Top 5 Best Places To Visit In Washington State

As a traveler, being evergreen is one thing that one cannot skip. That urge to explore everything, to see everything which stands out as a masterpiece in Gods’ creation, is what makes you different from other tourists. So to help you fulfill that urge here we bring you the top 5 best places to visit in Washington State.

Washington State, nicknamed ‘The Evergreen State, is situated in the Pacific Northwest region of the US and offers a lot to travelers. Be it nature, city outings, culture, or craftsmanship, this state most likely has some great things to find.

Best Places To Visit In Washington State

The most lovely places in Washington are apparently the most delightful spots in the entire world! Let’s get started with the top 5 best places to visit in Washington State.

Olympic National Park:

To see a lavish green tropical jungle and a rough mountain range in a single frame, pay a visit to the Olympic National Park. One of the features of a visit to the Olympic National Park is the Hoh Rain Forest, where you can see groups of elk roaming the scene or you can set off on a moving climb to the culmination of Mt. Olympus. For a less adventurous experience, respect the mid-year wildflowers of Hurricane Ridge or stroll among feigns and sea caves in Cape Flattery. Clear blue water and unique yet stunning landscape is anticipated in the park Lake Crescent, and the most astonishing views you can see directly from your vehicle are found along the street known as the Coastal Strip.

The park comprises two units: the prior area in the mountains and a limited portion of the Pacific shoreline more than 60 miles (95 km) long along the west bank of the peninsula. Active ice sheets are found on the highest altitudes, Mount Olympus (7,965 feet [2,428 meters]), and on others. Altogether, there are around 250 icy masses in the park, although most are tiny and restricted. The ocean shore segment contains beautiful seashores, islets, and viewpoints; three Indian reservations (of the Makah, Quileute, and Hoh clans) exist in it.

San Juan Islands:

In the north of Puget Sound, and near British Columbia, you’ll discover the San Juan Islands. Despite nearness to Canada, they have a place with the United States, and to Washington State specifically. The San Juan Islands are an enticing retreat and a getaway from the hurrying around of regular life, offering numerous outside activities in a staggering scene. You can kayak in the water, take visits to spot Orca Whales in their normal environments, eat new fish or climb through the San Juan Island National Historical Park. Friday Harbor and Rocher Harbor are the two center points for eating, shopping, and touring, and they additionally offer some business flights, boat appearances, and galleries.


Seattle, a city on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, is encircled by water, mountains, and evergreen backwoods, and contains a huge number of sections of land of parkland. Washington State’s biggest city, it’s home to big tech industry, with Microsoft and Amazon settled in its metropolitan region.

The biggest city in the Pacific Northwest may be most popular for Starbucks, yet there is much more than Seattle has to bring to the table. Downtown, pay a visit at Pike Market for new produce and fish found that morning. Experience the way of life of the city at the Experience Music Project, a mind-boggling historical center committed to music, motion pictures, and mainstream society. Head to the Space Needle for a look over the city and across the Puget Sound, or stroll around Green Lake for some natural air and a brief look at nearby life in Seattle. The experience that you’ll get here will definitely blow your mind and you’ll know why it’s in the top 5 best places to visit in Washington State.

Mount Rainier National Park:

Not more than an hour’s drive outside of Seattle is Mount Rainier National Park, which is centered around the pointed peak of Mount Rainier itself, the most noteworthy mountain in Washington. This mind-blowing park is a famous objective to visit throughout the year, icy weather limits access to some regions. At the Paradise part of the park, you’ll see fields of beautiful wildflowers and brilliant climbing trails. In the Sunrise area, you can head to the highest vantage point in the recreation park for really awesome views. Mountaineering and ice sheet ascending are two entertainment choices in the park, yet Mount Rainier likewise offers simpler climbs. Green Lake Trail, for example, requires a little more than an hour and brings explorers through old development backwoods and cascades.

Snoqualmie Falls:

One of Washington State’s most famous beautiful attractions, Snoqualmie Falls is a 270-foot cascade surrounded by a two-section of the land park, with a view deck, gift shop, and the Salish Lodge. This is by a long shot the most popular waterfall in Washington, getting a bigger number of travelers than practically any other single tourist place in the state. There are a few but excellent views up and down the gorge rim, and there is a steep 1/2 mile trail to the foundation of the falls. During high water, the falls take on a Curtain structure.

The running waters of the falls make it a stunning and remarkable spot to visit and the best position for photographic artists in the Pacific Northwest. This popular waterfall appeared in the cult television show “Twin Peaks”.


So that’s all for the top 5 best places to visit in Washington State, although there are plenty of destinations that will leave you astonished, but we’ll cover that some other time.

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