Best Weekend Getaways in California USA

weekend getaway in California

Are you planning Weekend Getaways in California?  and want to give yourself a relaxing period.  To boost yourself with new energy by getting weekend getaways in California are the best option for you.  For the weekend getaways, everyone’s eyes are on it. This is a perfect place for your standard getaways or romantic getaways.  This place offers luxurious or non-luxurious resorts and hotels or suits. You can say that California is the hub of attraction and relaxing center.

Visiting North California or South California is your choice. Cause, North and South California are both have different vibes and different attractions. North California has the San Francisco bay area that attracts million visitors every year,  where  South California has famous cities like Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica,  San Diego, and Palm Springs.

They have famous cities, mountains, cool and calming rivers, palm trees, gardens, historical buildings, famous industrial homes (Google, Apple, and Twitter) towns, States, airports, National Parks, museums, theatres, golden sand, Cruizes, dazzling beaches, and subways.

Best Weekend getaways in California

Choose your ideal Getaway plan from the below destinations in North California. North California gives us numerous places to visit such as San Francisco Bay Area. This is the only place where your search is going to be complete. The Bay area’s region is popularly bounded by San Francisco, San Pablo, Suisun Bay Estuaries. 

Its area is covered by 9 counties: Sonoma,  San Francisco,  Santa  Clara, Napa,  Contra Costa,  San Mateo, Solano, Alameda, and Marine. These counties offer the best weekend getaway plans. You can visit easily by any mode of transport, by your personal car, public transport, train or by plane. 

North California

1. San Francisco

San Francisco is the 13th populated county in the United States. It is a very famous place for weekend getaways to visit.  It is rich in cultural, economic, and financial centers. You can visit the Golden Gate Bridge(Connect  Sans Francisco to Marin county),  Alcatraz Island prison, Deyoung Museum, The War Memorial Opera House, Film theatre music venue, and the San Francisco Museum of modern arts. 

It is one of the topmost wanted destinations for visitors. Presidio Is a famous historical landmark in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge and perfect for a getaway. This place has embedded with historical structures and old architecture.  It also consists of different kinds of  Birds, diverse plants in Presidio Park. Though, it is the best place to visit San Francisco Bay Area and for your getaway plan too.

2. Sonoma

Sonoma County is one of the major hubs of wine production. Also, some museums draw attention, such as the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Ice House Museum, Pacific coast air museum,  and the Sonoma County Museum. It has various Art galleries And wonder destinations. 

Take out so time from your busy schedule for yourself. You can be relaxing by the outdoor pool in the resorts, be visiting the spa for a body massage, meditation in a peaceful place. Treat yourself by giving a cool weekend getaway.

3. Monterey 

Monterey is based on the Monterey Peninsula. Nowadays, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is famous because visitors spot whales and enjoy the ocean views. Monterey is all about family outings, fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, and whale watching. 

Are you planning an amazing getaway or a romantic getaway? Then this place is suitable for you. You can entertain yourself by exploring the nearby beaches, Central shopping centers, hiking trails, Napa wineries,  sightseeing, and Fisherman’s Wharf.

4. Grass Valley 

Grass Valley is nestled in the heart of Nevada County in California. It is the largest city, which is rich in history as the North Golden country city. This makes grass Valley a great vacation destination for lovers of history as well as nature. If you’re looking for a quick weekend Getaway, Grass Valley is an ideal location. Also, it can be the stoppage of your road trip through California.

5. Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is a mountain town in Northern California.  The mountain includes Dunsmuir, Weed, and McCloud. It consists of the best part of the Mountain Ranges that will rob your heart with its beauty. Driving by car or rental car is always the best way to get there. You can go by Plane also because it has a large airport base. 

Apart from this, there is relaxing natural beauty with outdoor activities like hiking, camping, tracking, site seekings, etc. Mountain lakes, volcanic landscapes, and waterfalls make this place more wonderful. 

South California

Choose your idle Getaway plan from the below destinations in South California. South California gives us numerous places to visit such as Los Angeles city, Malibu beaches,  Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, etc. It is also one of the topmost  Wanted destinations for visitors.

1. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the most worldly popular city in the USA. The city has so much to give yourself plenty of time to explore the weekend getaways. It is rich in Pop Culture. An Angle town is the home of musicians and many celebrities.

Also, home of the Grammy Museum. There are various features of exhibits and Los Angeles’ prominent role in popular music, Universal Studios Hollywood, Theme-park thrills, The famed Studio Tour, and movie attractions such as “Star Wars Land”.

The angle’s city is always wearing high-end dining, high-fashion shopping, and browse- window-shopping. Beverly Hills’ of Angle’s is famous for the top high-class brands such as Gucci, Lanvin, Chanel, Dior, Tiffany’s, and Valentino. This is the most populous city, where you can see live Furious and luxurious cars rolling on the road.

Los Angeles has also major beaches and is perfect for romantic getaways. Beach from Malibu Beach to Manhattan Beach gives you a different vibe. Your eyes will be sparkling in the city of light when you spend your time by push out yourself from your comfort zone.

2. Malibu beach

Malibu is famous for its Ocean, sandy beaches, and warm weather. The Malibu coast is so beautiful, people love to spend their weekend trips here. You can enjoy your time with your loved ones at the beach. Mailbu is also well known for its plates of seafood, that taste very unique. You can travel to malibu easily. It also offers its cultural resorts and restaurants, which will rob your heart that will be proven to be perfect for your day out.

3. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is Orange County’s beach town. It’s mainly known as artist’s getaways. It is the home of art galleries and summer arts festivals. There are lots of refreshing beaches, water sports, shopping centers, famous art galleries, and art festivals, and seaside locations. This is the best option to live with your heart out on this weekend trip.

4. Palm Springs

Palm Springs, known for its hot springs,  stylish hotels, golf courses, and spas, is a city in Southern California. This City goes back in time Side-by-side providing that modern feel by offering fine examples of mid-century modern architecture. 

Palm canyon drive along with its core shopping district features vintage boutiques, interior design shops, and restaurants. This city’s Coachella valley has much to offer to people such as hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails.

5. Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a small town that is famous for its beaches, dining, bars or inns, and sunny weather tourist attractions. It all has what you want for your weekend getaway in California. 

The main attraction is Santa Monica State Beach which is the best option for you to relax.

Hacked with activities, a trip to Santa Monica is one of the must-to-do things in the town. This wonderful state of the beaches has a lot to offer,  rental bikes, picnic areas, swimming under lifeguard surveillance,   kids playground,  water sports, etc. Several pathways allow you to walk easily through the sand, with spots peppered with chess tables, volleyball courts, and small scenic locations.


It is very necessary to give yourself a weekend trip. It is always beneficial for you because it will refresh you and boost energy to do work in the USA.  Then California is the best option for your weekend trip. Various Weekend getaways in California are perfect for you such as San Francisco, Napa Valley, Los Angeles, Malibu beaches, grass Valleys,  Palm Spring, Laguna beaches, etc. 

You can visit North California or South California cause both have different Vibes and different attractive sites.  They offer different activities like hiking, surfing, diving into the ocean,  walking on the  Golden Sands, camping, etc. 

Where famous attractions of California are the Grammy Museum,  famous clothing brands in Los Angeles, Malibu beach,  lush green mountains,  San Francisco bay area, The Golden Gate Bridge,  vineyards, and the wineries town.  These attractions will forget all your worries and you can enjoy your weekend trip to the USA.

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