Best Time to Visit Thailand

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand is known for celebrating Asia’s highest holiday country. People come here to visit in large numbers. This is one of the reasons that Thailand is one of the most visited destinations for travelers today. People go there to roam in large quantities. Here you get a chance to roam the country, with very favorable exchange rates, a disorderly tourist visa policy, delightful beaches, and world-renowned cuisine. The number of foreigners visiting here has doubled in the last decade. You can also visit Thailand on Koh beach, walking with elephants in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. But before you book your tickets, you should get information about the best time in Thailand. Because it is more fun to go at the right time, if you go to Thailand, then choose the right time. If we talk about Thailand, it is divided into three broad geographical regions; the North and Central region, the Gulf of Thailand, and the Andaman Sea coast.

Know About Best Time to Visit Thailand:

If you want to visit the northern and central region of Thailand, the best time is during summer from November to April. The rest of the year achieves monsoon spells with increased humidity levels. Below we will tell you some of the right times to visit Thailand. 

Best Weather in Thailand

Here we will talk about the best weather in Thailand, that will be perfect for your visit. People mostly get cheated by looking at the beaches of Thailand’s sea and the blue sky. The pictures of the Thailand beaches are wonderful, that anyone can cheat to see. But we will tell you about the best weather in Thailand, that will make your journey even better. The weather between November and April is quite good for you to visit here because the rainy season in Thailand usually starts after July and lasts till October, but there may be a possibility of big storms sometime in early May. If we talk about the weather for tourists from December to March, then it is the best time to visit the Gulf of Thailand. At this time the waterpark and other things are open here. You can enjoy a lot of things at this time. April to May is the hottest month of the year in Thailand. The happiest time of the year on the west coast of Thailand is from November to March. 

Time to Visit Northern and Central Thailand

If you want to visit the northern and central zones of Thailand, then the best time to visit this zone is during the winter, from October to January. Here you get to see Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Issan in the north and central region of Thailand and the temperature is between 31 and 35°C. This scorching temperature keeps the monsoon season well. 

Time to Visit the Gulf of Thailand

If you are planning to visit Thailand’s Gulf, then you can go between December to March, this is the most ideal place to visit. Hence it is considered the best time to visit the Gulf of Thailand. From March, the temperature starts increasing gradually, and the temperature remains close to 30°C.

Time to Visit West Coast of Thailand

If you are planning to roam on the west coast of Thailand, the most pleasant time of the year is from November to March. During this time, the heat is not high, at this time the thermometer temperature is near 20 ° C. The sea breeze also ensures how much moisture is there. So that you can enjoy the cool evenings. The temperature starts rising soon after March, as the mercury reaches 35 ° C during the day.

The Cheapest Time to Visit Thailand

If you want to travel to Thailand with less money then we will tell you about such time and weather that you can go to Thailand for less money. Flight and room fares are low between March and October, but due to the holidays in June and July, these fares show some speed. Because flights to Thailand are much higher during the holiday season because the number of families returning home is more. The cheapest flights to Bangkok are in September and April. In this time, passengers can save up to $ 500. So we would advise you to go in these months because at this time you can save a lot of money. 

The Worst Time to Visit Thailand

So far we have told you the best travel times in Thailand but now we will tell you about the bad times of Thailand, which you should avoid. The time we are telling you, take care of these times before booking. If we talk about Thailand then there really is not a bad time to travel to Thailand, because despite the torrential drift and crowded markets here, you will always find coconut, Genti noodles, and Thai massage. If you are thinking of any kind of Thailand trip then you should avoid planning your trip between the end of July and October. When the monsoon season is in full swing, the entire country is affected by Chiang Mai (where the weather can be cold and wet) to Bangkok, where the roads are filled with rainwater. 

On the other hand, travelers should be careful with booking in April and early May. Because it is considered the hottest, and “hottest” season in the classification of Thai climate. This time the temperature crosses 104 degrees, so if you can’t handle the heat here, plan your trip a few months in advance. 

If you want to visit Thailand and you have to go at the right time and good weather, then follow the information which we have provided to you. We hope that you are happy with the information given by us and our information will be useful to you.

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