The best motorcycle routes in Florida for travel freaks!

Best Motorcycle routes in-florida

Are you a bike ride lover and are planning a trip to Florida? You’d be glad to know that Florida offers one of the best weather, scenic views, and motorable roads. You can go there with your friends or family. This article mentions the best routes in Florida where you can go on a bike trip and experience the unique views and waterways. In addition, we cite some important tips that must be followed when planning your biking trip during your travel to Florida. Your protection should be your first concern while enjoying the vacation. Read on!

Things to consider before planning your motorcycle trip with the gang

The excitement of going on a motorbike trip with your friends hits differently. But it would help if you did not let that excitement hamper your planning. Here is an inventory of things that you must have before leaving for the exciting journey on the road in Florida:

  • Pack the essentials: Whether you are going for one day or a week, it is vital to evaluate the necessary things you need. It would help if you kept your stuff minimal but ensured the bag contained the essentials. For instance, you must carry a water bottle, basic first aid kit, wind-chitter, power bank, a little cash, protein bars, etc. Draft a list well in advance, so you can gather the stuff you need in time and pack the bag. You can check the bag weight and consider reducing it if you think it is too heavy for you to carry.
  • Know your rights as a traveler: It is always better to know your rights. It will help you get justice in case of an accident, theft, or robbery. You can confer with a motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss whether your insurance covers the medical expenses. The lawyers can guide you through the claim process. So, in unfortunate circumstances, you know you can call your lawyer and get the deserving compensation from the liable party for all your damage.
  • Choose the route wisely: It is vital to understand that you should do thorough research about the road you will take. Before deciding on the way, you should also consider the type of your bike, the engine horsepower, etc. A successful bike ride depends on the right path and the right motorbike with the availability of the required skills.

Best Motorbike trip routes in Florida

You can find beaches, mountains, plains, and hills in Florida. The following routes can take you through the heart of old Florida and the home of gators. Check the streets here:

  • Tamiami Trail: It is a 113 miles long stretch that starts in Miami and finishes at Naples. It allows you to witness the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico in a single afternoon. You start from either end of the road. If you are more into the nightlife, you should begin in Naples and end in Miami. On the other hand, you can watch the sunrise on the Atlantic and then ride your way through swamps to Naples. The wetlands are home to local wildlife. You can find alligators, foxes, deer, flamingos, etc., on your way.
  • Ocala National Forest: You can cover a nominal distance of 45 miles on this route. It begins at Palatka and ends at Altoona. The Ocala National Forest is a gem in Florida. It makes you realize that Florida is more than beaches and sunshine. If you love the natural greens and tree shades, this route is your choice. It has many campgrounds and recreational areas that you can use to refresh and click photographs. In addition, you can find breathtaking views of the local lakes amid the forest route.
  • North St. John’s River: The longest river in Florida is St. John’s river. It runs over 300 miles. You can travel through multiple states to witness every inch of the river, but we recommend taking an adventurous route. The 41 miles stretch starts at Jacksonville and ends at Green Cove Springs. Experts recommend taking the course from north to south for an easier drive. But, if you want to take the opposite route, you can start from Hastings town. It has many local shops, parks, and eateries on the way to offer rest and keep hydrated throughout the journey.

Final Words 

It is time to ride through the scenic beauties of Florida and experience adventure in a new way. Fuel up your motorbike tanks and start riding through beaches, coasts, mountains, and plains. You can choose from the various routes depending on your desire and liking of the environment. Some prefer the mountainous off-roading way, while others pick the road by the forest for a thrilling ride. Whatever you choose, it will offer freedom and adventure.

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