Best Restaurants In West Chester

Best Restaurants In West Chester

Are you always craving for delicious Food? Are you a foodie person? Do you want some options in your bucket list? Of Course Yes. We all wanted to have Mouth watering delicious food where numerous people have already visited & experienced the delicious food. Where you can chill out for some moments, pause your office Boring Work routine, Hangout with your buddies at least for a while. Maybe you were travelling & now you want to end your day with some Delicious food & Music. There are many restaurants in West Chester & where people can go & enjoy their cuisines & Some handcrafted cocktails, Beer & whiskey. We have listed some Best restaurants in west Chester for dining which suits every taste & budget. If you visit here & taste the food, you will never ask for the next restaurants for bites.

10 Best Restaurants in West Chester

1. Andiario

It’s located at 106 Of west gay Street, West Chester. If you are interested in Traditional American local cuisines. Andiario offers fresh & delicious food, which may change as seasonal time & availability in the markets’ area. In Andiario there is an open kitchen where visitors can see the fresh food dishes, preparations, & the smell. The menu changes every weekend.


2. Limoncello Ristorante & Caterers

Are you in the mood to taste some Italian food ? Just check out limoncello ristorante. This family restaurant has been serving Italian food for the last 15 years. Limoncello serves good dine & services, food taste with 800 above reviews which proves that they are best for Italian food services.

This restaurant serves some classical Italian food. Will recommend you to have lobster ravioli, chicken limoncello. Don’t miss the desserts before you leave.

3. Dolce Zola

If pasta makes you feel happy, So dolce zola is one of the Best places where you can visit with your friends, family & grab some delicious Italian dishes. With a seasonal menu, they will not let you down by trying something new. The menu is full of Italian dishes to satisfy your craving. Will recommends you to try creamy saffron pasta, chicken piccata, tortelloni i de carne.

4. Roots Café

Are you looking for organic food spots with some fresh food dishes? Roots café offers you fresh to farm on your table. What are you looking for? This restaurant is always oriented for healthy lifestyles & provides fresh & healthy food to the customers. They use compostable coffee cups, Soup containers, Cutlery made from pure renewable resources. They are also focusing on the greener food industry to make the planet better.

If you love Fresh food, wanted to your contribution for nature by supporting business who cares about nature, visit Roots café located at 133 east gay street.

5.Social Lounge

Social lounge Located at 117 East gay Street is the best place where people can hang out with their friends & meet with new people & enjoy tasty American food & handcraft Beer. Popular with customers, pulled pork sandwiches will make you die. If you are a person who loves home food, a brisket sandwich will make you cry because of its yummy taste.

If you think that social lounge will cost you too much, don’t worry Social Lounge will not cost you too much.

6.Saloon 151

Saloon 151 is located in the heart of West Chester. Saloon 151 specialties are slow cooked meat, hand cut fries, mix & match craft beer, & Extensive whiskey & craft beer list. Staff is so polite and makes sure whenever you leave from the lounge they put a smile on your face. So what are you waiting for to tight your shoes to saloon 151 for enjoying the outdoor patio & feel some live music in West Chester.

7. Mercato Ristorante

Opening in 2002, Mercato ristorante is famous in both Locals & visitors. they always focuses on fresh, simple Italian fare. In mercato every dish is prepared fresh, & from scratch. They have a beautiful bar where beer, cocktails, wine are featured.

8.Stove and Tap

Stove & tape is located at 158 West gay Street. It’s seemingly new but popular with visitors. According to the reviews, you can come with your whole family. Choose from the lunch or dinner menus to search new dishes. We are recommending you to try nachos, truffle pie or brisket dip. Order some beer, wine or whiskey for completing your day.

9. Avalon Restaurant

Located at 116 East gay Street, know for its romantic ambiance rustic Italian food. This restaurant & Bar Offer you a new experience by providing jazz music on weekends & offering gourmet pizza, handmade pastas & handcrafted cocktails. This restaurant offers you to come & taste starting from $5.

10.Nudy’s Cafe

Last but not least, One of the popular spots for breakfast or lunch is nudy’s cafe. High Reviews, recommended by the visitors, food, and Prizing by Many visitors chosen nudy’s in his/her top list. This restaurant specialties are fresh & award-winning food, friendly staff & services.

If you are not in a good mood, this food will make you happy. Will recommend you to try pumpkin spice pancakes, lox & cheese platters & ahi tuna florentine.

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