Top 4 Bungee jumping in California To Taste Adventure

Bungee jumping in California to taste adventure

California is known as The Land of Milk and Honey, The El Dorado State, The Golden State, and The Grape State and is famous for agricultural produce. It has 1.6 million acres of state parks and 840 miles of coastline and vast mountains making it suitable for adventurous activities including bungee jumping. One could jump off bridges, dams, mountains, or even old tall trees by availing services offered by licensed Bungee jump operators.

Please note with new regulations a lot of Bungee operators and locations have been closed. Therefore please call before you visit.

Famous locations for bungee jumping in California:

  1. Bridge to Nowhere by Bungee America in El Segundo, California
  2. Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge by Bungee Adventures in Sacramento, California
  3. Redwood Forest Trees by Bungee Adventures in Humboldt, California
  4. Parrotts Ferry Bridge by Bungee Experience in Pioneer, California

Bridge to Nowhere:

We will look at each one of them in detail as we go further.

Is an arch bridge that is built over the San Gabriel River in San Gabriel Mountains, California. The connecting road was washed out during construction due to flood and was never completed, resulting in the bridge having no direct road access and being known as the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’. It is a great location to experience a 100 feet bungee jump.

Bungee jumping is offered by Bungee America which is the oldest bungee jumping organizer in the USA and the only government certified bungee jumping company in California. You could experience five different types of jumps during the day and at night strictly as instructed and with the safety, harness fastened.

Types of Jumps

Beginner Jump:
  1. Superman Front Dive: Diving forward by standing on the bridge facing forward towards the valley.
  1. Backward Pluge: Crouching and diving backwards while standing on the bridge facing the bridge.
Advanced Jump:
  1. Backward Lumberjack: Standing on the bridge facing the bridge in an attention stance like a soldier, making the body stiff and falling backwards like a pendulum.
  1. Forward Lumberjack: Standing on the bridge facing the valley in an attention stance like a soldier, making the body stiff and falling forward like a pendulum.
  1. Elevator Jump: By far the most thrilling of the lot, standing facing the bridge and looking at the instructor jumping off feet first.


Bungee America offers various packages:

  1. Single Jump Package: $ 99

Choose either the Superman Front Dive or Backwards Plunge in a full body harness.

  1. Two Jump Package: $ 149 ( Most preferred package)

Enjoy both Superman Front Dive and Backwards Plunge

  1. Each Additional Jump: $ 50

Deal: Buy four jumps and get the fifth for free!

  1. Overnight Campout & Night Jumps:  $275

Sky Jump Liquid Courage Happy Hour

Experience bungee jumping into the dark valley at night. This will be arranged on request and includes 3 jumps during the day and 2 jumps at night along with an overnight campout at the bridge with the instructor.

Note: This has to be reserved in advance for a minimum of 4 jumpers.

Midweek Jump Package: $1000

Midweek jumps are exclusive jumps that can be organized for you at $ 1000. Number of jumpers and packages can be determined later if you are not sure at the time of booking. If the jump value exceeds $ 1000, the balance has to be paid by jumper.

Note: $1000 is non refundable so please ensure you exhaust it completely.

Group Discounts:

Group Discounts Apply Only to Reservations Purchased Directly Through

Group Organizer Discount:

Any person making reservations for a group of 6 or more under a single transaction will receive 1 free jump. This can be use by anyone in the group including the organizer.

Special Group Pricing;

For Groups of 12 or more, please contact Bungee America at (310) 322-8892 for special pricing.


Is it safe to bungee jump at Bridge to Nowhere?

Bungee America has performed over 150,000 bungee jumps and continues to proudly proclaim our impeccable safety record.

Can I bring my dog on Bridge to Nowhere bungee jumping?

Although, “we” are dog owners and dog lovers the answer is, No – Do Not Bring Your Dog. This trail is NOT dog friendly. It is brutal on their paws, sharp rocks, etc. We operate as an all-day adventure tour which includes many people from many groups. We have had too many experiences with dog’s feet getting torn up which then becomes a huge problem that affects the entire group. If you want to take your dog on a hike to the Bridge to Nowhere, please do it some other time and not in conjunction with our bungee jumping tour. Thank you in advance.

How do I make a reservation for Bridge to Nowhere bungee jumping?

All reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. You can make your reservation 24 hours a day on this website by using your credit card. Once you complete your on-line reservation, you will receive further details including driving directions, online waivers, and a list of what to bring.

Can I upgrade my package of Bridge to Nowhere bungee jumping?

Yes, you can upgrade your jump package while at the bridge. You will pay the difference in the package price plus a $20 upgrade fee. Group discounts will not apply to upgrades or add-ons. Upgrades are allowed based on the availability of the day, contact the office for complete details, or talk to your staff.

Can two people jump together on Bridge to Nowhere bungee jumping?

No, you cannot jump together. This safety rule prevents the possibility of two jumpers hitting their heads together.

Can I do the ankle dive at Bridge to Nowhere bungee jumping?

The Ankle Dive, Elevator Drop, and Lumberjack are all Advanced Jumps. Note: You must qualify by demonstrating excellent jump technique on your first two jumps. Ankle jumpers must be over 18 years of age. Please contact Bungee America for further restrictions.

What is the permissible weight with Bridge to Nowhere bungee jumping?

Bungee America has a maximum 265 lb weight limit. Over 265 lbs permitted by special arrangement. Contact Bungee America for details.

Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge:

Sierra Nevada mountain bridges are in Sierra Nevada, California. While there are many such bridges with heights varying between 100 and 200 feet across rivers and lakes. The height is also impacted by the water level.


  1. Bridge (100 feet): from $99
  2. Tree (200 feet): from $249
  3. Dam (400 feet): from $249
  4. Rock (800 feet): from $349

Click here for comparison of the platform.


  1. 10% off for groups of 5 or more (or active military bridge jumps).
  2. 15% off for groups of 10 or more.
  3. 25% off for repeat customers (on same jump object & height).
  4. 50% off for extra jumps (same person, same day).
  5. Note: group discounts apply if paying for all jumpers with one payment.


Cancellations made 14 days or more prior to the trip receive a full refund, less a $20/person fee. There are no refunds for cancellations made 0-13 days prior to the trip.


What is the age limit and permissible weight for Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge bungee jumping?

Jumpers must be 18 or older and under 225 lbs.  An exception is 15 or older with a parent jumping first.

How can I make the payment with Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge bungee jumping?

Credit or Debit Cards or Paypal.  All major cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express.

Can I bring  a friend along on the Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge bungee jumping?

We like to keep non-jumpers to a minimum, so there is a fee of $20/each.  However if you are jumping solo we recommend bringing one guest (free) for moral support.

Redwood Forest Trees:

This is one of a kind Bungee jumping experience offered by Bungee adventure and consists of climbing a tree, tight rope walking between two trees using a hand line for balance and jumping off the tree.

Cost is $249 for rope swing.  Options include:  GoPro ($29) or Video ($19)

Parrotts Ferry Bridge

California Bungee also known as Bungee experience offers bungee jumping in this location. However, currently do not have any scheduled events.


$75 per person for one jump or $125 for two jumps.


California is a great place for Bungee jumping a it offers a wide variety of locations that are scenic and platforms that are sure to pump up the excitement. Due to the increasing restrictions some operators and locations have closed, therefore it would be good to call and confirm before you visit.

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