Best Places To Visit In France Outside Of Paris

Best Places To Visit In France Outside Of Paris

France, also called the French Republic, is a country in Europe and Paris is the capital of France. The spoken language of France is French, everyone knows about it. 

When you hear France, you immediately get to your mind Paris and from Paris, you remember, Eiffel Tower. But you might not know other places to visit outside Paris. You will get to know the places that exist in France and should not be missed outside Paris. Let’s get started then. 

Places To Visit In France Outside Of Paris

Palace de Versailles : 

  • French state owns this Palace de Versailles, with an independent administration and management which is governed by the French Ministry of Culture,It’s been working as a Public Establishment. Originally, this place was made as a recoil for the royal family. 
  • History aside, this palace is worth visiting, it’s garden with mountains with some cooling canal makes it a place with some good vibes.  When you go inside the rooms, the gold leafed everywhere, the painting and the sketches of the greek god will leave you awestruck.
  • The ticket price of this palace is 40€ which is just for the palace but 49€ with musical gardens and fountains to enjoy your day. The time of this palace differs according to the days and months, so check before visiting. 

Puy du Fou: 

  • Puy du Fou is Europe’s 10th most visited theme park with over 2 M people in a year. In western France, It surrounds the pays de Loire region which is near to the nantes. 
  • This theme park is not just a normal theme park but something out of the blue will give you memories that will last a lifetime. The attractions of this park will make you and your family think of not leaving the place till the end. 
  • It has some great live shows with real actors and some adventure that will make you think that you are there in the action movies for real. 

Mont Saint Michel:   

  • Just in between the Island is the mont saint michel, which looks very gorgeous and gives you some awesome views to cherish for lifetime. It looks so pretty in the evening, the lights and the sky makes it more beautiful. 
  • The abbey of it was made in the 8th century and with time it came out to be this eye-catchy masterpiece. 
  • We can bet you will want to spend another day at this place because you will like it a lot. It is one of the best places To Visit In France.

Loire Valley: 

  • Loire valley is known as the garden of France, said to be a place to be on your bucket list when in France. The tourists are attracted to this place by its castles, towns and especially the wine. Along with the Loire Castle, Wine tasting is famous for this palace.
  • You can take the Wine tour, you will have a lot of tours to choose from. If you are a wine lover, you will love this place. The fragrance and taste of wine and the wineries will make you think that you are in a wine paradise. The food you get according to the taste of the wine will make you in love with this tour. 

Bordeaux :

  • Bordeaux has a good transport system, so it is easy to wander around the city and explore different wines. There is also a wine museum where you can know the history and production of the wine. Red wine is the speciality of this city. Romans made their first wine in Bordeaux. 
  • Bordeaux does have some good and tasty wine because of its climate and soil and environment. Just go and enjoy a day full of wine here. 

Parc Asterix :

  • If you are someone who loves adventure, this is your place. This is a large amusement park with a lot of rides and cartoon characters. There are no less than 42 rides to choose from.
  • This place has something or the other for every person. You will need a full day to be there and enjoy the whole of it. It is very easy to reach there, by shuttle buses or by car.
  • This amusement park is split into six worlds, now you know how much fun it will be to be there. It will take you back to your childhood days with those roller coasters, water sprinklers, cartoon characters and what not.
  • If you are going there, you can download a map of it on your device to not miss any ride. 


  • This is a theme park where you enter into a different world itself. With 3D and 4D movies, live shows, flashing lights in the dark room to enjoy the show, feeling like you are the one fighting but you won’t be. This place is totally different and a unique place to try on with your group. 
  • This park also has an app of their own where you can see the timings and what shows are going to take place.

Chamonix Mont Blanc Helicopter :

  • Mont Blanc is Europe’s highest peak and taking a helicopter ride from above it is one hell of an experience. If you are a person who is not scared of rides, then you must take this ride. 
  • If you’re not a helicopter person then no need to worry you can head over to Chamonix valley for hiking. This valley has very beautiful views which will make you fall in love with nature. 

French Riviera :

  • French Riviera is a place where you will get the best services and the best people to meet as this place is said to be good in hospitality. There are a lot of places and views to look forward to that you might need a tour of, or you can plan it too.
  • This fort is famous for its historic walls where you can walk and watch these walls. When you will be there how it had been to have lived in this fort, with streets twisted taking you to squares. Just like a board game, you might have heard of the board game Carcassonne, Carcassonne is beautiful! These are the places you can include in your life other than Paris. 

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