Top 10 Best Places For Bungee Jumping In China

Bungee Jumping in China

In the present time, lots of people in China like Bungee jumping. You can get lots of funs and entertainment with Bungee jumping. Bungee jumping is the best activity that involves a tall structure while connected through a large elastic code. You can enjoy each and every moment of your life with Bungee jumping. Nowadays Bungee jumping occurs in various countries.

During the Bungee jumping, you can enjoying physical and mental exercise. You are feeling too much excitement in the jumping period. The cost of bungee jumping depends upon the particular location and height. Basically, you have to pay 30$ to 400$ per jumping. If you want to jump higher then you have to pay a higher cost for the Bunge jumping. The height of bungee jumping is 83 meter. If you are planning for the Bungee jumping then it is important for you that, you are physically fit for the jumping. Bungee jumping in china is easy and comfortable for you. You get safe and pure food for a particular location. Various types of medical facilities available for you. In case of any types of problem or accident there then you get medical treatment at a time.

How to reach china?

When you want to go to china then there are various things such as buses, trains, water and airplanes available for you. All are comfortable for you to reach china. The way to reach China totally depends on you.

Top Places For Bungee Jumping In China

In China, there are some of the best places that are famous for Bungee jumping are as follows:

Beijing – Juma River (the big one)

It is a famous place in China. It is located just south of the Great Wall. whenever you want to visit China, the most probably to china is a very attractive place and it is making sure that to the bungee jumping is occurring there. It is best for you that in Beijing there are some of the special attractive bungee jumping sites available in china include with the Juma River. The main location of the Beijing Juma River is just next to Qilin Mountain. So that if you want to see water then you will see water in front of you. The height of the tower is 55 meters in the Beijing Juma River.

Beijing – Juma River(the little one)

Due to the Beijing Juma River, there are various jumpers will have allowed falling approx 45 meters. Especially it is most important for the jumpers that are a little bit nervous to make a jump.

Beijing – Shijingshan Amusement Park

The overall height of the Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park is 42 meters. When you go to the Shijingshan amusement park then it is best for you to get experience a tamer bungee jumping experience.  Even if the location and the height of this place is to be actual as for the amusement park.

Beijing- Yesanpo

Beijing Yesanpo is located in the Baili Scenic Area. This type of Bungee jumping provides offers for the back to nature. The height of the Beijing Yesanpo is 62 will leave in a state of adrenaline euphoria. In the Beijing Yesanpo basically, there is a lack of tall buildings and mountains. So that when you jumping with Bungee jump then you will feel as for the skydiving.

Beijing – Qing Long Canyon

Beijing Qing long Canyon is one of the largest bungee jumping sites available in China. It is basically famous for people that want to really feel close to nature. The Longxia Lake dam is very popular in the Beijing Qing Long Canyon. Towards the water, you will find yourself plummeting 70 meters downwards. Nowadays there is no longest fall presence in China. Beijing Qing Long Canyon is unique for its jumping location. Some of the people feel scared in this particular location.

Beijing – Longtanhu Park

This site in china is located right next to the Hucheng River. The height of bungee jumping is a 40-meter tall tower.  Through Beijing Longtanhu park, you can get a better experience of bungee jumping. This is a Bungee slingshot. So that you will be captured as for the traditional bungee jumping sites. In Beijing, bungee jumping is so popular these days.

Beijing – Yanqi Lake

The height of the Beijing Yanqi lake is 50 meter. There are various types of bungee jumping sites available in china. When you see the Yanki lake, it is not necessary to remember.  There are various beautiful and attractive views for you. There are some of the Great Wall to visit and get full entertainment with the people.

Beijing – Olympic Sports Center

In Beijing, the Olympic sports centre is very famous for Bungee jumping beginners. Olympic Sports Center is a brilliant location for Bungee jumping. The height of the Olympic Sports Centre is 24 meters. It is not too high. Basically, the location offers the opportunity to give you the chance to jumped from the Olympic location tower.


It is one of the most important cities in China. The location of this site of china is very easy, convenient, and big. So that the travelers never feel scared in these locations. When you are going to Guangzhou. You are looking for bungee jumping sites then you can go one of the most important and famous places like Sante Extreme Sports centre. The jumping height of Guangzhou is 45 meter. You can enjoy there.

Shanghai – Jinjiang American Park

The height of the Shanghai  Jinjiang American park is 25 meters. It offers a small type of bungee jumping. If you want to perform bungee jumping then you are capable to do it. You can always try to jump with Bungee jumping.


Bungee Jumping is good for young people. In China, It is famous these days. Sometimes you have to take full precautions during the jumping. There are a lot of places in China that are basically famous for bungee jumping. You have to gain full entertainment due to bungee jumping.

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