Top 8 Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina

Top 8 Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina (1)

South Carolina is nestled in the south of the USA At the southern  Eastern seaboard. On the map of the USA, It shaped like an inverted triangle. It covers an area of about 32,020 squares miles, which makes it the 40th largest state of the USA. Being the Southernmost part of the country, It is bounded by Northern  Carolina in the north, by the Atlantic Ocean in the Southeastern and,   Georgia in the southwest. The center of the state is Columbia, which is the capital and largest city of South Carolina. South Carolina is a place that has raw beauty in full of Glory because it has beautiful blue ridge mountains, surrounded by hills,  lakes, and beautiful streams. It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the USA and draws thousands of tourists all around the world.

One of the major highlights of tourism in this part of the USA is that the entire mountains range near Greenville country. Cause Greenville in Columbia (The heart of South Carolina) has numerous amazing sights such as beautiful sunrises, and sunset, beaches, waterfalls, and rivers. The ranges here of mountains are up to 1800 meters high above sea level.

Hot, humid summer for mild winters adds the charm of the place. low rolling Hills, scenic hiking trails, Lakes, water streams, cool rivers you would spot it all here. Beginners to advanced hikers can enjoy one of the many hiking in South Carolina.

This is a paradise place for photography lovers. Because this place has always something extraordinarily beautiful and fascinating sights to offer at every turn. So here, are someplace that offers heart robe mountains beauty.

Find South Carolina Mountains Towns

Pickens County:

It is a small beautiful town in the north and western part of South Carolina of the USA. the country with 496 square miles. It contains the highest point In South Carolina is Sassafras mountain(1087 m). The most prominent mountain of Pickens is the Brown mountain( 598 m). It has a total of 75 mountains. South Caroline has Savannah River Basin,  French broad river Basin, and Saluda River Basin.  This is the place where you allows to enjoy beautiful weather and landscape.

Greenville County:

Greenville County is an Urban and most populous county with 729 square miles of area. It has 85 named mountains and the cold branch is the highest of the mountain with 1017m. And Hogback mountain is the most prominent mountain with 979m.

It has a set of Blue Ridge mountains in South Carolina, with endless interaction. it shows inspiring economic Views From The Blue Ridge mountains. Paris Mountain (a Famous mountain near Greenville, SC), Palmetto Trail, Chattooga River, Chau Ram Fall, and Table Rock State Park are other attractions of this county.

Oconee County:

There are 64 named mountains, The Fork Mountains(793 m) Is the highest point and The Big Starkey mountain is the most prominent mountain. 

The mountains are surrounded by Lakes, rivers, streams, and waterfalls, are located in the region of Oconee county. It has beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. The Chattooga River begins in the Blue Ridge mountains floor sound into Oconee county.

Spartanburg County:

 It is a small-town charm of South Carolina, it has a home of views of Blue Ridge mountains, out of walking, trains, waterways, etc.  There are 11 named mountains in this county. Bird Mountain (456 m) is the highest as well as the most prominent mountain in Spartanburg County. Some other Mountains are Mockingbird Hill(388 m, 2nd highest mountain of Spartanburg),  windmill hill(361m, 3rd highest mountain of Spartanburg), August mountain, locus mountain, Collins mountain, etc.

Cherokee County:

It is the town of Blacksburg and popularly known for speech water Tower. Cherokee town is a hidden gem because of its unique area. There are 7 named mountains in this town of South Carolina. The thicket mountain is the highest and most prominent mountain with 382m. Whitaker Mountain and Browns mountains are the second and third highest pointed mountains of this county with 356m and 317m.  other Mountains are Drayton Ville Mountain, Jefferson mountain, Silver-mine mountain, McKeown’s Mountain, etc.

8 Highest Points of Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina

1. Sassafras Mountain(1081m)

The highest point in South Carolina with 3,560 feet or 1,085m, in the northwest of Greenville and Picken County. It lies on the Blue Ridge Appalachian Mountains range about 25 miles or 40 km on the North Carolina border. The beautiful and cool Saluda river starts to flow on Sassafras Mountain. On this mountain, there is abundant growth of sassafras trees. 

It is a popular destination to enjoy beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the highest peak. the tower with a kaleidoscope is there for people who love to see sunrise and sunset, they watch the sun’s light explode of colors over the mountains. Such a beautiful view for the visitors. 

2. Hickory nut Mountain(1063m)

Hickory Nut Mountain is the second highest peak, located in Pickens County, South Carolina. It is 1036 meters above sea level. Visiting Hickory nut mountain will be a perfect place for spending some adorable time with your family. So it has been a very popular destination in tradition for many generations. You can experience plenty of outdoor adventures, relaxing inns, a day on the water, or a stroll along the river.

3. Pinnacle Mountain(1041m)

Pinnacle Mountain is the third highest mountain in the state of South Carolina. It is located within Table Rock State Park in Pickens County, where Sassafras mountain is located in South Carolina. This mountain is famous for hiking trails which has the shortest trail is nearly one-way 4.2 miles. It is begun at the Table Rock State Park Nature Center.  low rolling Hills scenic hiking trails, lakes, streams, rivers are all spot it here. 

4. Cold-branch Mountain (1016m)

Cold Branch Mountain is located on the border of western North Carolina. It is nearly 15 miles to the South-east of Waynesville and 35 miles to the south of Asheville. This mountain is about 6,030  feet above sea level. Cold Branch Mountain is part of the Blue Ridge mountains in the Appalachian mountains.  Cold mountains and a shining rock wilderness area surrounded Pisgah National Forest. It ranked 40th tallest mountain among the mountains in the eastern United States. it is a great spot where you can enjoy the beauty of nature with your friends and family.

5. Rock Mountain(1003m)

Table Rock Mountain is a small mountain located northwest of Greenville. And It is about 3,197 feet above sea level. like Caesar Mountain and Sassafras Mountain and the Table Rock also formed by the moving process of tectonics plate. It is an ideal place to spend a peaceful day solo or with your family exploring the richness of nature. The climate at Greenville offers many outdoor opportunities to have fun outdoors and to experience freshness. 

6. Saluda Mountain(992m)

The mountains are the mountain range that falls on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina. They are the most beautiful part of the Blue Ridge mountains of the southern Appalachian mountains. Its range begins from near Caesars Head State Park and goes to near Saluda, North Carolina. 

Outdoor activity included in Saluda mountains is hiking. As location will hunt your heart when and you found yourself at the top of the mountain. Visiting Saluda mountain is always at the top of tourist places because it offers to escape The sweltering Summer Heat of lower latitude. Throughout the year it remains a great place to enjoy seasonal beauty.

7. Fork Mountain(988m)

Fork Mountain is one of the highest peaks in Oconee County, SC. The approximate elevation is 997m above sea level. It has one of the least used trails in South Carolina.  the Fork Mountain Trail is a wonder of remoteness that takes the traveler through some of the wildest and scenic counties at Ellicott Wilderness.

8. Caesars Mountain(980m)

Caesars Head is a mountain in Caesars Head State Park and located in northern Greenville County of South Carolina. Its range is 3,215 feet or 980 m. The Caesar Mountains are formed due to the moving process of tectonic plates.

 Also, it is a famous spot because it can be found at its southern edge. The isolated granite rocks are found all over the valley. So, It is such a beautiful place that you must have to visit. Then, there is no chance to ignore it. You can go hiking, as it just has an easy trail. As it has features like campgrounds and hiking trails. Sunrise and sunset views are so beautiful and relaxing to watch. The Top of the view offers hikers a beautiful view.


South Carolina is the best year-round destination for various activities and adventures with its beautiful topography and climate. During summer, the weather remains quite pleased with the temperature not increasing by more than 30 degrees.  It is the way to discover spectacular scenery from the top of the mountains. 

Moving to higher slopes, tracking and hiking are also memorable ways to explore the blue ridge mountains.  Whether it is camping or glamping,  South Carolina has got the best experience under the stars and the most beautiful views of the beaten track. There are counties of South Carolina which has many beautiful mountains. So, One of the major highlights of tourism in this part of the USA is that the entire mountains range near Greenville country.

Sassafras Mountain, Hickory nut Mountain, and Pinnacle Mountain are the three topmost highest mountains of  South Carolina. serene blue-green valleys, beautiful streams, and lakes are all around. You would find scenic landscapes at every corner.

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