Best Bungee Jumping In Europe: Top Places To Bungee Jump In Europe

Bungee Jumping In Europe

If we talk about bungee jumping, then today everyone is crazy about it. This is an activity that people do for their fun. There will hardly be any country in the world where there is no bungee jumping. If we talk about Europe countries. So in these countries, people play it like a game. In European countries, bungee jumping has its own place. If you too are crazy about bungee jumping and are looking for the best place for bungee jumping. Then we will advise you. That is if you want the fun of bungee jumping in a different way. So you go for bungee jumping in European countries. In Europe, you find a very good and inexpensive jumping site for bungee jumping. Where you can do bungee jumping according to your budget. If we talk about Europe. So here is more bungee jumping place than the rest of the world. Here you will find the world’s highest and cheapest bungee jumping sites. Which you cannot find anywhere else in the world. So we would recommend that whenever you make your mind up for bungee jumping. Without any thought, choose any of the bungee jumping sites in Europe. Here we will tell you about some of the best bungee jumping sites in Europe. Which will be right according to your budget and is also very high and cheap.

Top 5 cheap and best bungee jumping place in Europe

The O2, London, UK

This place is considered one of the best bungee jumping sites in Europe. A large number of people come here for bungee jumping. If we talk about this site then it is one of the best bungee jumping sites in view of the safety of people. No accident case has been reported here yet. If you talk about this site, then you get 48 meters of height here. Which is enough for any bungee jumping fan. This site also fits your budget. Here you will have to pay just £59 for bungee jumping. This is the best and cheapest bungee jumping site in London. You also get very good security here. Because of which this place is also considered to be the safest place in Europe for bungee jumping. Here you are left with a bungee cage to wave above the London horizon after a security briefing due to an extremely long crane outside the O2 Arena. After this, you have to take a long breath and take a long jump above the courage of 02. We would recommend you whenever touring Europe for bungee jumping. So definitely go to this place. You will bring back a unique bungee jumping experience here.

Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

If you are also searching for an inexpensive and good bungee jumping site. So your search ends here. We have found the best bungee site for you. Which fits your budget perfectly. If we talk about this bungee jumping site. So this is a very cheap site with a height of 50 meters. Which makes you enjoy bungee jumping in your budget. It comes in those sites in Europe. Where a lot of people go for bungee jumping. The site is also famous for bungee jumping because of its cool atmosphere. Due to being in the sea pass here, the atmosphere here is quite calm and cool. Before performing bungee jumping on this site, the security officers here decide whether you are fit for bungee jumping. That is why they allow you to do it. This site is very good in terms of security. To do bungee jumping here you only have to pay £44. So whenever you are on the Europe tour, go to this beautiful place and enjoy bungee jumping. We can say with a claim that after jumping on this site of Portugal, you will forget all the bungee jumping sites in the world.

Bray Lake, Berkshire, England

If you talk about this bungee jumping site then it is one of the most famous places in England. This site is the most active bungee jumping site in England. This place remains open 12 months of the year for bungee jumping. If we talk about this lake. So it gives a different fun of bungee jumping for its green and serene atmosphere. You get a kind of serene atmosphere here. Which is absolutely perfect for bungee jumping. It is considered the cheapest and best bungee jumping site in Europe. No accident has happened here yet. Because of this, people mostly go for bungee jumping here. If we look at the security purpose, then it proves to be the best bungee jumping site. Here you get a height of 150m. Which is enough for bungee jumping fans? Here you will find the UK’s highest bungee jump, with a view of the lush green countryside, above the calm waters of the lake. Here you need a strong stomach for bungee jumping. Because here you have to jump from a height of 300 feet. For this, you will have to pay £99.  So whenever you go to Europe, do bungee jumping on this site of England.

Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland

If you also want an enjoyable bungee jumping in Switzerland. Then you can visit the verzasca dam. There you can get a lot of bungee jumping experience. This dam is located in Ticino, Switzerland. Verzasca Dam is very famous for bungee jumping. People here go for bungee jumping in maximum quantity. This dam is known all over the world for its height. Here bungee jumping has its own fun. Here you get a lot of height for bungee jumping. The height of this dam is 220 meters. Which is enough for any bungee jumping fan. This bungee jumping site is known as Europe’s highest bungee jumping site.  Here you can get some facilities like medical facilities in emergency conditions, car parking, etc. if we talk about this dam, this is the best europian bungee jumping site for security purposes. It is so cheap and the best site for bungee jumping. This is Europe’s highest dam. If you want to do bungee jumping here. Then you have to pay £195. It is also known as a James bond place. Because some scenes of James bond movies series shot here. We would advise you to do bungee jumping once on this huge dam in Switzerland. wherever you go on a trip to Europe. It is so safe and cheap for bungee jumping fans. If you want to do bungee jumping here. Then first, you can check all the terms of bungee jumping and after that book your ticket.  Here you can see a better experience for bungee jumping.

Danube Tower, Vienna, Austria

This tower 152 meters high is quite famous for bungee jumping. Before going to this tower, you should think well. Because jumping from this tower is not so fruitless. Jumping from here is very dangerous. It is also included in the list of the highest places in Europe. There is a lot of fun to bungee from this tower. If we talk about the whole of Austria, then most people do bungee jumping on it. It is considered one of Austria’s best bungee jumping sites. If we talk about services here. So here you also get a medical emergency. Officers do this check before you jump. Whether you are fit for jumping or not. Jumping from here you can see the beauty of Vienna city very closely. This tower of Vienna is famous for bungee jumping not only in Europe but all over the world. If you want to enjoy bungee jumping at this tower. Then you have to pay £132. This tower open for a bungee jumping only on summer session. Before going to this place. First, you have to check all the terms and conditions of bungee jumping. Then you have to book your ticket. We would advise you if you are in Europe. So don’t miss bungee jumping on this tower. We promise that here you will get to see the world’s best bungee jumping experience.


We hope that the information has been given to you by us. You must have understood it well. We have told you about 5 cheap and good bungee jumping places in Europe. Which are considered the best places in Europe for bungee jumping? We will advise you that whenever you go to Europe, go to these places mentioned by us and enjoy bungee jumping.  If you also love bungee jumping and you are also searching for cheap places. So our information is going to be very useful for you. We are 100% sure. These are the 5 most cheap and best bungee jumping places in Europe. If you are in Europe. Then don’t miss the chance to see these 5 sites. When you do bungee jumping in these places. You can get a better experience and are so thankful for our information.

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