland Sky Tower is the highest building in New Zealand sees all the beautiful points  Auckland city from the 192-meter high sky tower. Jump From 192 m high distance with 85kph from sky tower and fill 11-second free-fall experience. Attempt some daredevil trick which pumps your heart on the top on 192m Sky Tower.

Child Age 10-15 years, maximum weight 122 kg, minimum 30kg, hight minimum 130cm, All jumps, and walk are subject to weather conditions.  Auckland Sky gives a personal lockers for items. We will check your fitness level first then we will allow if your fitness level is good. Unfit people can not jump, Fear to die in jump from 192-meter height.

Bungee jump name: Auckland Sky Tower

Location: Victoria St W, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand.

Mokai Gravity Canyon

Mokai Gravity Canyon is located only 20 minutes from southeast of Taihape in the beautiful Rangitikei is also the world’s highest tandem swing in the world.

Try combo pack tandem Bungy jump or meter solo in New Zealand. At night Bungy jump add new twist to this kiwi icon and give a spectacle evening stunning.

Bungee jump name: Mokai Gravity Canyon

Location: Mokai Bridge, 4742, New Zealand

Bottom Line

If you have read the entire article, then we can say that you should not face any problems in Bungee jump New Zealand. Because we told everything in this article about the top 10 Bungee jump in New Zealand with an address and its facilities which will help to search your Bungee jump easily.

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